Is Elon aware of the needs of rural Americans and backcountry types?

Is Elon aware of the needs of rural Americans and backcountry types?

That's my one worry - that Tesla is composed of urban folks who're not fully aware of the following:

Most people in the U.S. Drive pick ups.

Many people need high clearance and 4wd.

To get to many outdoors spots, you drive long distances on rural/forest roads.

To get home, I personally need a Jeep.

Are they thinking of me?

jrjonesjr1 | March 2, 2014

I have a jeep and a tesla. Problem solved. If you can afford a tesla, I would think you would be able to handle keeping your current car for mud ridin', dirt slingin', and gear haulin'.

just an allusion | March 3, 2014

The Model X, Tesla's crossover vehicle platform, with it's standard all-wheel-drive drive train should be easily adaptable to address your needs.

Personally, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one to do just that with a suspension modification, lift, all terrain tires, and a winch.

Greeniewestie | March 3, 2014

There's also a matter of having a charger behind every tree - and I'm not joking.

cloroxbb | March 3, 2014

People need to realize, that every car isnt going to be something that can cater to EVERY situation.

If you need 4WD and a high clearance, then buy a vehicle that does that. When Tesla gets to be a manufacturer like the others that has a wide, diverse range of vehicles, then you can expect vehicles that cater to certain demographics.

Right now, Tesla is trying to cater to many needs, but will ultimately not be able to cater to everybody.

All you can do now, is wait until Model X's final design is actually revealed, and then you will know if they are "thinking of you..."

Skotty | March 3, 2014

The culture around EVs is certainly not very rural friendly. And when I say rural, I'm even including big cities located in mostly rural states. I'm a big EV supporter from Missouri and even I find it hard to remain optimistic sometimes. Middle America is the last market for EVs to be sold in. The last to have L1/L2 chargers installed. Trucks will be the last kind of EV to be built. The last to have Superchargers installed. Last, last, last. Constantly overlooked, or disregarded. My recent visit to the St. Louis Tesla "store" is yet another example. It's not a store at all. Disregarded again. Guess why EVs are not more popular in middle America? Because the coasts put us last, last, last. Urban America is quick to give rural America the middle finger, and rural America is happy to return the favor.

That said, you don't need a charger behind every tree. Just a decent sized battery and a vehicle with good clearance and maybe 4 wheel drive. The Model X may suit this need pretty well, though I don't know if they intend to make it capable of towing or not. Still, Tesla is by far doing more than anyone else.

DTsea | March 3, 2014

what do you mean its not a store @skotty?

Brian H | March 3, 2014

It's a SvC using its reception area to double as a minimalist store; common 1st arrangement until a full facility is arranged. Same deal in Vancouver BC, but a new site has been designated (929 Robson, for those familiar with the city, very toney area).