Elon Musk's Hyperloop: It can never crash; it is immune to the weather; fast (about 1200 km/hr), Solar Energy storage, runs 24/7

Elon Musk's Hyperloop: It can never crash; it is immune to the weather; fast (about 1200 km/hr), Solar Energy storage, runs 24/7

The most extraordinary part for me is that Elon Musk actually teally thinks that this IS possible. And if this really can be realised, this will change the way of long distance travel forever.

Please share your view, idea, opinion, information etc. with all of us.

Brian H | May 30, 2013

Speed and air cushions are highly compatible.

Benz | May 30, 2013

We have waited for the Supercharger announcement, and the result is absolutely fantastic. It was a great Conference Call to listen to (actually it always is).

And in June or July we will know all about the Hyperloop as well. You know, I already do believe that the Hyperloop announcement is going to be super awesome as well. That's how much faith I have in Elon Musk.

Tesluthian | May 30, 2013

Elon also said the Hyperloop would be fun to ride. I bet more fun to ride than the Space Mountain ride at Disneyland.

Why not build it? It's America's chance to best the bullet trains of Europe & Asia, and earn world wide prestige.

Benz | May 30, 2013

How about a starting a new company for building Hyperloops? Funding is not a problem any more for a man with such a track record.

kilimats | June 5, 2013

this video talks about what the hyperloop could be!

Benz | August 12, 2013

Today we will know more about the Hyperloop.

What will the Alpha Design of the Hyperloop tell us?

GeekEV | August 12, 2013
Cindy I II III | August 12, 2013

This link seems to explain things

I'm going to read the PDF word by word. He makes living so interesting and exciting.

97point6 | August 16, 2013

First question: With only a partial atmosphere present how will passengers breath? Pressurized capsules?

Second: For whatever reason, if the capsule is stranded between stations how do you anticipate extricating the passengers? It appears that the close proximity of the doors to the inside of the tube will prevent this.

Tesluthian | August 16, 2013

How about the corporate cargo biz to get the hyperloop started. I'm thinking FedEx might be interested in such a system, especially if it's cheaper than flying their overnight letters. They might even be willing to fund a commercial test version.

It also looks like you could get a fair amount of palletized cargo into the pods. Again if it's cheaper to ship, then corporations might be interested. Ditto for the Obama administration since it's a carbon free form of transportation.

Brian H | December 31, 2014

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