Enhanced AP HW2 and up Q&A/Discussion. Firmware 2018.39.7 (V9) & Notes

Enhanced AP HW2 and up Q&A/Discussion. Firmware 2018.39.7 (V9) & Notes

**** I removed the old release notes. If anyone wants full release notes please look at the photos in the link below.****

update: 6/10/2017 (notes)

Linux Kernel upgraded from the version 2.6.36 to version 4.4.35. (17.24.30)

Here are photos of the release notes for 8.1. Thanks to Alap Desai for latest photos of (17.22.46)!AihnWpuO55swh7I2DPRMNhfK7nEmTg

*If you have any feedback, please report it to the following email address:*

If you have any questions about AP HW2, please post them here so we can keep everything in one thread. Whether it's a delivery question or when the software will be released question, please post here.

We have too many threads being created about this subject and it would be too difficult for one to research and find the answers they are looking for.
Thank you!

Latest firmware release: 2018.39.7 (V9)

Current confirmed working list on AP HW2/HW2.5

1. Turn headlights on and off auto
2. Speed Assist (Cruise control)
3. Parking assist
4. Traffic-aware cruise control
5. Forward collision warning
6. Low-Speed Autosteer no longer restricted to 35mph and can go 5 mph faster than detected speed. Autosteer on local roads maximum speed is 45 mph if speed is not detected (firmware 17.17.4)
7. Autosteer on interstate highways or divided highways (90 mph) (firmware 17.17.4)
8. Side Collision warning (works between 30mph - 85mph)(firmware 17.17.4)
9. Autopark (parallel) you must go slower than 15mph for the P to show up
10. Summon (Beta)
11. Auto lane change
12. Lane departure warning
13. Headrest adjustment
14. Auto emergency braking @90mph or less (firmware 17.24.xx)
15. Auto high beam dimming for all markets (in progress)
16. Adaptive headlights (They are progressive in nature depending on how far you turn the steering wheel - so you get one, two or three of the LEDs to light (on one side) depending on how much you turn. They are also a soft on/off in that they don't just flick on to full brightness, but slowly come up to full brightness - perhaps taking 1 second. Presumably the faster you are driving, the less steering angle is required to turn on these LEDs. The main 6 headlight LEDs do not change during this time.) (thanks TT, BigD0g and Gabe.ritter)
17. Auto wipers
18. Perpendicular parking added. 10mph or less until the P appears, then use same function as parallel. (17.22.46)
19. added feature to all cold weather package vehicles (heated steering wheel will auto-activate when getting back into the car if activated prior to exiting vehicle)
20. Blind spot detection added (v9)
21. Dashcam capability added ( [HW 2.5 and up] [V9] )

Current confirmed non-working list on AP HW2 and up

1. Auto transition to another freeway
2. Auto freeway exit
3. Speed limit sign recognition


Silver2K | June 5, 2017

I was able to start a new thread using googles cache of the page.

BigD0g | June 5, 2017

Perfect! | June 5, 2017

Glad to see it back! Ok, back to (hopefully) useful HW2 changes and updates.

croman | June 5, 2017

Bring on the silk! Thanks Silver!

Triggerplz | June 5, 2017

Silver what happened to your referral thread?

Silver2K | June 5, 2017

flagged to death. no need to bring it back

Triggerplz | June 5, 2017

wow thanks

MelaniaFromBrentwood | June 5, 2017

My life is now complete. I can cancel my Wednesday morning therapy session because the thread is back! You just saved me $300 (a week!).

mike | June 6, 2017

AP1 parity as early as next week, according to Elon Musk at the shareholders meeting.

croman | June 6, 2017

Heard that before...

