feature suggestion/request

feature suggestion/request

I know there's the possibility to charge the Model three on a schedule but I think this schedule is only for starting the charge.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could set a time when the charging should be finished. Let's say that charging should be finished at 7am and that the Model 3 than itself determines when to start charging taking into account the present battery level and supplied power and other factors, may be you have the sentry mode on or it's very cold etc..
This way you have a nice warm battery when you leave. Oh, and while I'm at it, it would also be nice if you could set the climate control on a schedule and of course the charge finish schedule takes this into account ;-)

gmr6415 | October 23, 2019

Suggestion: Start charge. Note how many hours and minutes it will take to charge. Calculate the time to start the charge, so that it will finish at your desired time. Schedule the charge to start accordingly.

rob.van.olst | October 23, 2019

@gmr6415 Thanks, I would like that the Model 3 would do that instead of me though, I'm very lazy ;-)

Lorenzryanc | October 23, 2019

If you want to request a feature, you'll have to email Tesla directly. I believe in the not to distant future, the car will know best/cheapest times to charge automatically to further decrease load on the grid and save owners more money. I can't imagine your request won't come along with that update.

andy.connor.e | October 23, 2019


Use your intelligence to maximize your laziness. You can take care of everything from the couch. Just think of that. Dont stress yourself about needing to set it up on your phone, get excited of the fact that you ONLY need to lift a finger, quite literally.

gballant4570 | October 23, 2019

The app is helpful - while I might also find use for the feature suggested, I currently initiate a warming or top-off charge as req'd in the morning before leaving, as well as warming/cooling the car interior using shore power, etc.....

dmastro | October 23, 2019

@rob: I think it's a great idea, I'm not sure of the method to submit feature requests but you should definitely do it.

Apple implemented something similar with the iPhone11 (or iOS 13). The phone will learn your charging habits so it when you plug in overnight it will determine the appropriate time to start charging to reach full at normal wake-up time.

tacetman | October 23, 2019

Regarding iPhone charging on iOS 13...

In the notes for that update, they specifically mentioned that it helps to minimize the amount of time to battery spends >80% charge. If this were implemented on the M3, feasible it could do the same (depending on whether you intended to charge past 80% to begin minimum it would be somewhat useful prior to long drives where you need to charge past 80% to make your next charge stop).

henry.groover | October 23, 2019

"If you want to request a feature, you'll have to email Tesla directly."

What is the best email to dispatch feature requests?

Lorenzryanc | October 23, 2019

I've gone to Account, request help, then choose Feedback. I got response in a few days saying they'd add it to the list.

rob.van.olst | October 24, 2019

@Lorenzryanc Thanks for the tip, did it 5 seconds ago.

rob.van.olst | November 4, 2019

I guess someone listened, they are calling it scheduled departure and it’s coming in the next update ;-)

bradfro | February 12, 2020

Fun feature request - since the Tesla is so quiet when driving, it would be fun for the car to be able to simulate the sounds of various gasoline engine cars, like a deep throaty muscle car V8, or the high compression whine of a Italian v12. Link the sound effect to the accelerator, so it’s tone changes depending on speed and acceleration.

TeslaYVR | February 12, 2020

I'd like Tesla to have electronic controlled window tinting.

johnfruh | March 21, 2020

On the navigation screen (on the MCU versus the IC), the arrow that shows the car's location seems to indicate the location as if it were under the center of the arrow head. This is not intuitive.
How about changing this so that the tip of the arrow points to the location? It would be more accurate

jkparvadia | March 21, 2020


Magic 8 Ball | March 21, 2020

@jkparvadia No one here knows when they or you will receive updates. Check the Teslafi firmware tracker if you are interested. Some people do not get updates until a month or two after first reports show up on Teslafi.


andy.connor.e | March 21, 2020

software updates for alot of things are pushed out in waves. OS updates especially