DRL on Headlights Flickers, anyone ?

DRL on Headlights Flickers, anyone ?

Hello everyone. I noticed yesterday and today that my Model 3 DRL led on the headlight flickers every so often.
While driving and in the garage. Anyone else notice this ? Is this related to voltage fluctuations or just bad LEDs ? maybe?

iasifiqbal2 | January 3, 2019

both Drivers and passenger sides doing this. The main headlights are fine.. just the top DRL LED strip

gmkellogg | January 3, 2019

Sounds like a good candidate for a mobile service appointment!

iasifiqbal2 | January 3, 2019

Thanks.. I wonder if they have mobile service in Minneapolis MN. Will inquire.

burdogg | January 3, 2019

Mine are doing it as well - just the first little bit, then they stop - don't know if there is a bug in software or what - but yes have noticed it - on version 2018.50

burdogg | January 3, 2019

also don't know if it is the DRL or the low beams as both are on - when switch to high beams, flicker stops, back to low beams and flickers...but like I said, that is only the first 3 minutes of driving, then stops flickering.

mmclean708 | January 3, 2019

Mine flicker on high, after driving about 10 minutes, in snow. Lasts a second or two then stops. If not snowing I have not seen the flicker.

mlfarrow | January 3, 2019

Mine are doing the same thing. I contacted service and they’ve asked me to go back one software release and see if it stops. They’ve pushed my car the prior release, so we’ll see what happens. Sounds like they believe it’s relted to the most recent release.

alexanderlallier | January 7, 2019

I experienced it today as well on the DRLs

eandmjep | January 7, 2019

I have been seeing this but it is a total blackout flicker. I have not seen it until the last week or so when outside temps dipped to below 9 deg F. I personally think it's a tempermental relay after a min or so while driving i can turn headlights off and back to auto and it goes away after some current warms the relay. Only blinks on bumpy streets.

posinator | January 7, 2019

i had this happen in the snow and assumed it was reflection from the snow or other bright surface shining back into the optical sensors telling the sensors its bright outside and since headlights in auto mode, time to turn the headlights off, then darkness, so turn lights on, and so on...

mmaitre | January 7, 2019

Same problem of headlight flicker here in Canada in cold weather since 2018.49.12 version and 2018.50 version.

iasifiqbal2 | January 8, 2019

Hmm.. been trouble shooting myself... I am so far agreeing with you all... this is seeming to be a temperature related issue. last couple days the temp warmed up significantly .. in the 30s... and no flicker

12Brent | January 8, 2019

I've noticed this too, but also only on very cold days and immediately after getting into the car. Once things warm up it's gone away. I'm not worrying about it.

ArcticStation | January 8, 2019

Mine too. Only really notice it when parking in the garage or stopped near another car/object. Very intermittent, not worth a 250 mile drive to the SC or spending all day waiting for a Ranger. Will mention it at the next scheduled service, along with several other minor but annoying issues that don't warrant a special visit to the SC. All the important stuff works.

ReD eXiLe ms us | January 8, 2019

Is this a FLICKER or a STROBE effect? Maybe you can rent the car as an effects showcase for local house parties...

dl101e | January 11, 2019

Noticed it today which is cold! slight flicker that goes away after a while (circuit warmed up?)

burdogg | January 11, 2019

I would agree with many assertions - mine only seems to happen when it is really cold - of course my son drives it most of the time so I may not be the best source... :)

watermanhfl | January 12, 2019

My T3 Dual motor started doing it on High Beam since 2018.50 It does seem to be temperature sensitive as has only happened at 15 deg.F or lower. After headlight warms up it goes away. Has happened several times in last few days.

Ruby2018 | January 12, 2019

I just noticed my headlights flickering when I first start driving. It has been consistently well below freezing here since about the time I updated to 2018.50 so I do not know if its the temperature or the update that started this. Tried changing headlight settings but made no difference. I left the car outside overnight at 9F (-13C) and left the house this morning while it was still dark. The lights flickered sporadically for about a 1/2 mile and then were good. On a positive note, 2018.50 did fix the reduced and uneven regenerative braking issue with my Blizzak WS-80 snow tires.

ialsoagree | January 12, 2019

I also experienced my high beams flickering last night on 2018.50 - temperature was about 17F. After turning the car on I briefly used high beams and noticed a flicker on the left side, turned them off and my regular lights seemed fine.

Got on the highway and briefly used the high beams again - both sides would flicker occasionally, turned them off again as the flicker was obvious enough that other drivers would notice (didn't want anyone thinking I was deliberately blinking my high beams).

I used them again once or twice on the highway with no cars around. During my next use, they may have flickered once or twice and then stopped flickering altogether, they were fine for the rest of the ride home. Temperature sounds like a culprit and the lights warming up would make sense as to why my issue seemed to resolve itself.

paul | January 12, 2019

I am experiencing the same flickering. Minneapolis

Lumberpond | January 12, 2019

Same thing. Cold. 2018.50.

TAC | January 12, 2019

I can report the same incident.. seen it happen one day when the temp dipped to 20F. Have not seen it repeat yet.

francisco | January 12, 2019

Same thing. I thought it was a sensor being covered or something.

greenfield311 | January 15, 2019

below 20 here in NJ my right DRL was flickering then stopped after about 15 mins

scott | January 16, 2019

I asked service: I have noticed that the headlights flicker on/off during the first minutes of operation when the temperature is below about 18 degrees. This happens on both of my Model 3s (SN ~17000 and ~155000). I have seen complaints of this behavior online. Have you seen this problem or know any resolution?

Reply: This is an issue that our engineering team is working on . There will be a fix for it in one of the upcoming firmware versions.

mstone | January 31, 2019

I have the same issue, support suggested I reboot the car...LOL. I see a reply that indicates it will be addressed in a future update, TESLA, what is the issue?

gonz | February 8, 2019

Same issue, driver side headlight. Minus 28 today in MN so could be contributing factor. Haven't noticed it on the road, just when parked.

Chuckmeister | February 8, 2019

I've noticed it after this most recent software update. I'm rolling 2018.50.6 4ec03ed

mikehen08 | February 9, 2019

I noticed mine doing it for the first time last week and I am also on 2018.50.6 4ec03ed. I havent been driving it much since the weather has led to a lot of salt on the roads so I am not sure when it began or what the temperature was when it happened.

rxlawdude | February 9, 2019

I'd expect this with HID lamps, but LEDs? Weird.

Tesla2018 | February 9, 2019

Do the Leds use a ballast? Does temperature affect them where they get warm and heat or light up but then the wind from driving cools them down so they flicker. Or could itjust be a loose ground wire?

Zozon | February 9, 2019

I noticed same on the right headlight but only couple of days with extremely low temperatures -15 - -20 and it's completely gone now.

Ozzyprv | February 10, 2019

Same thing here. Noticed just today. I got my M3 on Friday. Very cold here in Alberta, Canada. Below-20C.

mlwilson.mail | February 25, 2019

A bit disappointing that this is still an issue about two months and several firmware updates later. :(

mikehen08 | February 27, 2019

Noticed it again yesterday morning. It was 24 degrees. It literally did it for 2 seconds so I am not concerned about it. I'm on 2018.5.6

Lester Green | March 5, 2019

I had a firmware update installed today to resolve this. Over the next few days I'll see how it works.

masker | March 5, 2019

Yep, mine too . Just for a couple of minutes then stops.