Esoteric EV ramblings.

Esoteric EV ramblings.

Very msc. EV topics. Freewheelling, where decorum to "stay on topic" is not so critical.

searcher | September 27, 2011

G Whiz, sorry my sleepy finger got stuck on the 'G".

After thoughts, all USA folks don't you think the Raptor program needs to be rolled back out and sell a few of thes babies to our friends and pray to the diety that they stay our friends and none of the Raptors would ever have to be used by anyone, anywhere. Maybe we could have a "fail safe" shut off device in them that could not be aborted in case they fell into wrong hands.The Raptor program was twenty years ahead of anyone in the world three years ago, probably moving closer and closer to parity now. What is up with Iran they are suppossedly struggling to develop one nuclear war head and Israel has over 300. Iran may have many as far as we know right now though. Who really knows. But seems to me if anyone in the area wants to "get it on" with Israel that it would be a policy of not MAD as in the cold war but a policy of SAD {sure assued destruction. Oh well Israels enemies are going to find out one day anyway in a place called "The Plain of Megiddo" so enemies of Israel, better change your ways, the ones that don't will have a hook in their jaw to draw them to these battles, gonna happen for sure , just read the headlines. To bad for Israels enimies as they will be facing a force never seen in modern warfare{or again maybe so} but very evident in ancient old battles, read your history enimies of Israel, just hope the USA stands with Israel just as long as our present world exists. While we are in battle mode think the USA has got to learn to fight much smarter and much more economical than our terrorist enemies, we can do it. The Raptors are for keeping the 'big boys" at bay. Anti terrorist action, I predict, is fixing to take a turn for the smarter, "terrorism" free world style. Also you dummies those women in these supreesed mid east countries don't won't this extreme crap. Better take a note from the Irish situation where women were united against the violence. It's all about the 'couch" guys.

Out of wargmaes mode now, not worried in the least because I have read the end of the book.

Really hoping to get some Auburn engineering students turned on to the site as well as some profs , promise I will make contact this week. They have a car to you know. No not one they bought, one they built. LOL

Brian H | September 27, 2011

The pipeline currently approved would be for natural gas, from Alaska and the Cdn north. Oil would likely be from the oil sands (several times Saudi Arabia's resources).

re Nat Gas; just saw an article about the UK; seems they've discovered a huge frack field, ~200 trillion cu' or so, almost equivalent to the US total to date. So all of their insane wind turbine projects etc. are even more un-economic. Whatta hoot!

searcher | September 27, 2011

BrianH, Guess it seems to some that it is incongrous that we are discussing oil pipelines and natural gas reserves but it's all in the mix of supply and demand as everybody knows that will always be tremendous demands for all types of energy including the electricity used to charge electric cars.

All the military talk was relevant in that it pertains to global stability and stability pertains to world trade and around and around we go.

What say you on the nuclear car thing, maybe back on the snowball shelf,huh?

Didn't contact the Auburn folks today but sure hope to one day this week. Of course they are probably postng all over this site.

Yeah, the pipeline they polled me on was the oil one. I didn't know they already had a natural gas one.

Understand that Japan is getting the oil from the Alaska pipeline to USA and that China is getting the Iraq oil. Whats up with all this?

Brian H | September 28, 2011

Who gets what is less important than you seem to think. Oil and gas are pretty much "fungible"; if it goes on the market, it adds to the total pool, and customers get what they want from whatever sources are most convenient. If China buys from A instead of B, then B's supplies are now available. Etc.

searcher | October 1, 2011

See your point BrianH. So guess the main consideration here would be actual acessiblity to purchase.

Now ,if I may, I would like to swithch over to world trade policies. I would like to see the USA divesify it's trading partners much more. So lets say I was speaking to a potential presidential candidate and I asked him how the USA could get more European and a larger variety of countries good products on our retail shelves in the USA. What do you think might be a good answer for him. Please don't say "forget it". LOL

I would also like to know if other parts of the world are as loaded down with Chinese products in their retail outlets as the USA.

If I may ask another question and someone with some knowledge of world trade please weigh in. What are some of the leading countries with good world trade balances and some of the countries with bad world trade balances. I know the country that probably has the largest, richest, and most varied natural resoureces and that would be Africa without a doubt.

Sorry another question, does anyone have a rough average of the chinese working class {factory workers, etc} annual income as compared to the same for the USA, UK, Germany, and Scandanavia and any others?

