Excellent Service by Tesla Rangers

Excellent Service by Tesla Rangers

For those who are not within 200 miles of a service center, and are concerned about service, and if this is impacting your decision to order a Tesla, let me share my experience.

I own a Tesla Model S Performance 85kWh in Boise, Idaho. The closest service centers are in Portland and Seattle. In my past 6 months of ownership, I have dealt with both Seattle and Portland Service center service advisors, and rangers from both locations. They have been excellent, proactive, responsive and effective in resolving issues.

After experiencing the best driving experience that the Model S provides (it is not a track monster, but it makes a fantastic driving experience in most conditions), it is clear this is a demonstration of the future for cars. But all cars have some common elements that are prone to needing fixes or refinement (trim, switches, lights, etc.). And this is where one will from time to time need the service team. The service advisors and rangers are customer facing and make the ownership experience a positive one after purchase or can adversely impact it.

With over 400 miles separating us from the nearest service center, it's clear that we are not going to run down to the service center for small adjustment for windshield washer alignment or such. But I have to say that we have had visits from the rangers periodically, and they have taken care of service items, and preemptively solved latent or known issues noted on other cars. They have done so over weekends, and done so while making every effort to minimize loss of use of the car. They have been polite and informative. The cars get serviced at your home, and this is never the case with the dealerships or with other shops. This past weekend Steve from Portland attended to cars in the Boise area working very long hours to get us taken care off. The rangers are motivated hard working Tesla team members who insure the ownership experience is positive for those of us who are remote from service centers. They have insured that my car is up to date and in top shape.

I have to thank Danny and Vinny (Seattle) and Jason and Steve (Portland) for making the ownership experience special.

Being remote from service should not keep you from purchasing the Tesla Model S and experiencing this fantastic car. And with Tesla's plans to grow, no one will be remote for too long.

Brian H | June 23, 2013

Unheard of.

Bighorn | June 23, 2013

Am I correct in assuming you paid for 4 years of service including rangers or would these issues have been addressed without that coverage?

Kunal | June 23, 2013

I did buy the coverage, but most of the work done was preventative and minor adjustments that the service guys did to avoid possible issues in the future.

tobi_ger | June 23, 2013

That's great to her Kunal. Here in Germany where I live, the next service center would also be 200+ Km away, so Rangers are an essential part of the ownership. For Switzerland already a big automobile club has partnered with Tesla to become the Rangers for them there. Haven't yet heard something similar about this kind of partnership in Germany, looking forward to it.

APU | June 23, 2013

Yes, thank you Steve for coming out on Saturday to the Boise area! U did the "required" work on my model s and went above and beyond doing some regular maintenance. The service rocks. I can't wait until there is a local service station...and a couple supercharger nearby. But in the mean time, kudos to the Portland Service station for taking care of us in the outer rim.

negarholger | June 23, 2013

I live less then 30 miles each from 2 service centers, but got the ranger option anyway just in case I would ever need it. This thread makes me very happy... thanks guys for posting your experience.

Captain_Zap | June 24, 2013

What an awesome thing to share.
I was wondering how things were going in Boise.

PJDoty | November 24, 2013

Good to know.

empathyom | August 12, 2014

I rountinely drive my model s between portland and baker city--304 miles. Have driven baker to portland on one charge, and now with the dalles on line it is an easy one day trip.

I just put in an 80 Watt charger in baker city, so if anyone wants to use it, it is available 24-7.

With about 2 hours of charging in baker city, should make the dalles, and with 15 or 20 min in the dalles, should take you to portland. (Total travel and charging time boise to portland under 10 hours.

Richard. Haynes.

murphyS90D | August 12, 2014

@empathyom: "I just put in an 80 Watt charger in baker city, so if anyone wants to use it, it is available 24-7."

I hope that was supposed to be an 80 ampere charger because an 80 watt charger would be worthless.

Brian H | August 13, 2014

Yeah, only a dimbulb could use one. ;p