Effect of mileage on resale

Effect of mileage on resale

It will be interesting to see if mileage has much impact on Tesla resale value. It shouldn't since the motor won't wear out like an ICE. Diesel engines can go much longer than gas engines, and they enjoy higher resale values with less emphasis on mileage. EVs should be even better once everyone shifts their thinking a little....

ian | May 8, 2013

I agree. However, battery degradation concerns may offset that a bit.

rdalcanto | May 8, 2013

I think age will be more of a factor on battery life and resale value than miles driven. In other words, a 2 year old Tesla with 40,000 miles better than a 4 year old Tesla with 10,000 miles?

jbunn | May 8, 2013

Interior wear, exterior wear, and user interface upgrades will be most important.

While the drive systems may be intact in 10 years, the older cars will lack the telepathic auto drive feature, the 50 inch 3D screen, and the auto body contouring memory foam leather interior.

If I had to drive the car until the wheels fell off, I'd say 15 years easy. Probably more.

Onamort | May 8, 2013

heads up display