Feature Request: Pulsing, Dynamic, Audible, Parking Alert

Feature Request: Pulsing, Dynamic, Audible, Parking Alert

Think of this request as an audio version of what we see on the touch screen with the camera and the sensor’s view enabled today.

I’d like to propose two changes to the current audible parking warnings:

1. Differentiate front alert from rear alert using a different sound for each
Change the tone triggered by the sensors when approaching an object behind the vehicle to differentiate it from the tone triggered by the parking sensors alerting you to an object in front of the vehicle.

2. Make the tone dynamic so that the closer you get to an object the faster the tone pulses.

That way you get both… a visual indication on-screen that the object / wall is xx centimeters away
as well as an easy to recognize sound reinforcing the on-screen warning but allowing you to keep your eyes looking out the window instead of down at a screen.

When you back into a tight parking spot often the front sensors will trigger as you swing too close to the wall in front of you.


- It would be very helpful to instantly know which end of the car triggered the proximity warning - audio delivers on this request. BMW’s audio parking proximity warnings are effective. The sound repeats ever quicker as you approach objects behind you and a different sound does the same as you approach objects near the front of your car - if speeds are below a given threshold ie. 10km/hr.

– You will be able to react sooner when you hear a tone that provides dynamic feedback wrt. your car’s position relative to objects in your car’s path.

J.T. | June 29, 2016

@t Just scroll down and select "Contact." Fill out the comment section and your Feature Request will be sent to the apprise deartment.

Look for t to be adopted "soon,"

J.T. | June 29, 2016

Apprise> appropriate

gregor.heinrich | May 25, 2019

I fully endorse this request, An audible warning in addition to the distance measures/colors on the screen would be of great help