Europe - VIN to delivery time

Europe - VIN to delivery time

Hi everybody!

Any info about VIN-to-delivery time for European cars?

I received my VIN in early september and still have no delivery date. What about you guys?

Thank you!

Navi | October 9, 2013

Got my VIN in late august i think, still no exact delivery date. They told me around mid december.

Panel still says Sourcing parts.

Marco Sigma | October 9, 2013

Same here: sourcing parts. Informally they told me within october, but no official date yet...

chrisdl | October 9, 2013

Here's my calculation (based on information from the TMC forum). Take it with a serious grain of salt, but at least it is something.

Time Zero = VIN Assigned
+ 4-5 weeks lead time before production starts
+ 1 week production
+ 6 weeks transport to Europe
+ 1 week final assembly in Tilburg

For example, with my own car:
* VIN Assigned: 1/10 (European date format)
* Production should start, the latest at: 5/11
* Transport to Europe should start: 12/11
* Arrives in Europe and final assembly at: 24/12
* Delivery estimate is: 31/12 (or 24/11 in the best case, counting only 4 weeks of lead time instead of 5)

Note that officially my car was scheduled for January 2014, but Tesla has unofficially confirmed that it's likely to be delivered at the end of December.

Sad | October 9, 2013

Same here in Switzerland, and I received my VIN in July... Expected delivery end of October, I'm having difficulty believing that!

hermanderoost | October 9, 2013

VIN 19127 assigned 8/8
Sourcing parts for more than 8 weeks now.
No delivery date yet.
Grtz. Herman

Fred O | October 9, 2013

I think transport takes a bit less than 6 weeks.
I got my VIN on August, 23rd while still sourcing parts.
In production from September, 27th until October 4th; = 1 week.
I called Tilburg/Amsterdam and received a delivery window of November, 7th to November 14th. That is almost 5 or 6 weeks including assembly.
From what I read on the TMC forum a large batch of Teslas is coming our way.

hermanderoost | October 9, 2013

@Fred What country are you in? Grtz. Herman

mario.kadastik | October 9, 2013

Chrisdl: interesting. I got my VIN on 4th of October (25252) and originally it was promised January, but haven't heard precisely what the expected delivery time might be. I'm assuming that if it hasn't entered production by second week of November it's not going to arrive this year ;)

leon.gelernter | October 9, 2013

Whats your vin Chrisdl and where you from?

I am from Austria vin 23303 ( got the vin about 18 days ago) and was also told January 2014

I really would love to get the car at the end of Dezember. Without a doubt that would be the best Christmas gift EVER!

Please european folks post your vins and any new Info you have regarding the delivery of your car.


Norbert.Vienna | October 9, 2013

join the Tesla Club Austria and

you will get more Information

chrisdl | October 10, 2013

My VIN's 24831 and I live in Belgium.
I got my VIN assigned on October 1st.
Official delivery estimate when ordered: January 2014.
Unofficial delivery estimate by Tesla's Roxana: End of December 2013.

We'll see... :-)

leon.gelernter | October 10, 2013

Thanks Norbert and Chrisdl!

I appreciate he info.

All the best

leon.gelernter | October 10, 2013

Just got called back from Heidi from Tesla...

Car will not be delivered in january... :-(

If I am lucky I may get the car earliest beginning february 2014. At the moment scheduled for mid february but could be end of february if problems with shipping occur.

Love the company, love the car but getting this news really depressed me.

From today I still have to wait at least 125 days. It's killing me plus I waste hours every day reading all kinds of Tesla forums.

The car not only costs twice as much as the most expensive car I ever ordered...the wait is also twice as long...

But the product in the end will be 100 times better than any car I previously owned. Thats the only positive here.

Cheer me up guys - Pleeeease

CallVince | October 10, 2013

i'm in Belgium and today i see this message "Your Model S is being prepared for pickup or delivery"

i don't know when is the dday but my birthday is on 22/10…

chrisdl | October 10, 2013

That's bad news, Leon.

Did you get an reason why?

I'm afraid I'll be in the same boat as you. Your VIN is lower than mine, so I'd be surprised if they can deliver my car in January and yours not. When did you confirm your order? I did on August 14th.

So I'm the wrong person to cheer you up. I also spent twice us much as any other car I've ever owned.

So... why??

chrisdl | October 10, 2013

That's good news for you. When did you confirm your order and what's your approx. VIN?

CallVince | October 10, 2013

my order in on 11 june
but where can i find my VIN?

chrisdl | October 10, 2013

Your VIN is the long number on your My Tesla dashboard.
It starts with 5Y... and ends on 5 digits. Those last 5 digits are the sequence number of your car. They're only indicative, but it does give an idea of where your car is in the pipeline. Currently, newly assigned VINs are around 26000, if I'm not mistaken. Mine is 24831.

