Extended Service Plan For Over 100,000 miles?

Extended Service Plan For Over 100,000 miles?

Now that I have over 80,000 miles on my Model S, I am growing concerned about the lack of availability of an extended service plan to cover me past 100,000 miles. The 100,000 mile "barrier" is an artifact from the traditional ICE car companies. Priced like insurance, Tesla could still make money on service program extensions while giving us a chance to buy peace of mind.

J.T. | September 3, 2015

What has Tesla said about this?

rmbod | September 3, 2015

There needs to be an option if people interested in purchasing an extended plan. I only bought the 4yr/50k plan and now wish I would have sprung for the additional 4yr/50k. I just had to replace the screen this week which is a 4000$ ticket item and with 60k miles I should have been on my own for the cost. Thankfully for me Tesla paid for the screen if I would pay for labor and upgrade to LTE all at same time. I asked about purchasing additional coverage and was told they have nothing to offer.

J.T. | September 3, 2015

The drivetrain and battery are warranted for 8 years unlimited miles. This allays most concerns.

jordanrichard | September 3, 2015

rmbod, what was wrong with the center screen? Also not to look a gift horse in the mouth but why were they nice enough to pay for it when you were 10,000 miles out of the BtB warranty?

rmbod | September 3, 2015

Believe it or not the center screen was starting to fill with water. Kind of crazy!! My argument with Tesla was that they were punishing me for driving the car. The part is a no mobile part and has nothing to do with how many miles the car has on it. The screen was only 2.5 yrs old and if I had only driven the car 25K miles in that time frame they would be replacing it for me without charge. I was satisfied with the compromise they offered.

bob | September 3, 2015

I believe that there are two (separate warranties.
The first covers the drivetrain and batteries, and it is 8 years/unlimited miles.
The second is for everything else, and it is 4 year/50000 with the ability to extend it to 8 years/100000.
It seems that the screen is covered under the second warranty, which would have expired at > 50K miles.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

AmpedRealtor | September 3, 2015

What if Tesla charged $10,000 for a "forever warranty" package with no deductible, and no mileage or time limits, applicable only to the original owner? Any takers?

rmbod | September 3, 2015

@bob...that is correct. @amped...I would do it. I plan on eventually giving this car to my son in 10 years when he is driving. I am confident that type of warranty would pay for itself.

bob | September 3, 2015

@amped - That would be interesting.

staze | September 3, 2015

@AR, throw in the former wheel insurance in that and I'd buy it

staze | September 3, 2015

Too many "in's" in my sentence.

lasalaleo | September 3, 2015

That IS concerning. It's like we'd be left in the woods to fend for ourselves with nothing but our clothes on our backs. Given the cost of the parts, things can get really pricey, really fast after we run out of coverage. That $10,000 "forever warranty" would definitely be scooped up many owners for peace of mind.

jordanrichard | September 3, 2015

It could also scare people off from buying the car in the first place. The haters and media would have a field day with this.

Rchop0 | September 4, 2015

Part of the reason I'm buying a six figure 85D is that I plan to keep it for a long time...can't imagine upgrading to anything else except a.....Tesla lol

And I'm not getting a model 3 that is slower with less range nor an X nor a roadster with no kid jump seats.

I'd love to keep it for 10-12 years of possible, we'll see what happens

Andrew_OH_70D | September 4, 2015

Since we have two S60's, we are most concerned about the limited mileage warranty for the battery and drive unit. There really should be a way for us to purchase an extended warranty for those items.

Red Sage ca us | September 4, 2015

This seems like an issue for an insurance company or other guarantor.

Tesla Motors is not allowed to be either as a manufacturer in many territories.

jordanrichard | September 4, 2015

Red Sage makes a good point. Each state has it's own definitions of what an extended service agreement or warranty are considered. It may be these definitions that don't allow Tesla to sell extended warranties.

Related, but a side note. Watch carefully any ad for one of these malt liquor based beverages on TV. Look at the bottom of the screen. It says "considered beer in the state of Tennessee".

Red Sage ca us | September 4, 2015

Yeah. Check with your friendly neighborhood independent insurance agent/agency. They should be able to let you know if there is someone willing to offer an extended warranty on an older automobile. It would probably be one of the same companies that 'independent franchised dealerships' use to warranty used cars.

majgill | March 31, 2016

@rmbod i have exactly same issue i have 77k miles and i was also told to pay 4k for screen. Moisture is getting on side of screen. can you please let me know how much you had to pay so i can speak with tesla.

TaoJones | March 31, 2016

Despite repeated requests from owners and service managers, Tesla has so far failed to provide an extended warranty for 100,001-150,000 miles - nor for that matter for 50,001-100,000 miles. An ESA with more holes than Swiss cheese does not a warranty, and certainly not an extended warranty make.

Volkerize for recent horror stories wherein noise resolution previously covered is then no longer covered and is instead subject to the black hole of $175/hr "troubleshooting".

I'd happily pay for a reasonable extended warranty for miles 50,001-100,000 and for miles 100,001-150,000. In fact, I bought the car and invested $10K in aftermarket with the presumption of the former. Imagine my surprise when the verbiage of the ESA was disclosed.

With a little luck, there will be at least an ESA for miles 100,001-150,000. ***With truly avant garde thinking, there would simply be an extension of what we have for miles 0-50,000 for chunks of 50K miles for additional fees - no nickel and diming - just fair value. But that would require a significant reversal of the current trend/service mgmt.***

Just rolled over 40,000 miles coming back from the Palm Springs M3 deposit roadtrip. I'll be at 50,000 in about 3 months. Whether I sell or keep is wholly dependent upon progress made in the extended warranty arena.