Edison NJ Supercharger

Edison NJ Supercharger

Drove by yesterday and saw 8 completed charging stations, with no construction equipment. Was going to try to plug in, when I noticed the cables were tied to the chargers with yellow tape. Must be they didn't get final inspection sign-off from the township. Anyone have any ideas on how to expedite it?

tes-s | August 22, 2014

Scissors? :)

JstACarGuy | August 22, 2014

Dang! I shoulda thought of that!! :)

J.T. | August 22, 2014

@tes-s You crack me up.

jordanrichard | August 22, 2014

tes-s, LOL

It is either as you said waiting on final inspection, or Tesla has to do their own testing. I believe the same thing happened with the Greenwich CT chargers. They were finished but had not been turned on by Tesla, for whatever reason.

genedr @ny-us | August 22, 2014

Hi, what's the location of the SC? I don't see it listed yet on the SC web page.

jordanrichard | August 22, 2014

It won't be listed until Tesla turns it on and even then they have to update the SC page. There have been times where people were already using a charger, before it was listed on the site.

genedr @ny-us | August 22, 2014

Understood. Nevertheless, where is it?

eddiemoy | August 22, 2014

yeh, where in edison is it?

RFD | August 22, 2014

In the Menlo Park Mall. It is now on the Superchager web page.

TESLA168 | August 22, 2014

planning to go take a look tomorrow. probably will be over crowded. lol..

closest to the superchargers is the mcdonalds.. i wish it's a barnes & nobles like in hamilton..

Bighorn | August 22, 2014

I wi hit it tomorrow as well.

jordanrichard | August 22, 2014

55 Parsonage Rd. Edison, NJ.

I just checked my car and it's already loaded on the SC list.

Bighorn | August 22, 2014

It's on the car's supercharger map too.

Bighorn | August 22, 2014

What Jordan said.

jordanrichard | August 22, 2014

It showing up on the cars tells me that the car downloads some updates without the need to be shut down. Perhaps this is normal. I got my car at the end of this past March and have had 1 update message which told me how long it will take and to not drive the car etc. and if I wanted to do the update now or schedule it. This SC update obviously wasn't of the same nature.

Brian H | August 23, 2014

Data updates are not the same as code updates.

Tabarnouche | August 23, 2014

I just got an email from Tesla telling me it's officially open. Nice!

Bighorn | August 23, 2014

Only got 58 kW from the 3 and 4 chargers. One other car was charging on the other side where the 4 1 and 2 chargers were. Empty car so no corroboration on the reduced power.

kenj | August 23, 2014


Good meeting you in Albany. Gonna post the photo when I get a chance.

Hope you called the SC tech support. Greenwich, CT north had this same problem..

Bighorn | August 23, 2014

Yes , Ken--quite the coincidence crossing paths in NJ and NY. Good to put a face to a name. We are also in the process of getting a child to college. Don't feel compelled to post our picture:). I wrote to Tesla Central about Edison. I also ran into a 60 owner after dinner who was only seeing 52 kW, so I suggested he try the other bank of chargers.

JstACarGuy | August 23, 2014

Thank you, tes-s for finding the scissors!!

Gonna fill up today :)

tes-s | August 24, 2014

Unless you have pictures, it wasn't I. :)

J.T. | August 24, 2014

Bighorn gracefully declined a photo op with me. He has respectfully requested that kenj not post a picture of their meeting. NKYTA had promised to post a picture of his and Bighorn's meeting in Madison (I think that was it) but we have yet to see it.

Only 2 things can explain it: Either Bighorn is painfully camera shy or

He's the Lone Ranger!!! Not just a coincidence that his Model S is hi ho silver.

and the legend grows . . .

Bighorn | August 24, 2014

The whole soul stealing meme didn't resonate?

J.T. | August 24, 2014

@Bighorn About as much as anonymous did. :-)

Bighorn | August 24, 2014


edfinn | August 24, 2014

Stopped by yesterday after it showed up on the map. Its on Parsonage St. Between the McDonalds and the Mall parking lot. EIght plugs and there was one other Tesla MS there, a red P85. Everything seemed to be working fine, finally! No big celebration like at Hamilton, but its good to see it open.

Brian H | August 25, 2014

He opted for the no-plastic-surgery version of witness protection, probably.

JstACarGuy | August 25, 2014

Am charging here now. Only car, and in charger 1A. Showing 155A, 369v, 192m/hr. Seems slower then other chargers I've used.

Bighorn | August 25, 2014


That's 57 kW which is what I documented the other day. I wrote Tesla though I'm sure they know that by remote monitoring.

Cindy I II III | August 27, 2014

Just went to check it out earlier today. 2 sets of 4, one of which on the side which is nice, like the one at Delaware service center. It was Rt1 S, McDonalds, Laffayet, super chargers, Macy's at Menlo Park in that sequence.

They were cleaning the parking lot when I was there ~ 11:30-11:38am. No other Teslas. Seeing the hard working men baking under the sun, I felt so previlaged and got a couple of inches closer to the "bleeding hearts"...

Then went to Ichi Umi for lunch, so many choices, so yum. Felt previlaged again and moved another couple of inches...

This car is messing with my mind for sure.

Cindy I II III | August 27, 2014

D#%^, privileged. The spelling check is no good here.

Brian H | August 27, 2014

The site has no spell-check. Your browser does.

Ma'Tes | March 25, 2016

The Tesla site notes charging hours M-Sat: 10am-9:30pm, Sun: 11am-7pm.
Are the chargers really shut off at night?

tes-s | March 25, 2016

They are open 24/7. You are looking at the mall hours in the listing.