Electric vehicles to reduce carbon footprint

Electric vehicles to reduce carbon footprint

Can you log in and sign this petition we need 150 people to sign before it goes public.. Also feel free to post it on Facebook

david.baird | July 16, 2014

Guess I need to be living in the US to do that though...

TonyR63 | July 16, 2014

Someone needs to correct the awful grammar. Looks like a non-english speaker wrote it. I'm not trying to be a grammar nazi here, but, if the petition is to be taken seriously, then it should properly written.

Dramsey | July 16, 2014

I won't be signing, because it is seriously stupid.

The US government should mandate that all car companies by jan 2016 must have a 50/50 lineup of cars. 50% standard fuel and 50% electric (or zero emissions autos). Then by 2018 all vehicles should be zero emissions.

Whoever wrote the petition has no idea how long it takes to design a car and get it ready for production. And "all vehicles should be zero emissions"? Really? Even long-haul trucks? Motorcycles? Mopeds? Trains?

The government should also mandate that electric companies convert to 70% renewable energy by 2016 and 100% by 2018

That's physically impossible. It won't be possible for decades, and probably never.

Other stupid stuff omitted.

If not this we need to do something.

I'd suggest putting more money into our educational system, because it's obviously producing people with no grasp of English grammar, basic science, and economics. Jesus.

Rheumboy | July 16, 2014

Please sign mine!


Texas Tesla | July 16, 2014

We could also make new EPA rules to put Coal fuel for Electricity plants offline.. oh wait.

stevenmaifert | July 16, 2014

I'm really tired of my government mandating and regulating all aspects of my life because it somehow promotes some politicians notion of the public good. Stay out of my shower head, my toilet, my light bulb, my health insurance, how much I pay my employees, and my choice of what kind of car I drive or how I power my house.

SCCRENDO | July 16, 2014

@Fins Petition signed
@Rheumboy If you want my vote I need to know what you are promising. How about rear seat cupholders?

mrspaghetti | July 16, 2014

@stevenmaifert +1

Fins | July 16, 2014

Tested your link it is no good... We have only three people so far

amatiych | July 16, 2014

Completely unrealistic petition. Change it to something that is actually achievable and you will have more than 3 people sign up. As it is your goal of 100,000 signatures by Aug 15 (less than a month) is unrealistic as well.

Fins | July 16, 2014

Can you make a realistic one and I'll sign it...

I thought the point is to show we want them to do more... It's not like they will adopt the idea bug they must read it...

hamer | July 16, 2014

It is not only not helpful to have such an ignorantly designed and poorly written petition, it is actively harmful. It gives ammunition to those who say advocates of sustainable energy production are unrealistic and ignorant. If you are going to propose something, propose something that can be done.

(I make these statements as one who believes, sadly, that we have probably screwed our environment too badly to recover. The earth will be just fine. It will continue to exist. Human beings might have a much more difficult time.)

Rheumboy | July 16, 2014


You got it! Anything for your vote.

Rheumboy | July 16, 2014


You got it!

logicalthinker | July 16, 2014

+100 @stevenmaifert.
Needless to say, I'm libertarian.

george210 | July 16, 2014

just signed it and the petition is at


so only 3 left to go!

RedShift | July 16, 2014


I agree. We have screwed ourselves badly, already. Humans have reproduced way too much. In nature there is always a balance to things. Humans think they can live well despite the imbalance. It will rebalance, few hunger years from now.

Global warming is the first thing that will thin the herd a bit. Remaining rebalances will occur due to other issues like income equality, among others.

RedShift | July 16, 2014

Few *hundred* not hunger

amatiych | July 16, 2014

You misread. 3 people signed 99996 to go.

Brian H | July 16, 2014

Add a request for free pixie dust for all, and I'm in!

Just kidding. An abumblenation.

Fins | July 17, 2014


Opinions are just that opinions and I respect yours......

What are you doing for the world...

let me know what your doing so I can join YOU cleaning the beaches, cleaning our highways, planting trees, installing solar panels, building Eco friendly buildings, Please Please tell me what your doing I'll come over and help financialy or with physical labor...

hamer | July 17, 2014

I rest my case.

SCCRENDO | July 17, 2014

@rheumboy. When am I getting my rear cupholders? Do I need to wait for the next update?