Driving position

Driving position

Since the Model S seats do not have side bolsters that allow resting your right thigh/leg while driving, I am curious- How many drive with the seat slightly forward so that you can rest your knee/leg against the bottom left corner of the 17" screen housing? I prefer my seat back farther so my knee does not touch or rest the left corner of the screen housing, but my leg gets tired. Cruise ctrl is nice, but if Tesla offered new seats that were as comfortable as my wife's G37, I would buy them.

NO2PTRL | April 29, 2014

I thought that this was going to be a problem the first time that I test drove the MS, but upon observing how I drove my Lexus LS 460, my knee never touched the side.

My knee never touched down in my Lexus, nor my SL 55, and it does not touch on the MS either.

Happy MS owner.

KidDoc | April 30, 2014

I drive with mine far enough back where my right knee with my leg folded is in front of the screen.

I'm 5'10" not tall by any means but this is a very comfortable driving position for me when using cruise control.

stevenmaifert | April 30, 2014

A center console fixed the problem for me.

lasalaleo | April 30, 2014

I found my right knee just naturally resting on the bottom left of the screen like you. I'm conscious about it though because i feel it my cause some increased wear and tear on that area. | April 30, 2014

I don't understand these type of discussions. Probably need pictures.

At 6' tall, I have my seat adjusted so that my legs are supported by the seat with left leg on the footrest and right leg on accelerator. My right leg can't possibly touch the console unless my foot is pulled off the accelerator and my knee is no where near the console. | April 30, 2014

FIRST TIME; Raise the seat as high as possible, make sure the front of your legs are comfortabel supported, but remember back of seat keeps lifting but at some point front stops; you may need to lower the seat slightly to get the right angle of the seat cushion. Do not worry right now how high you sit unless you are really close to the roof.Move seat till you have correct reach to pedals, make sure it is easy to slide the foot/feets between the pedals.Adjust backrest to sit upright but comfortably.

Adjust wheel for correct reach and high; you want bend arms, never complete straight on top when turning wheel. Lower wheel to where you can hold it at preferable 8 and 4 not higher than 9/3, adjust for reach as above ( bend arms ), Remember The airbag in the wheel, if hands are high on wheel your hands will end up in your face if you crash.
If you use 8/4 you will find that the MB controlles ( stakes ) on the sides of the wheel are right where you need them and works great with no confusion.

I think you will be comfortable after a couple of days because the front of the legs are supported by the forward raised part of the seats ( no need to support them on consols or doors ); no reason to spread the legs. PS the high seat position gives you a much better view out of the car and make the sunvisors work really well and gives you great controll of the car. This is not a race car so no reason to worry about low center of gravity. Have fun and show the T grin.

Brian H | April 30, 2014

Good points and advice.

notice | May 1, 2014

You would have to be a full grown elephant to worry about changing the low center of gravity because of your seat position! ;)

I'm short at 5'5" and struggled to find ultimately pretty much what you suggest above - not bad but the wheel is closer than I would like when all the way forward and I can't back the seat more without getting too far from the pedals. The car feels built for slightly taller folks. As are many cars... But I'll keep it!

Mathew98 | May 1, 2014

I "try" not to have a female on my laps when I drive. Otherwise I might get a happy ending and a giant grin!

Red Sage ca us | May 1, 2014

My biggest issue would be the same as I have with most sedans. My preferred seating position is as far back as possible. I'm only 6'-1" tall, but I have long arms and long legs.

For some reason, the driver's side door in a sedan is usually short, as compared to a coupe. So, the 'B' pillar is typically directly to my left in a sedan, whereas in a coupe I could look to the left and see directly out of the window. I end up constantly adjusting my seating position, leaning forward or craning my neck back, in a sedan while driving to check blind spots before changing lanes to the left. In a coupe, a quick glance after checking the mirror is all I need.

This is why I really want to see a Model S or Model E coupe. I know I'll have to wait, because what sells most are sedans, SUVs, and trucks. This is me, being patient. Really, really, really patient...