ELON MUSK and BroderWHO...The Bigger Picture!

ELON MUSK and BroderWHO...The Bigger Picture!

Throughout our human existence there are those contributors to advancement of society, not accepting of status quo and take the initiative to drive change! Then there are those that can't see the forest through the trees, pooh-pooh any visionary ideas for advancement, the fuddy-duddy naysayers, afraid of change and/or just simply happy to sponge off the "status quo" society in which they live.

In 100 years, we are likely to remember the name of Elon Musk as one of those visionary change agents that built on the great men and women who came before him -- such as Henry Ford and Nikola Tesla.

When Nikola Tesla invented AC, those naysayers where there! Even Nikola's own mentor (Thomas Edison) was blinded by his own DC invention...and couldn't accept what Nikola's AC "revision" was to become the future solution to power our cities!

When Henry Ford vision was to bring the automobile to the masses, travel was limited as there were no network of fueling stations and limited horsepower...and of course those naysayers where there!

So...let the naysayers crawl back under their rocks.

History will ultimately prevail!

noel.smyth | February 16, 2013


alfafoxtrot1 | February 16, 2013

I completely agree, and your post is very well stated. Still, the nitpickers and naysayers play some role in keeping the pressure on the innovators to push harder. Broderhole may have done Elon and the rest of us a favor by slapping us a bit to improve communication, planning, and the supercharger network.

Brian H | February 16, 2013

Elon should have little party hats shaped like the MT CoTY award made up, and send them to the sayers and Knights of Nie and Nay (and Neigh). "Where were they when we won? Wear these wares!" No worries.