CallVince | October 10, 2013

Mine is 19003

SD Supercharger | October 10, 2013

Just a quick note of cheer. I have had my P85 for 9 months and it is perfect. It is the only car I have ever owned where I make excuses to go places just so I can drive it. Never had range anxiety, enjoy blowing away BW's and Porsches, and I don't mind dealing with the teslarozzi, even though there are less of them now that the car is becoming more familiar to people in southern California. It holds 8 foot surfboards, the dog, beach equipment and lots of people--handles great, and is extremely economical to drive. I waited 6 months for mine--it was worth every minute.

dirk.saenen | October 10, 2013

Belgium :

Vin Assigned Aug, 13
In production since Oct, 02

As I wrote elsewhere : patience is a virtue.

leon.gelernter | October 10, 2013


I confirmed my order on September 3 rd so you were a good 3 weeks ahead of me. So maybe you still have a chance to get it in december or by the latest january.

Why? Heidi said they are new to the foreign delivery game etc. Lame excuse if you ask me. And at the end of the day I don't care why... I just want the car. Over 6-7 month wait for a car is just ridiculous if you ask me. Yeah , yeah patience is a virtue- you are right Dirk.

What pisses me off is that many, many folks in the states got their car in 3 weeks....3 WEEKS People (!!!) from day of ordering to delivery. Never heard of such quick delivery times from another car manufacturer. Average in Europe is like 2-3 months. Tesla seems to be a car of extremes: Extremely fast delivery (US) , extremely long delivery (EU) , extremely fast 0-62 and extremly great :-)

Thanks for cheering me up SD Supercharger. Yeah sure, once I drive the car I will forget the long wait in a hearbeat.

All I can hope for is that they continue to refine the production so I will get an absolute flawless car in every possible way. Thats the only upside I can think of right now. And that I have a bit more time to come up with the money... ;-)

Thanks for the answers guys.

chrisdl | October 10, 2013

My 10 year old son told me: don't worry if you get your new car a few months later, dad. Winter will be gone and you will be able to enjoy it better in the sunlight.
Now there's a positive thought :-)

NKYTA | October 10, 2013

@chris - you got yourself a smart kid there!

mario.kadastik | October 10, 2013

Maybe you guys should also say what kind of car you ordered. Tesla seems to prioritize The P over the S and the 85 over the 60. And possibly the P+ over the P even. In the US configuration site it now clearly states that the performance models get priority in the production queue. So if you guys ordered the S and not the P then the pushback might be Tesla pulling performance models ahead of you.

I have ordered a P85 that I confirmed 20th of September and got the VIN on 4th of October (25252). Not sure when precisely it's delivered but right now it's still January 2014. I've sent a question to try to find out a bit more about the delivery schedule, but wouldn't be surprised if a more expensive P85 would jump a number of S reservation holders. From what I can tell another estonian got his VIN just a few weeks before me and he confirmed in May so if the VIN is assigned just weeks before production begins, then our cars are not that far apart even though there is well over 4 months between confirms. His is an S60 however.

So if you guys can extend the information here with the config, then that might shed some further light on the delivery pattern...

leon.gelernter | October 10, 2013

Mario: I am getting a P85+ so if they would prioritize this expensive configs I would get it earlier. Heidi Said Austria is a major market for Tesla (:-i no clue why she said that) so I won't be delayed as much as others...

Chrisdl: Just shows how a 10 year old can be smarter than us old fools being all emotional

He is so right... Especially in my case: I won't order Winter tires when I am getting the car and there is a high probability that here in Austria it will be snowing hardcore in december/ january...

So I won't Even be able to test the cars ability ( floor it to the metal

Norbert.Vienna | October 10, 2013

about impotant market thats somehow true.... there was someone ordering 100 as far as I know we get 4 serviceservicecenters and a store
that is for a market small as Austria a big Investment
but I am happy today
my car is ready for pickup and delivery
which means wait only till mid November
after nearly 3 years of waiting

Fred O | October 10, 2013

@Herman I'm in The Netherlands. I ordered an 85, non perf. There are rumours in the TMC forum that a large lease company ordered an extra batch of a hundred cars with guaranteed delivery in 2013. That would push back delivery for others a bit.

Norbert.Vienna | October 10, 2013

by the way I do not order winter tires too
the mounted tires are marked with M&S
so thats good enough for little snow

hermanderoost | October 10, 2013

@Fred There is another rumour saying delivery in the Netherlands will be prior to others due to the 'bijtelling' starting 010114. Anyway, I hope this sourcing parts will soon be changed in production and delivey ;-). My model is also an 85 non perf.

Jolanda | October 10, 2013

There is also the Year end rush. Tesla will stop producing for Europe early december. They will try to deliver as much as possible in 2013 and the cars that have to travell to Europe will be weeks on sea. That means that very little amounts will be deliverd in Januari in Europe.

