Drove in heavy rain today - handling was rock-solid

Drove in heavy rain today - handling was rock-solid

Has anyone else noticed this? I can only assume it has to do mostly with the weight of the car. Will handling in the snow be similarly solid?

SamO | September 20, 2013

Tesla Model S climate testing

romainiacWV | September 20, 2013

Love the handling on the curvy WV roads. Even when wet. Have an S85 which feels rock solid on turns. But still cannot believe the difference in handling on @cfOH P85+. That car is truly on rails!

pebell | September 21, 2013

@ZeroEV: There's been significant complaining about the performance of the windscreen wipers under those conditions. What was your experience?

George with SacEV | September 21, 2013

Ours worked A-OK today as the rain front moved through SacraWeto.

negarholger | September 21, 2013

Went through a down pour today on 280 (hills). Super solid feel even through puddles. Windshield wipers better then our previous cars, but at some point no wiper can handle the amount of water. I was only afraid of some speeding idiot, but he never showed up. Also half of the cars did not turn on their headlights which didn't help with visibility in these conditions. | September 21, 2013

Got our first rain since April here in Carmel today and the roads were as usual pretty greasy. Noticed no "squiffy" handling, the car was rock solid.

SarahsDad | September 21, 2013

Just drove 100 miles in constant downpour - surprisingly stable through the rain-soaked interstate. Not sure if it's the low center of gravity, better aerodynamics, or better traction control, but definitely felt more "grounded" than any other car I've driven at speed in the wet stuff.

Will agree though that the "high" wiper speed isn't quite fast enough. Had it on high for over an hour straight and visibility wasn't great.

Ddowns2050 | September 21, 2013

I drove about 160 miles in solid rain about a month ago. The wipers were fine. But I always put rainX on so then you never have a problem no matter what vehicle you are in. I will say my rated range dropped quite a bit. I am assuming more resistance driving on wet pavement.

thranx | September 22, 2013

@Ddowns2050; also (obviously) if you were driving into oncoming rain.

hsadler | September 22, 2013

Drove to Lincoln, CA yesterday from Pebble Beach the back way from Gilroy's SC thru Pacheco Pass to Folsom's SC. Heavy rains, poor visibility, crazy drivers (1st rain since April).

The Tesla was bored with the whole situation - piece o cake driving - handling was excellent.

BTW this morning met a car at Folsom that was parked all night while owners were in Motel across the street. Baaaadddd Tesla owner, baaaadddd!!!!

Also met one that was upset that they didn't reach the destination on their trip to Tahoe. Seems they had charged at Folsom to 170 - which wasn't enough to get over the mountains. Had to scramble for 110v outlet to get enough to finish.