Driving off while connected to charging ?

Driving off while connected to charging ?

Not an owner yet.. working on it.

Applogies if the topic has been discussed before. If I figured out how to search the forum it would make life easier ,-)

Does the MS disallow driving off while charging? I would assume so for safety reasons. But can anybody confirm pls.

Mathew98 | July 16, 2013

You can't get into the seat without walking past the charge port with the long charging cable connected to the wall.

If tripping over the cable doesn't remind you to unplug then driving shouldn't be on the agenda ;)

cfOH | July 16, 2013

No, the MS will not go into Reverse or Drive while connected to a charging cable.

mikefa | July 16, 2013

@toby_wan_kenoby - do you think an electric car should have the ability to be driven off while it is connected to the charger?

toby_wan_kenoby | July 16, 2013

No I think it should not, unless one wants to tow a generator or a large 20kw/h solar array ;-)

It would be a safety concern if it was enabled to drive off while charging in the rare case where one is still half asleap and misses to unplug.

markapeterman | July 16, 2013

You can drive with the charge port open if you miss the "forgot to close the gas cap" experience.

nickjhowe | July 16, 2013

Unlike ICE cars (where Youtube is full of people driving away from gas stations with the hose still attached to the car), the Model S has an interlock between the charge port and the drive system that disables engaging gear when the cabe is connected.

Yet another area where the S outperforms ICE-age vehicles.

stevenmaifert | July 16, 2013

You have to put your foot on the brake to start the car, and if the charge cable is plugged in, you get an audible and a notice on the dash. The car cannot be driven.

mjs | July 16, 2013

Well, there goes my plan to install a bunch of UPSs in the trunk and charge as I go :)

jjs | July 16, 2013

An earlier post raised this question and I thought I would do an experiment. I went through every combination I could think of:
Plugged in charging
Plugged in finished charging
Plugged in was charging but circuit breaker tripped to simulate power outage
Plugged in was charging, tripped circuit breaker and reset circuit breaker to simulate power outage with power restored

The MS did not allow driving under any of these conditions until the power cord was removed.

toby_wan_kenoby | July 16, 2013

you win the point for most comprehensive answer.
This is how the MS should handle and I am glad to hear it does.

Beelz | July 16, 2013

I believe I have driven away with the charge port open and the adaptor in the port, but the cord unplugged.

AmpedRealtor | July 16, 2013

This should be touted as a safety feature!

If you try to drive away while filling your gas tank, a big explosion likely follows. What happens in a Model S? Absolutely nothing...

mrspaghetti | July 16, 2013

More like: if you try to drive away while filling your tank, a big pump repair bill follows. Probably not an explosion.

AmpedRealtor | July 16, 2013

@ mrspaghetti - I dunno, I've seen what happens in the movies! lol

AmpedRealtor | July 16, 2013

More like this... :)

Brian H | July 16, 2013

Gas suckers everywhere!

mrspaghetti | July 16, 2013

@AmpedRealtor - I stand corrected. I forgot what tragic freak accidents can occur at gas pumps, as highlighted in the documentary "Zoolander" - chiseled abs and stunning features providing no safety.

agiangone | July 16, 2013

And one would think by now someone would have come up with the idea of installing a safety switch in the gas cap of all ice vehicles...

northern-va-dave | August 6, 2013

@jjs +1 and thank you for this. This also serves as a good safety feature to help prevent (or at least deter) a child from inadvertently moving the car if they decide to play in the front seat (despite being forbidden to do so) when parked in the garage at home. Simply having the car plugged in at all times when in the garage as a habit then means that (key fob present or not and child being heavy enough for driver seat sensor) the car cannot be moved. Granted, a determined and observant child might put 2+2 together and figure out the need to unplug before moving. But that same child would also know to get daddy's keys in order to start the old ICE. (Aside: also thinking of my even older carbeurated ICE with bench front seats: obscuring the child's view of the two pumps of the gas pedal necessary for that cold engine start! Another minor/temporary deterrent. But I digress.) For those of us with children, I wonder if we could have some sort of optional "log in" or password, or super-secret brake pedal tap sequence (RiverDance not required) in order to "activate" the car for driving when the charger is unplugged? Just for additional safety/piece of mind in a household with kids (and their friends). Also, does anyone else have tips or links for safety issues / features for the MS when around children? Thanks!

@nickjhowe: like your delivery checklist (thanks!), are there any collected sources of safety features for owners with younger children? I'm not having much luck on volkerize unless I haven't found the best search terms (and the conversations are dominated by third row child seat issues). Thanks!

DTsea | August 6, 2013


electric switches in gas cap=sparks in presence of fuel vapor.


Hence no switches of any kind in ICE gas cap.

Andre-nl | August 6, 2013


Another scenario for you with a slight change in the sequence of doing things:

Start the car, switch into gear, plug in.

Can you try that one for me? ;)

ThomasK | August 8, 2013

All gas pumps have a safety feature that disconnects the hose if you drive off with it, and seals the line, so that the pump doesn't spew gas. Not. that. I. know. this. from. personal. experience...

KWTESLA | August 8, 2013

Ok driving of with the nozzle in the car would be bad see this video.

In Model S it will never happen I've tried it is idiot proof !

Enjoy Toby-Wan.......

KWTESLA | August 8, 2013

Some Gas stations have disappeared from the map because of idiots.
Come to think about it electric cars are safer ?

Brian H | August 8, 2013

The MS won't move when plugged in.

Chuck Lusin | August 8, 2013

You get way more looks pulling out of the gas station with the hose attached, than just going to the gas station in the Model S for a drink.

The screen beeps and warns that the charge cable is connected.

Brian H | August 9, 2013

And you can't get into gear, or move.

Gluaisrothai | August 9, 2013

"The MS won't move when plugged in."

Wrong, Brian H. It will roll. | August 9, 2013

Well, if you are pushing you car along, presumably you will notice a charging cable sticking out of the side.


Gluaisrothai | August 9, 2013

"Well, if you are pushing you car along, presumably you will notice a charging cable sticking out of the side."

You've never in your life parked on a slope, then have you omar?

Dcp9142 | August 9, 2013


It won't shift out of park if plugged in.

Gluaisrothai | August 10, 2013

Dcp9142: You are incorrect. The vehicle can be placed in neutral via the settings screen when plugged in.

Brian H | August 10, 2013

Post a pic of the charging station/locale which is on a slope.

Gluaisrothai | August 10, 2013

@Brian: You have a short memory. You commented on this thread.

Brian H | August 10, 2013

Heh, pretty special situation! Chargepoint site, owner stays in car AND hits power off. But the parking brake won't engage!

That's a bug, for sure.