Also keep in mind. The company in The Netherlands that bought over 300 Model S's will buy more if possible. So Tesla will try to keep them happy....

Disclamer: no inside knowledge, pure common sense.

chrisdl | October 10, 2013

My car is a P85.
Multi-coat Red, Tan interior, Carbon Fiber finish.

Officially I have not received any word of a delay, so I'm still hoping that it arrives in January.
Although it's true: January is the crappiest month to get a beautiful new car with all the sleet, snow, and mud on the road. Not to mention the fact that it's dark most of the day. Thanks to my little boy, I'll be a lot less upset if it's delayed :-)

jan.vanveen | October 11, 2013

VIN 20642
Status this week the status changes info "..being prepared or pick up or delivery."

I finalised the order first half of june.

Does this status mean my Model S is being shipped?

Jarleø | October 11, 2013

VIN 18675
Model S 85

Anoying i got status "sourcing parts" still!

Fred O | October 11, 2013

@jan yes it should be. That is what I was told when I called Tesla after production completed. After the call they gave me a delivery window.

leon.gelernter | October 11, 2013

So far I have not seen a Single Model S in Vienna besidet the car I test drove. Would Love to know how many model s will be crusing around by february 2014...

leon.gelernter | October 11, 2013

Congrats Norbert! You must be excited to finale get the car in a couple of weeks.

Norbert.Vienna | October 11, 2013

oh yes the exitment is big and just yesterday I saw one at a charging station in Vienna but it was also my first time to saw one beside the TM cars
I passed by and turned my car went back and talked to the driver whome I knew from our Tesla Club Austria Meeting last August
I saw that you are already registered in the TFF Forum
we see us there

hermanderoost | October 11, 2013

Today my DS wrote to me that my 85 is in production. Can't wait. Grtz. Herman

Lille Lance | October 11, 2013


I have told that production starts December 02, thereafter 50 days transport etc, puck up mid or end of January.

I guess people in central Europe (Belgium, France, etc) get it a bit faster than us at the North Pole :)

Lille Lance | October 11, 2013

Just add some information to complete it:
- P85 Order Sept 4 (seller told me to expect January delivery)
- VIN#24256 @ Sept 24
- Confirmed production start @ Dec 02
- Expected delivery mid / late January

ehoffland | October 11, 2013

Called today they told me they will deliver mid november my VIN# is 19333

Status this week changed in "..being prepared or pick up or delivery."

Brian H | October 11, 2013

If you're paying twice as much, and waiting twice as long, then it's the same cost per day of waiting! ;)

leon.gelernter | October 12, 2013

true that Brian ;-)

mathiasc | October 13, 2013

Of they dont deliver as promised we shouldmbe allowed to cancel with full refund...

chrisdl | November 2, 2013

Like clockwork!
My status changed from "We have begun sourcing parts for your Model S" to "The Tesla Factory is building your Model S" today (November 2nd, 2013).

As per my calculation from last month, my order seems to be on track:

Time Zero = VIN Assigned
+ 4-5 weeks lead time before production starts
+ 1 week production
+ 6 weeks transport to Europe
+ 1 week final assembly in Tilburg

For example, with my own car:
* VIN Assigned: 1/10 (European date format)
* Production should start, the latest at: 5/11 [actual: 2/11]
* Transport to Europe should start: 12/11
* Arrives in Europe and final assembly at: 24/12
* Delivery estimate is: 31/12 (or 24/11 in the best case, counting only 4 weeks of lead time instead of 5)

Norbert.Vienna | November 2, 2013

Time Zero = VIN Assigned
+ 4-5 weeks lead time before production starts
+ 1 week production
+ 6 weeks transport to Europe
+ 1 week final assembly in Tilburg

For example, with my own car:
* VIN Assigned: 30/08 (European date format)
* Production start at: 1/10
* Transport to Europe start: 11/10
* Arrives in Europe and final assembly at: 18/11
* Delivery is: 28/11

chrisdl | November 2, 2013

Hi Norbert,
Thanks for filling in the dates.
Did you hear any confirmation about the delivery date of your car? I have not. Still hoping my calculation is correct!

elmar60 | November 2, 2013

Switzerland P85
Order confirmed 06 may 2013
VIN 22149 assigned 05 sep 2013
Production finished 23 oct 2013
Delivery confirmed 03 dec 2013

mario.kadastik | November 2, 2013

It looks like everyone and their uncle were upgraded to In Production so we may actually have a software glitch. Does ANYONE exist who ISN'T already In Production? That would confirm that this might be for real as I too was upgraded to In Production yesterday. I confirmed Sep 20th, got VIN on 4th of October and was originally told by Tesla to expect the car to go in production end of December and arrival around January end. If this is real and the car enters production now, then I'll see the car still this year :)