Feeling giddy after service visit!

Feeling giddy after service visit!

My car went in for regular maintenance yesterday. They did the pano bracket fix, tire rotation, window regulators, exterior chrome trim adjustment to seal out road noise better, and the most important of all: torquing the rear toe link nuts to correct value, they were too loose earlier.

So my complaint about the rear feeling a bit loose under quick deceleration from high speed into a sweeping turn (whew!) is GONE. What does my car feel like in turns now? Like a proper sport sedan should, just like them sport pack equipped 5 series and 7 series cars. Compliant, tight, fun, and fast. Had a P85+ for a loaner which I wrung out promptly, and I have to say, I was a little harsh with my initial judgement of that car. Mind you, ALL TMSes are quicker to reach their limits owing to their high curb weight, but what a job on the suspension! Absorbent, smooth ride that does not get quavery anymore in turns, in fact brings a wide grin.

What a car!

So, I got a little giddy with happiness when throwing my car around in the twisted back from the service center. Brian at the Fremont center is a great guy to interact with, patiently listening and explains to his customers.

Way to go, Tesla.

RedShift | October 12, 2013

Quivery, not quavery

Brian H | October 13, 2013

Ya, I suspect almost all the experienced "looseness" has the same cause.

JohnnyMac | October 13, 2013

Yes, Brian in Fremont is a pleasure to work with (I understand he may be moving to the new Sunnyvale location though). Glad your excitement is back again! Drive it hard this weekend!

Tiebreaker | October 13, 2013

too loose low track

RedShift | October 13, 2013

Car also has become slightly quieter owing to adjustment of chrome work and 'extension' of the seals near the A pillars.

After 7K miles, satisfied that my car is worth every penny.