Is there a good FAQ for MS anywhere? Google search didn't turn up anything obvious. I've seen the one on the TM web site, but I figure there must be an enthusiast, or crowd sourced, version somewhere.

olanmills | May 6, 2013

Not really.

The different pages under the 'Model S' section on the menu above is a good place to start. There's also some stuff here:

Chunky Jr. | May 6, 2013


Thanks for the link.

It would be great to have a Tesla Wiki that is searchable and consolidates various threads on this forum.

Brian H | May 6, 2013

chunkyjr; is a more full-featured forum. | May 6, 2013

Check out our site too. We are focused on a few specific areas with easy navigation and search. This includes:

- features with voting
- undocumented areas of interest
- modifications
- links to MS specific sites

It's also ad free.

ian | May 6, 2013

I hadn't heard of teslatap! Cool! Thanks!

Don't forget for searching the threads here too.

Also, the "bulletin board" is sort of an FAQ but not so much about the car.

nickjhowe | May 11, 2013

I've tried to consolidate a lot of the info into the Model S delivery checklist, including links to other sites like TeslaTap