Estimated Delivery inconsistencies in My Dashboard

Estimated Delivery inconsistencies in My Dashboard

Has anyone else observed inconsistencies in the Estimated Delivery date on the Dashboard?

My "Estimated Delivery" is listed as "Late August", but the delivery window I was given (which my DES confirmed) is 7/22 - 8/5.

In Production: 6/20
VIN: 15664

Anyone else experienced this?

phat78boy | July 27, 2013

Yes, my dashboard has been all over the place. Recently it changed from "August" to "One of our Delivery Specialists will contact you to schedule your delivery the." My date from DS was originally 8/8, but he is hopeful to move that up.

lolachampcar | July 27, 2013

Just ordered yesterday and got the "Late August" preferred. It just may be a default thing that is not tied to the actual delivery estimate.

cfOH | July 27, 2013

@lola: Are you ordering a THIRD MS?? Oh, wait, is this your son's? | July 27, 2013

They apparently did some sort of update to their backend systems about a month ago. The upside is you are getting more granular messages on the dashboard. The downside is that the messages have been all over the map for folks that had cars already in process. I think I was getting the "sourcing parts" message when my specialist had already told me the car was leaving production.

It would not hurt to get a quick confirmation from your specialist.


Zero EV | July 27, 2013

Another twist: My status just changed back to:

Order Confirmed
We have begun sourcing parts for your Model S.

... after bing in "Production Complete" for a week.

Weird...I'll just have to rely on my DES to give me updates.

mortgagebruce | July 28, 2013

Mine just switched back to sourcing parts and I'm taking delivery today.

TheCheetahExpress | July 28, 2013

It is some glitch/bug, mine says sourcing parts as well but I am taking delivery tomorrow :)

cfOH | July 28, 2013

@TheCheetahExpress: Exactly my situation as well. Bizarre. :-)

andrewadams | July 28, 2013

Just changed today to "production complete" getting ready for delivery

Brian H | July 28, 2013

Someone suggested that cars already in the pipeline when they increased the detail level of the notices are getting almost random notices, but new orders are being treated properly. Sounds like a missing "IIF" loop.

Jon C | July 28, 2013

I got an email stating that my vehicle is scheduled for completion around Aug 12. My dashboard says that the parts are still being sourced. Anyone else have this?

Zero EV | July 28, 2013

I'd say the dashboard status is unreliable at this point. Best to just rely on your Delivery Specialist.

@cfOH - Let me know how that goes tomorrow. I was hoping mine was part of the Columbus shipment as well, but I haven't heard so I guess not.