This is a far ranging thread and world trade is very pertinent to EV's as it relates to global sales etc.

searcher | October 7, 2011

Well the "moonlight bandit" just made the second trip to my carport in as many months . First time it was gas, even left the gas can out by the road. It was a small one that belonged to a relative . This most recent trip on bright moonlight night it was a weedeater and gas can{that dangersouly leaked as the cork was out of the spout mechanism} so someone had better be careful.

Of course it really angers me when someone steals my property. My neighbor saw the figure approach my carport the other time and called the sherriff but they didn't show. I called the next day to report the incident but again a noshow by law enforcement. I can give them some unique evidence about the weedeater if they care to check wioth a few pawn shops but I doubt the will "give a rip " not woth wasting taxpayers money but we are having a rash of burgularies out our way.

So while doing some of my nightly chores and reflecting on how I could make things more secure for my carport and how I could protect my pristine 1986 Volvo 240{ would this pass as vintage}LOL,
I came up with an idea that would not be practical for me due to cost. Just a simple burgular alarm in my case but I think I have an idea that is not in the public domain. I will be checking it out and it doesn't already exists I think it would be wonderful for the Tesla as the Tesla will represent a substantial investment. Just a concept with me but was wondering if we would be getting outside of parameters of this site if someone might know how to best market a concept. Believe it would work and would work well in several security environments. Think it would be very well suited for high end security.

Of course my best security system was my fiteen year old golden lab mix I lost a little over a year ago. Have decided I need another dog.

searcher | October 8, 2011

Well gang after a brief conversation with the electrician who recently installed a flourescent light in my carport I discovered that my concept was not only in the public dmain but was on the shelves of retailers as he had already installed several for various people. This beng a motion light that start taking pictures with a hidden secured camera when the light comes on. Of course I know person would have a nice collectins of various wild varmits and neighborhood dogs and cats but in my case the "moonlight bandit" also. Ironically my tech had just moved in a house and had not purchased insurance yetand was recently hit by burglars who stoll computers, tvs, etc. So he is now fixing to install a unit for around 450 dollars that will record 24/7 and be connected to his harddrive that will in turn call him on his phone and he can see the burglars in action and call the police. It will utilize infrared technology up to so many feet. So you see I was way behind the curve with my "concept". The only thing I can think of now what if someone tries to steal a Tesla with a mask, is there "facial biometric" technology that could penetrate this identification problem. Or would the Tesla be virtully impossible to steal while it was being recharged or could it be stolen while just sitting in a parking lot by a EV savvy burglar or does the very nature of the car make it burgular proof under any circumstances.
Think my carport solution will consist of a very basic burgular alarm on my car. In the meantime am leaving the lights on all night in the carport. Still will pursue the biological alarm system as soon as I can locate a couple of beautiful golden lab mixes.
Uhaul company told me they had locks for around fouteen bucks and some change that were very burglar proof, got to put one on my chanin link fence so they can't get to my storage house and steal my riding lawn mower.
If I have the time next week think I will tour a few local pawn shops and if I locate my edger think I will surprise them them with some unique facts I know about this equipment. Think they would give it back to me. Fat chance, huh. They would just say how do they know I did not sell it to the individual who sold it to them.
Can't use the edger much anyway as I have some herniated disc. Am looking at the just approved by the FDA. Charite' artificial disk replacement. Any of you folks know anything about this let me know.

This messege is getting extremely "esoteric" now. Just know their are some well informed folks out there.

So off I go to look around for the "moonlight maruader".

chensi | October 12, 2011

Welcome! Hope you have fun here!

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searcher | November 15, 2011

Bet they eventually find a way to get the oil from Canada to USA refineries.

Have used input forum of my favorite USA presidential candidate to suggest this candidate gets to know Elon Musk and the Tesla EV's. Know these two "briany" people would both get a lot out of this.

Timo and BrianH at the risk of sounding like I am in "suck up" mode why don't you two guys get some kind of gig with Tesla Motors
in some capacity. Will have to say you two have remained interested "stalwarts" on this site all along. Know you both have probably excellent businesses or jobs already but could just maybe do ancillary work for Tesla.

Timo, I have got you pegged as a college professor of some technical sort,LOL.

Brian how are your technical/jounalism projects going?

