Elon Q and A at Solar City meeting

Elon Q and A at Solar City meeting

A few tidbits about the Model 3 - including a confusing answer about Model 3 charging.

Also, his perspective on ZEV credits and other government subsidies for the industry. Q and A with Elon starts at around minute 5:30

Frank99 | November 17, 2016

Thanks, listened to it on the way home. Great information on there.

I loved the concept of the Solar City tiles being CHEAPER than standard tiles ignoring the value of the electricity they generate, and all the answers to the subsidy questions.

tstolz | November 18, 2016

I'm sure Elon meant compared to high-end roofing tiles. There is no way those tiles will be cheaper than asphalt ... still tons of people want a high-end roof for looks and longevity. Tesla's roof will sell like hot cakes!

andy.connor.e | November 18, 2016

If Tesla & SolarCity can make their solar roof less expensive (hardware and installation) than a regular roof, then there will be absolutely ZERO reasons why anyone in this country would ever choose a regular shingled roof over something that is less expensive, lasts twice as long, virtually indestructible, and generates free electricity. #GetReadyForChange

Bighorn | November 18, 2016

Thanks mp!

KP in NPT | November 18, 2016

+1 andy.connor.

Tstoltz I suspect he means compared to similar style. So solar tiles in the slate style vs. real slate, etc. Of course who knows since as usual he's clear as mud. ;-)

andy.connor.e | November 18, 2016


brando | November 19, 2016

Tesla roof vs tile roof PLUS solar panels

jordanrichard | November 19, 2016

There are millions of people, including myself, that would see no benefit to these solar tiles due to living amongst tall oaks and such. If you were to Google Earth my neighborhood, it looks like I live under a bushel of broccoli. You do have to remember that not everyone live in CA, AZ, NV etc.

Frank99 | November 19, 2016

It would be interesting to know how much energy a solar panel would get under your tree canopy. If you were going to put a new ceramic tile roof on your house, it may still make sense to use the Solar City tiles even if you only got 25% of the rated power.

topher | November 19, 2016

@frank: Solar panels have an annoying tendency to produce nothing if you shade a small portion of them. Depending on how the tiles are wired up, this might be a problem with Tesla roofs.

If your roof is shaded you should consider starting up (or joining) a community solar farm somewhere nearby with some open space. All the advantages of a rooftop solar, without needing a sunny roof, plus far more liquid. The downside is a tiny bit more cost.

Note that this does not apply to roofs which are oriented due south. When solar cost $10 per peak watt it made sense to make sure it was optimally sited. Nowadays with prices around $0.50 per peak watt, it matters less.

Thank you kindly.

EaglesPDX | November 19, 2016

@jordanrichard "There are millions of people, including myself, that would see no benefit to these solar tiles due to living amongst tall oaks and such"

But hundreds of millions more who would. Look at all the new housing developments, totally denuded of trees.

And one doesn't need to live in CA, AZ, NV. Portland is not known for being sunny but my neighbors and I generate enough power for four homes.

cessna182 | November 20, 2016

My house is covered in trees, but some of my backyard is in the clear...looks like a Tesla Pergola for me!!!