Error message

Error message

While driving today received a notification error saying " car needs service may not restart with a triangle image ". Called service center and they said they will tow it away tomorrow. Anyone have this experience. Preliminary report looked like might be the battery pack. Anyone have similar experience?

BarryQ | September 22, 2013

Would it restart without a triangle image?

toly33 | September 22, 2013

It restarted no problem but still same error message

AmpedRealtor | September 22, 2013

LOL @ Barryfinn

cwmenne | September 22, 2013

Sounds like what others have described as the 12V battery problem (or charging problem).

BarryQ | September 22, 2013

Thanks Amped - someone got it!

Captain_Zap | September 22, 2013

I doubt that they would have towed it away for a 12v problem. They changed mine out in my garage.

I'm having trouble interpreting that error message too. Is that a European car?

@toly33- When you called, did they have you reboot and take a look at the car's logs? Did they try a software update? It seems really odd that they would haul it off for an error message and without any other information.

toly33 | September 23, 2013

The tech said looks like a battery pack issue and nothing else. Wouldn't let me drive it to service center.

Pungoteague_Dave | September 23, 2013

I had this exact message four times last Saturday while on a trip. The car had been left overnight unplugged in a parking lot. The 12 volt battery was already swapped to the new deep cycle battery, and my main battery was replaced abut a month ago. I had to keep going another 100 miles and the message eventually stopped showing. We recharged the car over the weekend and the message has not recurred. Calling Service now...

DJay | September 23, 2013

@pungoteague Why was your main battery replaced? I have lost about 5% of my maximum charge capacity since February. It isn't a problem for me as of yet, but the rate of decline is a concern. | September 23, 2013

@DJay how many miles do you have? How you use the car over time, and software updates (with new range calculations) both affect the maximum range displayed.

This means while you see a smaller maximum number, the actual battery capacity may be unchanged. Unfortunately, only Tesla has means to see what range reduction (if any) on a battery pack. So it is possible you have lost range, but I suspect not in 8 months unless you're racking up 30+K miles a year.

DJay | September 23, 2013

I only have 11,500 miles. Max charge has gone from 265 rated to 252. I have the last software update, but I do not have 5.0. My last Max Range charge was in August going from about 50 rated miles prior to the charge. I do intend to have Tesla look at it during my upcoming 12,500 mile service.

Pungoteague_Dave | September 23, 2013

My main battery was replaced in August due to "internal anomalies." They never said what they were. I also had the 12-volt deep cycle battery upgrade at that time, as well as a whole bunch of upgrades (many-page work order printout).

Now I had this message over the weekend. I called this morning and Rockville and Freemont spent the day analyzing my car remotely. They called several times, and eventually told me not to drive the car, that they will come pick it up tomorrow on a flatbed. They are again seeing "internal anomalies" again in the recently replaced main battery and plan to replace it AGAIN. Pooh. They are also going to look at the increasingly loud inverter problem...

This will be quite embarrassing, as I am always espousing the car to our employees, who have to put up with doing solar panel readings on a schedule, etc. Now I have to leave the car outside for the Tesla truck driver, where everyone will see it being towed away. They are oyster farm employees, a bit rough on the edges, and tend to drive very reliable old pickups and jeeps. They already know that my car has essentially been rebuilt by TM, and now the battery goes up again. Oh well, gonna take some crap.

In this case, we are also being stranded for the first time. It is 209 miles from the nearest Service Center in Rockville to our farm, and the driver will leave at 8:30AM according to the SC. It will take at least 5 hours each way for them to pick up the car - an entire man day plus overtime. The rub is that I have a meeting in Baltimore at 12:30, so can't wait for the driver, and must drive one of our farm pickups back to get there on time (we will pass the TM driver on the way). TM says they will then fix the car and flatbed it all the way back to the farm when done. No loaners available. Their losses continue and my frustration escalates. Still love the car but this is getting old. Thinking of trading up to a newer VIN (ours is 4061, Feb 3 delivery).