Way off subject but wonder if some of you Euopean types could explain to me why the American FDA seems so ponderous in approving new medical breakthroughs and the Europeans are ten years, in some cases, ahead. Although in one case I know of company told me US would be years away from a new medical device and Germany for one has been using it with great results for two or three years. Incendently device made in USA? The company explained to me that there was just a difference in approach, but they,did not elaborate. It can't be that FD is trying to be so careful, as we have had some bad set backs on approved stuff. How are you guys doing on safety any more glaring set backs in safety than USA? Apologies for the "way off subect" nature of this comment but this is only way I knew of commenting with europeans.

Happy Thanksgiving{for those that celebrate it} and Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Timo | November 15, 2011

Timo, I have got you pegged as a college professor of some technical sort,LOL.

Close, but not quite on target. ;-)

itsmesearcher | May 2, 2013

Hi again everyone. Good to be back. Perpetual motion, perpetual motion, perpetual motion, antigravity antigravity,antigravity. That was just to wake evry body up, LOL. Will have to read what everybody is writing andkind of get in the groove or more than likely make sure I stay out of it. So how's it going Timo, Briah H, Volker, and all the rest of the gang. Had to changemy username since I had new email address etc? So I will read up a bit and get backinto things abit. One question for anybody.Do you think all major laws of physics have been discovered or are there likely to be more discovered later?

Brian H | May 2, 2013

Oh, oh. Well, Searcher, Volker decamped and is limiting his rare posts to You can go over there and bug him, if you like.

itsmesearcher | May 5, 2013

Well any opinions on whether likely to ever be any new laws of physics, elecricity, and other major scientific disciplines yet to be discovered or are they being discoved practically on a daily basis. Whatcha think Timo?

Brian H | May 5, 2013

Timo is a down-to-earth type, who thinks you're a loonytunes bubblehead. I think.

Timo | May 5, 2013

There is not yet theory of everything, so something might change, but basic rules of things are already quite well understood.

itsmesearcher | May 6, 2013

Thanks for your opinion Timo. Thats all I was asking for.

Oh Brian gret defense of Timo. Thats OK though.Timo is a big boy,he can answer for himself. Which he did.

Let me ask you one directly now BrianH "old bean". Do you think many mayhave thought Tesla was a "looneytunes bubblehead"? I think they did as I think his type became the arch typical Hollywood "mad scientest".

But think BrianH there most likely, is more out there and who knows some of it might directly affect EVs.

BrianH did you never have dorm room bull sessions. With name calling like that they likely turned into "knock down, drag out brawls" but like most of us you probably wern't so cavalier in face to face conversations,LOL.

You are a hoot BrianH. Bet thats the most fun reply you have made in awhile and of course you know I am fully capable of just such smart ass ism's as you. You know I could put some tags on you right now that probably wouldn't be too far off the mark. But I will take a pass this time. Bet you thought I was going nowhere with such a question but I really am. As you see the correct door knob or steering wheel or seat type or other Tesla hardware I am not familiar with since I don't own one or ever will but I like to think in terms of any bits of new science that will directly apply and make this a car that goes from point a to point b in a really fantastic way as to be a complete departure frome dependence on ICE vehicles. Now BrianH don't you feel just a little bit juvinile,LOL.

Hey BrianH you never did tell me about your latest projects. Going well I hope.

Just a lot of kidding about your comments> I know you and Timo know your stuff. "Thankyouvermuch" it was fun. '

Brian H | May 7, 2013

TM's advanced tech consists of making it possible to use the simplest available motive force we have, the electric motor, by storing enough energy compactly enough to make it useful. No fundamental revisions of universal by-laws required.

itsmesearcher | May 7, 2013

Very precise and well worded (of course, this is BrianH). But lets just pigeon hole your "for now" game plan and play "back to the future" it might be fun. Sure it will not cause any harm to Tesla's bottom line strategy . Lets justplay "mad scientest" a bit.

Are their any physics majors or profs in the house? Please join in. Is their any way an energy impulse can be created at one point induced to jump off viasome type beam a non contact device induced to travel through a device and then jump off the carrier device onto an energy storing device?

itsmesearcher | May 9, 2013

Anybody heard anything about the Volvo prototype I was reading about at leawt a couple of years ago that would have motors or something in wheels. No transmission If I recall corredtly and gas
milage in the200 mpg range.

Timo, Tell me about the car company in Finland. Think the US government bought in on this company or something like this?