Bill_75D | June 6, 2017

Yay! End of December 2016 is finally almost here!

burdogg | June 6, 2017

What, I have been stuck in December 2016 all this time? No wonder why it felt like Groundhogs day :) Maybe now we can move forward with our lives and next up EAP and FSD differences (aren't we approaching that deadline he said we would start to see differences between the two?)

croman | June 6, 2017

@burdogg -- yes, at the end of the 6 months in 3-6 months. Since we aren't even at AP1 feature parity, I think we'll be waiting some. Also Tesla has only ~6 weeks of data from cars from which to train the NN. I don't see stop lights or signs or even automagic lane changing until the NN is much better than at present.

axel | June 7, 2017

@SilverP85Plus Is "Auto high beam dimming of the headlights" supposed to work in Europe now? I just saw you removed the note about that, but we didn't have any update about that here in Europe.

steven | June 7, 2017

I haven't been noticing the adaptive headlights. Sure that's working?

Also the automatic display dimming doesn't work at all. It just switches between latest brightness settings in day and night mode. No gradients in between

Silver2K | June 7, 2017

I re-added it. I mis-understood this post:

"peter | June 6, 2017

HW2 UK model s. I had the same basic problem with our Model S. It turns out that the Dutch assembly factory is responsible for headlamp alignment, which they had omitted to do. It was really bad for other drivers, so we limited use of car outside of daylight hours until the Manchester service centre found a slot to set the headlights up properly. No problems since then. Nothing complicated just misaligned headlamps."

axel | June 7, 2017

Ah, understood. Thanks!

Silver2K | June 7, 2017


thanks for pointing it out :)

BigD0g | June 7, 2017

@Steven I think we've determined the adaptive headlights are working, they just simply suck.

lilbean | June 7, 2017


Boonedocks | June 7, 2017


BigD0g | June 7, 2017
@Steven I think we've determined the adaptive headlights are working, "they just simply suck."

croman | June 7, 2017

I'm still waiting for the silky news. Road trip in a week but seems likely it will be out after we get back.

Bill_75D | June 7, 2017

I got the 80 mph auto steer update halfway through a road trip. You might leave home rough and come home smooth.

kwen197 | June 7, 2017

to all new posters to this thread " Welcome to the Whiner's Club".

lilbean | June 7, 2017

Mine drives silky smooth but the kids Model S sis to so silky smooth.

lilbean | June 7, 2017

Not so silky smooth.

MyXinTx | June 8, 2017

Smooth?? AP2?

Just swapped out my AP1 for new AP2 today, I miss the AP1, especially because of less stable responses to road conditions and the jitteriness of the dash images... really annoying to see the lines move sideways so much, like it's having a seizure.

Really hope they reach parity soon, then move on to EAP....

Tell me again why Tesla changed vendors for AP technology? Seems they may have saved some money, but the owners are paying for the backward move.

inconel | June 8, 2017

It was a divorce with Mobileye and Tesla is now doing all AP development in-house in the Tesla Vision group.

BigD0g | June 8, 2017

@MyZinTx speculation is it's fallout from the Josh Brown death and mobileeye did not want to be part of Tesla pushing the needle. As well as MobileEye determining Tesla was building there own system in house and was not sharing any of the data back to MobileEye. | June 8, 2017

It also seemed like MobilEye was going quite a bit slower than Tesla needed. AP1 hardware was never going to handle FSD or get much better. Sometimes when you hid a dead end you need to move on with a different solution.

BigD0g | June 8, 2017

+1 TT

mkemps | June 8, 2017

Agreed. About 250 miles on a new MX and the left lane hugging drives me nuts. | June 8, 2017

I just got 17.18.5 in my "old" AP1 X90D. But no one cares. It came with a one sentence release note that said something about improvements and bug fixes. Autopilot functions don't seem to have improved. It still drives great, though 😀

croman | June 9, 2017

17.18.50 had the upgraded Linux kernel. AP2 hasn't gotten it yet.

BigD0g | June 9, 2017

@croman and the new browser? Just curious

Solarfan | June 9, 2017


"17.18.50 had the upgraded Linux kernel. AP2 hasn't gotten it yet."

I'm pretty new here, so may misunderstand the above. We took delivery of an AP2 Model S on May 31, and it came with 17.18.50 installed.


How to determine if the browser is new? Not having the previous version, what should I look for to be able to report back?


