Enhanced Auto pilot-make cruise control stand alone feature

Enhanced Auto pilot-make cruise control stand alone feature

I have been trying some of the features on the 30 day trial of the enhanced auto pilot. I think the traffic aware cruise control is the most handy feature and wonder why Tesla can't make this a stand-alone feature for purchase (or better yet, for download free to all owners). My co-workers have a Honda Accord and a Volvo that comes with this feature.

Rt002k | February 14, 2019

"come with" = already factored into the price. They would include it if they starting price of the Model 3 were $5k higher.

CharleyBC | February 14, 2019

“why Tesla can't make this a stand-alone feature”

Well, they can, of course. It’s software. But so far they choose not to unbundle it. They hope you like TACC enough that you’ll buy all of EAP.

burdogg | February 14, 2019

And we are back to the TACC discussion and why it isn't standard like xyz cars....

Rt002k | February 14, 2019

burdogg - it has been at least a couple days.

TranzNDance | February 14, 2019

Those "standard" cars would have cost less if they didn't bundle the TACC but since the cars are so cheap it apparently doesn't hurt to throw it in and make people pay for it whether or not they use it. However, if Tesla bundled TACC, then their cars would be more out of reach for more people, and more EVs on the road is better for everyone except people who make money from the ICE economy. They still need to breathe so EVs are better for their health if not their finances.

Jiver | February 14, 2019

You can get TACC as a standalone feature for $5000. EAP is included for free with purchase of TACC. Would that make the OP feel better? The reality is that it is not TACC that the OP wants but rather TACC at a price point that they like -- preferably nothing.

stevenmaifert | February 14, 2019

It's all about the marketing. In the early going with Model S, Turn by turn navigation was part of a $3,750 Tech package option. Many folks wished it was a stand alone option, but were willing to pay the package price to get it. Eventually, Tesla incorporated the Tech package features as standard but did up the base price of the car a bit. We might someday see TACC become standard to stimulate sales, but I see that as a long way off.

MRNot01 | February 14, 2019

Seems I'm (still?) the only one who posits that the reason the TACC cannot(?) be unbundled is because all features of the EAD/P require use of ALL the hardware that was installed in your car (but you didn't pay for if you didn't order the feature set), so it's pointless to unbundle it. You cannot have it without the use of all the sensors and cameras that you didn't pay for. Pay for those, and you get all the features they support. (and, yes, I also would've gotten TACC by itself were it available).

(Still) my $0.02

Rt002k | February 14, 2019

Well, the TACC would have no use for anything that's not facing forward.

RES IPSA | February 14, 2019

I have been hoping for 6 months that Tesla would offer TACC for $2500. I would buy that today.

But apparently Tesla is making the money they want through selling the EAP packages for 5k rather than un-bundling the EAP package.

inconel | February 14, 2019

Isn't TACC (and EAP) offered for free already in China? Maybe it will be same for rest of world soon?

Rt002k | February 14, 2019

"free"? No, they pay for it. They just don't have the option of not having it. Nothing is free!

beaver | February 14, 2019

@MRNot01 that’s not true
TACC only uses front facing cameras (3) and radar. The other 5 cameras are not used.

burdogg | February 14, 2019

epostby - true - but the cameras, radar, and software are all integrated as one unit. My dad even admits that his TACC (or whatever it is called) in his Lexus Hybrid is really good, but still not as good as Teslas. Why??? Because Tesla uses Autopilot software contribute to TACC. Just my two cents as well - but I am tired of going down this rabbit hole.

burdogg | February 14, 2019

The fact remains - Tesla has chosen this route for a reason - and have stuck by it now for over 3 years now (AP 1.0 counts in this too, which was released Oct 2015). Could they in the future unbundle it?

burdogg | February 14, 2019

Yes. Can we postulate around here? Yes, Can we say, it would be nice to...around here? Yes. But getting tired of the - x car has it on it for free and my $50,000 (or 80,000) car doesn't have it come standard! What the heck! Yet they forget they aren't comparing apples to apples - a gas car is not an electric car :) Can't compare costs between the two.

burdogg | February 14, 2019

Stupid forum that wouldn't let me post that all as one post! Had to break it up multiple times just to post it - didn't change a thing...what a weird issue

beaver | February 14, 2019

@burdogg I agree, Tesla is free to charge as they wish. $5k is a decent price for lifetime EAP that gets better every year. But I don’t need it yet, but I am willing to buy TACC, which by normal logic should be cheaper since it doesn’t steer. Let’s see what happens

burdogg | February 14, 2019

It will be interesting to see if they allow TACC in the future. My thoughts - when they get FSD down - they can offer straight TACC - because most won't be buying that at that point :) Sure some will, but when FSD starts proving itself...more and more will jump for that over EAP and less will be satisfied with TACC.

Example to this would be someone that has TACC really is not too happy with a car that has NO cruise control, let alone plain cruise control :) I think the same in the future will apply...TACC being the no cruise control, EAP being plain cruise control...and FSD being the TACC :)

Just one way to look at it. So we shall see what the future holds for these options...

SalisburySam | February 15, 2019

@burrdogg, “...when FSD starts proving itself...more and more will jump for that over EAP...”

I bought FSD, but had to get EAP as a prerequisite service. I’m not sure that’ll change when FSD is real.