Excited about two things

Excited about two things

1. Today my status changed to "In Production: The Tesla Factory is building your Model S.". Woo!

2. After talking with Jason at Alliant credit union (good guy) to confirm their 1.49% rate for 72 months, I called USAA - who I use for just about everything and have been with for a long time - just to see if they could match the rate from Alliant. After a fair amount of hold time they came back and gave me 1.25%. I have never seen a rate like that for a 72 month car loan, but I suppose having my business is better than not. Way to go USAA!

NomoDinos | July 16, 2013

Thrak - Thanks for the info! I also have USAA for most of my policies, and was not looking forward to opening up yet another account with a credit union I had never done business with before. Will definitely give them a call!

Thrak | July 17, 2013

Good to hear NoMoDinos, I was really glad to have that outcome myself. And shorter loan terms are or course even lower, I see 0.99% for 60 months.

Should mention though, I do have a $70K limit on my loan amount.

earlyretirement | July 17, 2013

Congrats. That's always exciting to see updates. Mine today just went to "sourcing parts".

I agree Alliant is great. I've been swapping emails with Andy V. at Alliant and he is really great. From the time I applied for an account it was only literally 4 business days before they sent all my account materials, checkbooks, ATM cards.

I don't really use checks or ATM cards at all. I just signed up for the low APR. They approved a $100,000 1.49% rate within a matter of hours of applying. They just needed 2 years tax returns.

That's great USAA could beat that rate!

The only bummer is I don't think my car will be ready until end of August and with Alliant they are only good for 30 days so don't apply too soon. It's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but they have to run another credit check which I think dings your FICO score a bit.

GeekEV | July 17, 2013

@Thrak - In a past experience with USAA I was pre-approved but decided to go with someone else due to a better rate being offered. USAA later told me that if that ever happens again to call them back and they'd match it. This was years ago, but it looks like that's still the case. I will *always* go with USAA if at all feasible. They've earned my respect and trust over the years!

SamO | July 17, 2013


About to arrange financing and would love a contact that you spoke with. Saves a lot of explaining and run around. Name and direct #?

SamO | July 17, 2013


Thrak | July 17, 2013

Samosam, I did not get his name, young guy, but he was putting me on hold to check with someone else. I think youll be good if you just call in and say you want them to beat a rate or you will have to go with someone else.

NomoDinos | July 17, 2013

@Thrak - good to know, thanks again. I'll have to move some things around, but will still go with them if they can even match the 1.5%. Like @GeekEV, I've had USAA for many years, and on the rare occasion anything came up, they have always been exceptional.