How long (miles or days) should it take for parallel Auto Park to begin offering the "P" option? We have read the current limits, are careful to follow them, and never see the "P".

croman | June 9, 2017

@BigD0g -- no, not the new browser (though I do not have an AP1 car to test). Browser speed updated in 17.17.4. Kernel was only discovered by @Ingineer. Tesla made no announcement (likely because AP2 owners would be upset to be left out but its coming I'm sure in the silky update).

BigD0g | June 9, 2017

@Croman interesting, yah, Kernel has no bearing on me, I never use the browser was just curious. And since it's a completely separate system, the kernel has no effect on AP, so either way, full speed ahead! Maybe next week, we'll see.

croman | June 9, 2017

I think Tesla doesn't want to draw attention to the fact they announced 8.1 would have all of these long awaited goodies only to find 8.1 wasn't what we were told it would be and the kernel upgrade was done in the same cloak and dagger fashion. On ramp to off ramp AP was previously linked to 8.1 as well but that is also MIA.

BigD0g | June 9, 2017

There is no way Tesla would give Ap1 on ramp to off ramp before AP2, together sure but not before as folks would riot, no saying they should patience is a virtue but they most definitely would.

croman | June 9, 2017

I really don't care what AP1 has or doesn't have. If they get it and we have to wait, well, that's what's been happening since I got my car. Good for them. I'm not a hater. AP2 is the future and we should've probably be a lot further along based on what Tesla was telling us but at this point, AP1's success will only help AP2. I don't think it works in reverse for AP2.

BigD0g | June 9, 2017

+1 Croman

steilkurve | June 9, 2017

Hello. Just got my Model X today. Upgraded from an S which had AP1. My X has AP2 (EAP + FSD) and I’ve driven about 70 miles so far with it today, in addition to the 30 miles the car had on delivery. AP2 is still calibrating. How long should it take on a new car? Does it need mostly highway driving to calibrate or local roads as well? Any info appreciated. Thanks.

Solarfan | June 9, 2017

My AP2 took approximately 100 miles to calibrate on divided freeway. At over 500 miles, it was finally able to do Auto Park parallel, but not straight in yet. For the park features, the SC told me it takes driving in urban settings where the features the system looks for are common. Curbs and two cars parked with a space between are uncommon around here. They said full calibration can require over 1,000 miles. Hope that helps.

steilkurve | June 10, 2017

Thanks Solarfan. Went back to the car after posting and looked at the manual. It says you need to drive for about an hour for calibration. Anyone knows if it is a total or one hour non stop?

peter | June 10, 2017

HW2 Model S software level 7:17.4, I drove for nearly 1500 miles without any sign of calibration. Took it into the Manchester (UK) service station, who reset the radar and it calibrated almost immediately, then failed again, took it back and they said that they had reset the vertical axis, but not the horizontal one. So this was re set and it has worked like a dream ever since. The word on the forums at the time was that if you have driven 600 miles and it has still not calibrated then take it to a service centre as it probably never will calibrate without external support.

poloX | June 10, 2017

@solarfan, for auto parallel parking, first you must drive slower than 15mph. Then you must drive pass the single empty spot where there are 2 cars on both sides of that empty lot. Then and only then, the P will show up for you.

poloX | June 10, 2017

@solarfan, for auto parallel parking, first you must drive slower than 15mph. Then you must drive pass the single empty spot where there are 2 cars on both sides of that empty lot. Then and only then, the P will show up for you.

Saxman | June 10, 2017


Do you get to use Auto parallel much? I don't seem to have much opportunity even here in Austin.

I posted on the TOW THREAD that my 4 bike hitch rack, when folded causes a warning chime & message saying that parking assistance is unavailable. I wonder if rack is blocking the sensors. The chime goes off each time I stop. Very annoying.

poloX | June 10, 2017

Saxman, no, not in Houston. Actually, only successfully tested it a couple of times. Failed once too half way into it. But yeah, in TX, perpendicular parking is more useful, not that we can't park manually but...its just cool to use. :o)