Anybody,whats the deal with Chevrolet Malibu advertisement on savingenergy on downhill driving, is this anything like the braking power deal on the Tesla?

itsmesearcher | May 10, 2013

questiononly for "real deal" physics or electonics professionals. Has ther been any research on lets say device b inconjunction with device a have device b to (without any contact,drag,or any kind of power drain ondevice a to create power in device b so it can sendthiseletrical power to totally sepeate power storage device. This would have to be almost an incidental creation ofpower without interferring in any form with device a's original nad primary function.

Futeristic devices that would be neat. Looking a dimensional topogrphicmap of the USA onwall righ above my pc. Looks like the US could be turned into a vast non fossil eletric grid based largerly on hydroelectic power. Say the tidaldevices already being workedwith all aroundeast coat and gulf coat. Then small simmilar devices that could be clustered in the large river systems in theUSA and Canada if such devicecould be sucessfully invented. Thenthere is the"Mighty MIssissippi" researchwould have to be done on currentforce etc. Then theres the Rocky mountain system with all its kinetic energy in thestreams and rivers. then there is the huge pacific caoat with the tidal devices already in existaence. Sure there would haveto be lot of research to come up with relativly small clusters of devices in the streams and riversystems and workon how to couple all this power to gether Seems if some of these devices could be palced in area like riverbelow "niagara falls" that trmendous amount of electric power could be developed with minimal impaact to the ecological impact on our country. Guess this type ofapproach wouldbebest describedas a "cluster" with the whole countries electical poser worked into this grid. Knowa lot of this speculative stuff is seemeingly off course but thats why this "Esoteric" place was created, to go to a place and speculate and discuss futuristic possiblities or not thatmay be of absolute no interest to many. But just sthink of it as a place to throw ideas around. Of course bring on the critcisms "thats the whole would it work or not dyamic in place and functioning but be careful in your zeal to do a "techno beatdown" and in some people an egotistical desire to make soom look ridiculous who are not afraid to go out and think of such things. Don't kill creativity with your desire to be clever. .

ghillair | May 10, 2013


You bring up some interesting ideas, there is a lot of energy potential in moving water. The current trend appears to be to abandon old small hydro stations and remove their damns to restore smaller streams and rivers to their natural state.

Several years ago I saw a report on a proposal to submerge turbines in the Mississippi for generation. The problems where several; The resistance of the turbine tended to act as a damn and funnel the current (now stronger) into the open area needed for shipping, it also had to deal with the forty and fifty foot elevation changes of the river during floods. I have seen nothing on this in several years.

The best chance may be the work of Ocean Power Technology (OPTT) they are manufacturing large buoys that are anchored in the open ocean to generate electricity form waves. It works but is not yet cheap.

itsmesearcher | May 11, 2013

Thanks for the respnse. Interesting stuff. In distant future I'm sure butseems there could be development along these lines and collecting power from huge network of smaller sources might even be less negative impact to the environment

Now if some one can theorize on getting power generated kind of incidently from sourrce a(without detracting from point a's normal power output fuction to point b storage for this incidental power(so to speak), then that would be cool. Of course collection of such power might be so minimal not worth the time and effort. Really trying to avoid the perpetual motion trap here as we are just likely talking auxillary power and certainly no perpetual motion thing. I have discovered perpetual motion is anathema to mention on this site,LOL. Just seems there should be a way. Not one bit of scientific data to back up this feeling just a gut feeling something can be developed here. Just looking for a genuine professional who may see some possibilities here. Not a genuine professional who see's absolutely no poosibilities, these need not reply as I already know your thinking.

Timo | May 11, 2013

Volvo is Swedish company, not Finnish. There are no car companies in Finland unless you count something like Patria in those. There is a factory that makes cars for various companies like Porsche and Fisker. I don't know how that works financially, probably badly.

itsmesearcher | May 11, 2013

Oh yes Timo, I have been a Volvo fan for years. Lot of German parts in them. Now owned by a Chinese group, really hope the simplicity and quality stays up. We know from Apple that quality products can be made by Chinese. Have a guess that a lot of inferior quality coming out of China is the fault of the "outsouresrs" rather than the Chinese people and powers that be. The Chinese are very, very intelligent people as a whole is also my guess.

Think I heard some political candidate mentioning a car company in Finland so that shows how much stock we can put in this. Why don't you syrt one,LOL. Know this would be one solid car, seriously. All confidence in you and that character, BrianH.LOL.