A few problems with our car

A few problems with our car

Okay we have a few issues with our car

1: Spotify is just totally broken, when i click on a song it plays something completely different and most of the time it doesn't import the playlists

2: I can't trigger the earrape in sentry mode... Like when i knock on the window (even when i knock really hard) it just does nothing

3: The dog in dog mode doesnt move, its just a picture.. in video's of the model 3 i can see the dog is moving (Massive dealbreaker ikr)

4: When throw the door closed with the window down i can hear the window hit the frame of the car

5: Left repeater in dashcam totally fricked. half the screen is just corrupted...

6: Car crashes randomly (like the software, the car still drives)

7: Radio totally broken too... I select a station it plays the same station it was playing or just plays a random other station

8: Hd audio mode on phone disconnects car bluetooth

Do you guys have these problems too or is our car just fricked?

lilbean | March 29, 2019

1. It doesn't always play the song you request.
2. Rape?
3. And?
4. Not unusual for any car. Roll window up.
Ok, I gave up.

Mathew98 | March 29, 2019

No comprendo Ingles...

Roel Lamb | March 29, 2019

lilbean very loud music == ear rape | March 29, 2019

#1 We have Slacker here in the States, so no problems. Sometimes when you are transitioning from WiFi to Cellular, it switches to the next song. Not sure it that's the issue you're seeing.

#2 - Sounds like it is working fine. What do you expect it to do? Unless you have the optional intrusion module ($350), there are no microphone detection of anything. The intrusion module is tuned to breaking glass, Not sure it's worth trying out to confirm.

#3 - Doesn't move in the S. Confirmed.

#4 Sounds like the WIndow needs calibrating. There is a simple process, but I don't quite remember it. Never needed it myself (on two MS, 6+ years).

#5 - I'd bet you have a cummy USB stick that is too slow for the video stream and the repeater is working fine. If there is a problem with the camera, you'll get an on-screen warning like "AutoPilot Features Limited". USB issues comes up so often, I wrote a detailed guide last week on how to pick a USB drive that works for a dashcam in the Tesla:

#8 - Makes sense, as I'm not aware of any car that supports HD audio capabilities, but the Tesla definitely doesn't. Never been an advertised feature of the car either. | March 29, 2019

On further thought #2, it may be European models come with the intrusion detector so maybe you have it. Still rapping on the window will not trigger it - likely a good thing.

Roel Lamb | March 30, 2019

thank you @TeslaTap

murphyS90D | March 30, 2019

The intrusion module also has a tilt capability. When I took my snow tires off there was no response when the car was jacked up to remove the wheel. However after the regular wheel was installed the alarm went off as the car was being lowered back to the ground. Probably because lowering is way faster then raising with my electric jack.