Feature Request: search local area

Feature Request: search local area

It is really annoy to search for a starbucks or anything for that matter and get 20 choices on a blown out map. Would prefer a search on the local map with only 1-2 choices. Similar to the current search on iphone apps. What's up with this? seriously

pilotSteve | April 22, 2013

Do you have the tech package and are you using voice "navigate to starbucks" command?

If yes: (a) you can pinch the map to zoom in if you want fewer choices. And (b) you can touch one of the entries in the navigation list and the map will auto-center on that entry so you can verify its the one you want. If not, chose another from the list.

The Nav system is not perfect but it is quite capable if you read the forums about how to best use it.

Aleksandyr | April 22, 2013

I have the tech package. I usually just type in the search. I used starbucks for example because 20 will pop up. It can be difficult to pinch the screen without selecting one.