Early X Adopter growing weary.

Early X Adopter growing weary.

I got my X in the first wave, sure that Tesla would fix whatever bugs it had later. I hope this was not a mistake. My car has been back into the shop twice, and the bugs are still everywhere.
P door does not open, D door opens to different positions, no parking feature, sometimes doors wont close unless you force it and when you close it sounds like metal to metal. I could go on and on. However, my biggest complaint is now the middle seat. It did not bother me until now, and I'm not sure why. I think because the loaner S they gave me while my X was in for two weeks recently spoiled me and reminded me how great my old S was. Why on Gods green earth did they not design the middle seat headrest with a hole in the middle so the car behind you was visible? Put some sort of Space X netting in the hole, anything so I could see what's behind me. The tiny side mirrors show nothing like the huge S mirrors. I swore I could "get used to" anything, but I am starting to think I should have waited. I get many many opinions from service, but in fact they have no clue.

eric.zucker | April 14, 2016

Sorry to hear your X is still bugging you this much. It shouldn't be the case.

Some service center are better than others, all this is still fairly new for them. You may need to talk to more senior people within Tesla to get heard.

It's normal within 6 months after a purchase to go through a "reality check" phase. Buying the X was certainly a decision based on your actual needs, you'll get there. Thanks for being a beta-tester and guinea pig for the rest of us.

Just a comment about the side mirrors ... My 2006 ex-Q7 had actual Dumbo ears compared to any Tesla. I am getting the 6 seater to have visibility out the rear window. Maybe a magnifying mirror would help?

elguapo | April 14, 2016

@shelmire They will fix, but it will take an annoyingly long time.

As for the view. I drive with my third row up, but headrests down and really don't have any issue with the middle seat headrest. Yes, it blocks a bit, but with third row rests down, visibility is totally fine. I hated the visibility on my S and felt there was a huge blindspot from A pillar that always bothered me, so I actually prefer X. Hopefully, you'll get used to it.

ernie | April 14, 2016

@Shelmire...first, regrettably the first iterations of most products off an assembly line tend to have generation related issues. Almost all are repairable with either a tool or software. If they end up not corrected, that is the worst case scenario. But as for now, give them feedback in a non-aggressive manner and they SHOULD come through. My experience is that there is somewhat of a wall built up between staff in the Galleries and the Service Centers. Sometimes it works to go through the Assistant Service Manager and then the Manager, but whoever is available first is the one to whom I would talk.

The technician and office personnel in the SC can go over what the complaints were and the “fixes” are in their computer system. However, if you involve the SC Manager and if not resolved, go to the regional Manager. By now, Tesla’s database has catalogued almost all issues which will come up and diagnosing problems happens more quickly. The fixes sometimes will take longer than one would wish for.

My trunk lid does not fit correctly and is misaligned causing the width and height of certain panel systems to be gapped more than they should be. They refer to it as a “paint shop” job, which means a body shop. It will be out of commission for 3-5 working days. Therefore, I am taking it in on a Monday to attempt to prevent losing it over a weekend. I will be writing a note to the body shop and pinning it on the vehicle that the trunk and all panels have been wrapped…I don’t want them goobered up.

I think there is a downward curve with respect to defects, but you might have been at the peak. Ultimately they SHOULD want you to have what you want: a fully functioning and defect free car for which you paid a wheelbarrow of money.

I will be going out to the car and following @elguapo's advice and lowering the back two seat rests which MIGHT once or twice ever see human hair on them.

vperl | April 14, 2016

The last folks like me with the five Seat Bunch will be perfect, but waiting till end of year 15 months after reveil in sept 2015 seems excessive, but I am still happy

carlk | April 14, 2016

I drive even my 6 seat X with the two 3rd row headsets down. The rear view from the X when there are back seat passengers is better than in my S. I actually much prefer the X since I often have people sitting in the back. I never noticed the size of outside mirrors is an issue either. I can see everything I wanted to see.

socalsam | April 14, 2016

Isn't there a camera that can put the rear view image on the big ass 17 inch screen like it does in the S? Are you guys not using that for rear view visibility instead of rear view mirror?

Brian Vicars | April 14, 2016

@vperl. For someone who appears not to own a Kia, you certainly are a happy fellow. If you have decided to reserve a Model 3, you will be already have become very familiar with the expression "coming soon".

elguapo | April 14, 2016

@socalsam Yes, you can use the camera, but it is nauseating to me to keep it up there at above 10 mph.

@carlk Agree on side views - there's no issue with them, they work well and you also have the car's sensors to reference.

To me, the 6 vs. 7 seat discussion is all about people hauling. If you will really use 7 seats, you need 7 (like me). If you don't have the use case, go with 6.

Big T | April 14, 2016

"Yes, you can use the camera, but it is nauseating to me to keep it up there at above 10 mph."

My wife feels the same way. Even if she's a passenger.

vperl | April 14, 2016

Brian, I do not know about others, but I need not to infuse myself in owning multiple vehicles.

With in a few months 3-6 I will sell Betsy, after my MX arrives, a tried and true vehicle that has served me well since 2009. I will miss her, but she will find a new home for sure. But, I still will miss her, she never let me down.

Ross1 | April 17, 2016

Is Betsy your wife?
Does she know?

Triggerplz | April 17, 2016


rmitchum | April 17, 2016

Betsy. . . Ross . . .
Double LOL !

rmitchum | April 17, 2016

I was about to FLAG that comment
(until I remembered that's not how the forum is set up anymore)

aesculus | April 17, 2016

@rmitchum: You had me in stitches.

vperl | April 17, 2016

Strange, the question was not answered ?

Remnant | April 18, 2016

@ eric.zucker (April 14, 2016)

<< My 2006 ex-Q7 had actual Dumbo ears compared to any Tesla. I am getting the 6 seater to have visibility out the rear window. Maybe a magnifying mirror would help? >>

On 5/1/16 starts the two-year Phase-in of NHTSA's mandatory camera-based rear visibility.

While, AFAIK, NHTSA has not issued a waiver re the mirror-based rear visibility requirement, it may have done so lately, since it wouldn't make much sense to mandate both cameras and mirrors for rear visibility, even as ruling that the camera systems are superior.

Since the MX prototype had the rear visibility camera-based already, it will have to go mirrorless before long. It seems the MX (and M☰) Design Studio should soon offer the mirrorless option.

Whence, we could soon experience the advantages of driving without mirrors: aerodynamic (lower drag), sonic (less wind noise), and aesthetic (no more equipment turds in the middle of the pano windshield).

vperl | April 18, 2016

Looks like my five seater is, will be, fitted with video mirrors. November delivery is fantastic.

Too bad everyone else. Happy days, five seaters win.

Shelmire | April 19, 2016


Blue X | April 19, 2016

Some folks are just OP, sorry about your hassles.

Remnant | April 19, 2016

@ Shelmire (April 19, 2016)


Not if your rear visibility obtains by means of rearview camera displays.

vperl | April 19, 2016

Everyone that reserved 2-4 years ago is weary.

But, waiting is great.

The promises made and broken were an aberration, by Tesla .

Our paperwork, the dog ate it.

vperl | April 20, 2016


MyXinTx | April 22, 2016

@Shelmire Do I recall correctly that you are in the DFW area as am I? If so, do you feel the SC is up to par, or is that part of the issue?