Feature Request: Automatically resume last audio playing

Feature Request: Automatically resume last audio playing

So I also drive a Toyota Tacoma, its a nice truck.

One of my favorite features is the audio setup (stupid I know). I set up my bluetooth phone once, and now whenever I get in the truck the stereo automatically resumes playing form the last source I was using. It works great, no selecting 'my iPhone' from the settings menu each time.

The stereo setup in the Tesla is great - album art, volume reduction with opened doors, internet radio, in dash display, etc.. It really should have this feature, which is honestly a throwback from my first car with a tapedeck. When you get back in your car, it starts playing whatever it was playing when you left.

jat | April 22, 2013

This is exactly how it works for me already -- I have Google Music playing on my Galaxy S3, and it pauses when I get out of the car and it automatically unpauses when I get back in. So, I think it is in your phone rather than the car (though I do have the Tech Package and sound upgrades, so if you don't that could be related).

wthieldelgado | April 22, 2013

My car works that way as well. Resumes right where I left off. I have the tech package, but not the sound package.

kingkoti | April 22, 2013

Same here, it continues to play as soon as I open the door, same thing with calls, as I walk to the car it picks up on going call (bluetooth)

Robert22 | April 22, 2013

I usually just ask for the song I want through Slacker and click the scroll wheel to freeze the song when I get out and click to restart it again when I get in. If I'm too busy to remember two quick taps on history clock and then the channel I was last listening to restarts the song from the beginning. Don't underestimate the power of the recently played or history icon in slacker and tune-in.

bp | April 23, 2013

If I'm listening to an audiobook on my Galaxy S3 via BT when I stop the car, and then leave and return to the car, the audio source has to be re-selected to the BT.