Fastest Trip LA to SF

Fastest Trip LA to SF

I know many of you have made the trip back and forth between SoCal and NoCal, and it's better to stop briefly at ever supercharger along the 5, but how much extra time did it take you over the typical 6 hours in an ICE?

Traveling with my family and don't want to hear it if it's going to take an extra 2 hours....some people don't understand free.

Thank you.

Burt Court | July 15, 2014

Either way you go, 101 or I5, give yourself the extra 2 hours. Don't plan on BRIEF stops, you will need nearly full charges if you keep up with traffic and use the A/C.
old (SoCal) burt

NKYTA | July 15, 2014

If you arrive at the SC with a low SOC, you'll charge faster. If you have any 85 pack, you can easily do this without full charging on both those corridors. If 60, plan on more time.

Grab what you need and buffer (40-50 miles).

pfgenius | July 15, 2014

Ok. Thank you. I do have P85+ but I was hoping I could do full charge at home (SM), then do 20 minutes Tejon, 20 minutes Harris, and 20 minutes Gilroy and get to get to Palo Alto adding just over an hour of my previous (ICE) drive times.

Doesn't sound achievable keeping up with I5 traffic (75-85pmh). Darn.

blue_tesla | July 15, 2014

You can do it. I used evtripper with speed of 1.1 times the speed limit, (e.g. 77mph for 70 mph). If you go faster you can arrive sooner because charging rate is faster than the depletion rate.

Leave Santa Monica with 265 miles
Arrive Lebec with 140 left
Charge for ~20 minutes to 200
Arrive Colinga with 36 left
Charge for ~40 minutes to 200
Arrive Gilroy with 42 left
Charge for ~10 minutes to 100
Arrive SF.

Driving time 5:42, Charging time ~1:10.

pfgenius | July 16, 2014

Thank You. Have not used evtripper before, do most people find it accurate?

Bighorn | July 16, 2014

evtripper is indispensable for route planning--doesn't take long to figure out which configuration best matches your driving ie 60 w/19" vs 85 w/19", etc.

SamO | July 16, 2014


Do you usually stop during that trip for a bite to eat or just drive through as fast as you can?

pfgenius | July 16, 2014

Usually only one stop in Kettelman for In-n-Out and gas. Usually drive between 75-85 mph. I'm sure my wife might actually like the extra bathroom breaks supercharging allows. I just worry about an extra two hours with a 3 year old in the backseat.

d_kaufman | July 16, 2014

EVTripper is pretty accurate, subject to your going at the speed it assumes (a factor of 1.0 is google maps estimate of current speed), and without head or tail winds. If you have a lead foot, and don't tell the program that, don't expect accuracy.

Also, charging times can vary a huge amount...most notably if you are sharing a charger with someone who arrived first. Even if you are the only one there, it sometimes charges more slowly than expected. I was the only one at Corning once, and got well under 90kw.

Burt Court | July 16, 2014

thanks for the tip blue_tesla and Bighorn, will have to give evtripper a shot. I'm the kind of driver who gets anxious when I get down to 50 miles and an SC is about that range. Will try the program on my next road trip.
old burt

Brian H | July 17, 2014

Old burt;
The idea of the buffer is that you get down to 50+50 when you're 50 from the SC. Then you get to goose it all the way there!

CraigW | July 17, 2014

You aren't going to spend over an hour at any charging station, unless you wife and baby delay you because they want something to eat. If that happens, you life just became easier, because they can't complain about the time.

EVTripper is invaluable. If you have a 50mile buffer, you are being too conservative - live a little. When your buffer gets below 10mi above the miles left to drive, then you need to think more about the speed limit. On this trip you shouldn't have to go under 60mph, regardless your situation.

JohnnyMac | July 17, 2014

Just did the trip on Memorial Day weekend Started full and charged about 25 mins at both Harris and Tejon to be conservative with plenty of buffer. Could have easily made it with enough buffer with just 15 mins of charging. No wait anywhere going down I5 and back via 101. 101 vs I5 just comes down to personal preference. I5 is generally faster than 101 but less scenic. Good luck.

DJay | July 17, 2014

We have made the trip 5 times and have found that we feel much better when we arrive having taken the slightly longer rest stops (verses ICE) to eat and walk around as well as the quiet ride in the Tesla. For me it adds about an hour to the trip time. You might consider putting more into the battery at Gilroy then the above trip plan suggests, for the extra 15 minutes it might be nice to have a bigger buffer before going into the bay area, and after all, you can spend your fuel savings at the outlet stores while you charge.

Burt Court | July 17, 2014

I didn't buy a quick, luxury car to drive slow in the truck lanes! I also drive all the steeper slopes in SoCal: Grapevine, Cajon, Tejon and Baker Grade and mostly in the summer heat. I am anxious to see how the EVTripper helps me when I plug those numbers in.
old burt

SCCRENDO | July 17, 2014

Burt I'm with you. Although until the supercharger network is completely built out during some stages it may be of benefit to slow down unless you want to spent an extra hour or 2 ganging around a J1772 charger.

golftoday | July 17, 2014

I don't think you will have any problem whatsoever if you follow your plan. Actually, I think you will have lotsa leeway. I drove last Saturday from Fremont to Los Angeles. Stopped for about 25 minutes in Atascadero and then about 20 minutes in Buellton. Drove 70 - 75 with full A/C and had no worries or range anxiety. And yes, is a great resource. I found it very accurate when I drove cross country.

WSE51 | July 19, 2014

I like the food at Harris Ranch main dining hall but it usually takes an hour.
So I enjoy the rest break and let my car charge way more than necessary, reducing charging time on the next supercharger. On the way north I skip Gilroy entirely.

pfgenius | July 21, 2014

Well I completed the trip. It was as easy as advertised. Spent too long at the superchargers on the way up. On the trip home, didn't spend more than 20 minutes at any SC and made it home in 6 1/2 hrs. Not too bad.

portia | July 21, 2014

most of you with the newer (VIN >3000?) batteries can take advantage of the faster charging, it takes me about 90 minutes more ttime for the trip to stop at 2 superchargers and charge.