EV advantages in different countries

EV advantages in different countries

Just saw in Volker's thread a number plate with EV on it. The below is from that thread.


I see the caption EV on the number plate. Coincidental or does it mean Electric Vehicle?

If the latter, what advantages do you have in Berlin for EV:s?
I am collating this info so as to go the the Government and Parliament in Sweden to make them see the light.

Has anyone compiled the advantages EV:s have in different countries, like, for example:

- no tax
- no VAT
- bus lane permitted
- free street parking
- no congestion tax.


- nothing, except a puny one-time subsidy.

Germany: ????


If I can show Swedish politicians what other countries do, eventually they have to give in and up. That can only be good for Tesla.
So please give me the meat on the bones.


robert | October 12, 2013

fischca | October 11, 2013

The EV on the number plate is only for fun. In germany there is absolut no advantage for EVs like in norway :-(
It is VolkswagenLand and this mighty company will not allow any EV-pushing until it has a EV to offer...

robert | October 12, 2013

dborn | October 12, 2013

Australia only gives a one time small relief by raising the threshold for our our luxury car tax. About a $4000 benefit! Big deal, I don't think!!

robert | October 12, 2013

mario.kadastik | October 12, 2013

robert. Here's the stats for Estonia:

* up to 18 000 eur reimbursement on an EV vehicle (Tesla qualifies). Requirement is up to 50% of price for private citizens and up to 35% for companies purchasing an EV. Neither is an issue with a Tesla so you get the full 18k ;)

* up to 1000 eur reimbursement for installing a charging station at your home. Objective is to make charging simple and safe so people wouldn't use extension cords etc.

* As a local incentive, Tallinn and Tartu are offering free parking once you register your EV. Sadly no use of Bus lanes etc, but free parking in the city is quite nice to have :)

* One of the best built out charging infrastructures in the world. 200 fast chargers (Type-II 22kW or CHAdeMO at 50kW) covering the whole country in such a way that you are NEVER further away from a charger than 40-50km.

* Short term EV rent for 3 eur / hour (first hour is 6 eur) up to 30 eur / day. There are tens of Leaf and MiEV vehicles scattered around towns that you can just walk up to, send an sms and start using. Charging on the national infrastructure is free in the rental. You drop them off to any charger and just walk away after sending an sms to let the system know you finished using it.

Don't know of other possible incentives right now, but will let you know if I stumble upon them once the MS has arrived :) Most of this is written up here:

Captain_Zap | October 12, 2013


Germany might become more interested in more EV incentives with a little encouragement. Daimler is one of Tesla's partners.

QtweetEV | October 12, 2013

Hi all,

In Québec, there is an 8000 $ tax reimbursement (6958.03$ net) for all electric vehicles. There is also a 1000 $ reimbursement for HPHC (HPWC is another acronym used by Tesla) like devices but Tesla's device is not yet eligible to that credit for some unknown reason.

There should be major announcements made by the Québec government concerning EVs before the end of october 2013 which in my opinion will tend to enhance government's support of EVs.

That makes perfect sense as our electricity is mostly hydro and wind. Also, this energy is produced by a wholly owned government entity called Hydro Québec.


Fred O | October 12, 2013

The Netherlands

No BPM (= tax on luxury cars)
No road tax (until end of 2015)
No company car tax first 60 months (aka bijtelling)
- 2014: 4% of showroom price
KIA (extra write-off on small investments; companies only
- 2014: discontinued for cars
MIA (extra write-off on clean environment investments; companies only)
- 2014: limited
MAVIL (choice of write-off year of 75% of investment)
- 2014: discontinued for cars
No VAT (general VAT rules)
Same write-off rules for charging stations
Some cities offer subsidies on charging stations or even free charging stations

If you wondered why 2013 delivery is important... now you know.

Fred O | October 12, 2013

VAT is companies only but you probably guessed that.

dkingsland | October 12, 2013

In Ontario, Canada we get about $8,500 reduction in sales tax plus 50% rebate (max $1,000) for installing a charging circuit at home. Also we can use the high-occupancy highway lanes (normally two or more people in the car).

Volleyguy | October 12, 2013


Thanks I did not know that about the 50% for the circuit and I live in Ontario...

bb0tin | October 12, 2013

New Zealand
No road tax

dkingsland | October 12, 2013

Volleyguy - I was slightly wrong. You have to install a charging station to get the rebate. Just a circuit won't do it. Here's the website:

My electrician wanted to sell me a Sun Country charger but I can't see the point when a NEMA 14-50 will do the job.

RZippel | October 12, 2013

It is not completely right that there are no incentives in Germany. We have a lot of tax funded/supported free Type2 chargers. In addition, there is a tax incentive for company cars with private use, you can reduce the baseline for the tax you pay by 10k€ 'till December, a little less later but for the Model S almost the same.

But of course bus lane usage, etc. would help more. And giving the tax payer € to the buyers rather than supporting the manufacturers.