European order placement in August..Any Norwegians maybe?

European order placement in August..Any Norwegians maybe?


Anyone out there with experience of the time-line from confirmation of the order, to receveing the VIN-no. for their car?
It should take around 5 weeks from there to the delivery from what I've heard..
I've just been informed on My Tesla account that the order is confirmed,so I was just interested in what other forthcoming Tesla owners had experienced the last couple of weeks on this issue..


Regards, Kjetil L.

terryd | August 14, 2013

Well I was to get mine this Tuesday the 20th which would of been about 5 weeks just found out today that it's pushed out a week now the 27th.

Performance 71 | August 14, 2013


The VIN-code.. Did You Get this just after You confirmed the order, or was that several days/ weeks after the confirmation from Tesla?

Sorry if my question is a little unclear here..;)

Thanks again,


larsleik | August 19, 2013

I placed my order for a standard MS 85 with all the options excl 21" rims in May, paid the deposit on June 20th, and received "order confirmed, we have begun sourcing parts for your Model S" shortly after. Delivery is supposedly late November. I have not received my VIN number yet either.

Spirous | August 19, 2013

Similar here, just a little later (confirmed July 31st). Delivery expected in December.