Expected Depretiation 40 vs 60

Expected Depretiation 40 vs 60

Hi All,
I am also waiting for the 40KW battery Model S. I decided to go with it for a few reasons:

1 - That is more than what I need. I drive 15 km to go to work...
2 - As this is all very new technology, I disagree with others that say that this car will hold a lot of its value. Considering that and the fact that battery has a life span, I am afraid of over depretiate a battery largely unused.

Dollar for Dollar, my assumption is that 85 and 60 will depretiate more in value than a 40 KW. But again, that depends if the range anxiety limits my saleability.

What do you guys expect in terms of depretiation for the different models?

I have read thism of course, but I find it to optimistic.


p.s. I am asking that cause considering the delivery delay of 40 KW cars, I may upgrade my configuration to 60...

dsterdee | February 25, 2013

I had the same assumption. I also figured that the upgraded cost of 10 or 20 thousand can go towards a new battery when I sell the vehicle. Assuming I keep the battery for at least 5 years I'm thinking the cost of batterys will drop to support it. This is assuming I only need the mileage from a 40kw, which I THINK is sufficient for me. I'm curious to see others feedback.

JDPink | February 25, 2013

I disagree with you, and I think that the 40kwh will depreciate faster than either the 85kwh or the 60kwh, because of the network of superchargers that Tesla is building. You can't use them with the 40kwh batteries and I can't imagine anyone buying a used version of the Model S without access to the network.
Also I would put the twin chargers into the car so that you'll be able to fully utilize CHAdeMO chargers (with a Tesla adaptor) which will allow for faster recharges when you don't have access to a super charger.
Personally I opted to go for the 60kwh batteries, with the super charging option, as well as the twin charger as a way to future proof the car. My car is being built right now and I can’t wait to drive it.
Hope that helps.

Brian H | February 25, 2013

Twin chargers are irrelevant to the Superchargers, and CHAdeMO, too. For the same reason: they are both direct DC-to-battery, and don't need the services of chargers (which convert AC to DC).

Don't hold your breath on CHAdeMO. They are klunky and komplex, compared to TM connectors, with eight (8!) data lines that have to be fed the right signals.

jat | February 25, 2013

I'm not sure why people keep asking about depreciation -- nobody knows. You can make arguments for why it should be more or less than other cars. For example, the 40 might be worth much less because there might be tons of EVs in a couple of years with longer range, or because after degradation they may not be sufficient for a potential buyer's use. Or, the 60 might depreciate more just because it costs more, which is what you would expect all things being equal.

JDPink | February 25, 2013

DOUGH!!! I didn't realize that the CHAdeMO was DC. Oh well, guess I wasted $1,500 on the twin charger.

Lou in SoCal | February 25, 2013

I think the 40kWh will depreciate the most because of the residual range after degradation and the lack of the supercharger function. Also, I don't think that battery prices will come down as much in 5-8 years as people think. With Tesla's battery prepurchase program, you can see where Tesla thinks battery prices will be in 8 years. They wouldn't have given out those prices if it was going to be substantially cheaper by then.