Feature Request: Ability to have touchscreen go completely dark

Feature Request: Ability to have touchscreen go completely dark

I just got my P85 and I love it, but at night I do find the touchscreen distractingly bright even when the brightness is set to 0%.

I set the right roller on the steering wheel to screen brightness, and I think it would make sense to be able to roll all the way down to 'off'. Once off it would pop up again to "0%" or "10%" or whatever if the screen was touched, and of course when the roller was rolled back up.

Just my two cents.

NKYTA | April 22, 2013

Until this feature is implemented you can use

mdtaylor69 | April 22, 2013

Would also be nice to be able to clean the touchscreen without having the touchscreen thinking I am trying to do something. | April 22, 2013

While not perfect (the bottom and top controls are still active), you can also use to clean most of the screen after you set the browser to full screen. There are no touch points on this web page.

NKYTA | April 22, 2013

Also, if you use a couple micro-fiber cloths together, the thickness tends to -not- activate the controls.

stimeygee | April 22, 2013

I SECOND THIS FEATURE REQUEST!! Can I triple it too? I nearly didn't buy the car because it was lacking this, and the only reason I did was because it seemed too obvious a thing for them NOT to implement.

I'm sure there are other old fashioned people out there like me who don't like to be staring at screens all the time.

tesla man 8k | April 22, 2013

If and when they re-install the sleep timer, there is time to maintain the screen as it wakes up, so it was when we had the sleep timer. Let's hope we see a return of it soon !

Alex K | April 22, 2013

If you only want the touch screen to go dark, but still respond to touches in the background, you can hook up a USB keyboard to the USB jack and type CTRL-ALT-F1. Type CTRL-ALT-F2 to get back to the normal screen. The CTRL-ALT-Fn sequence is a way to switch between various virtual terminals in Linux.

Rumbles | April 22, 2013

You might also look at While it does not have a completely dark screen. It offer a night mode of the clock which is pretty unobtrusive.