This Italian stallion boasts a blistering 0-60 time nearing 9 seconds, according to one review, is capable of "chirping" the tires, has a range of a whopping 87 miles (65 highway), and because of the battery, the added bonus of having the rear leg room cramped even MORE than the incredibly roomy gas version we all know can probably seat 4 (newborns, sans car seats, just the babies themselves). And this beauty can be yours STARTING at $31,800.

Seriously, why would anyone buy that? A base ms60 is twice the cost, and 5 times the car.

Iowa92x | March 3, 2014

I couldn't design a worser (Brian H) car if I tried. Would take great effort to make a $32k pile of dooky. Are the auto companies doing this on purpose and acting out for attention?

eltonf | March 3, 2014

Great post! lol

jbunn | March 3, 2014


NomoDinos | March 4, 2014

It looks like that one gumdrop that gets squished along the side of the box and you juuust can't shake free.

Brian H | March 4, 2014

Everyone knows Italians are little, with short legs. Hence the FIAT500.

amitb00 | March 4, 2014

There are many folks who can pay 32k but not 64k. These are two different markets

ElViz55 | March 4, 2014

Actualy, I would rather be seen in a Fiat 500, than a Leaf....

Baribrotzer | March 4, 2014

@ ElViz55: "Actualy, I would rather be seen in a Fiat 500, than a Leaf...."

That might be the point of the 500E (besides California compliance). Like the Leaf, it's intended as a runabout, not a real car. And it's a cool-looking runabout - as opposed to the Leaf, which looks rather like Lena Dunham.

lolachampcar | March 4, 2014

Yea, but I've seen the commercials for Fiat. All cars come with beautiful Italian models (and one even comes with a crab)! That alone is worth the price of admission.

vincent.himpe | March 4, 2014

Fix It Again Tony ?
Feeble Imitation of A Tesla

Mathew98 | March 4, 2014

They need to come up with a FATSO 5000 for the American market. How many Suburbans and Expeditions are sold every year?

Car t man | March 4, 2014

That is too steep but some have been getting deals with 200$ monthly leases, etc. Then it is a steal. From some of the reviews, the car seems quite lively and they all say that the EV version is far better than the gas version. It is a city car, so it can't really be compared to a serious car like the S.

But if these are available under any kind of special deals, don't badmouth them. Instead, go see if it fits your needs as the second car.

It is a compliance car, but from what I've read and know about the gas versions, this EV version is a solid little city car. It all depends
on the price then. And come on, embrace the EV movement in general,
not just Tesla. Even if it is just a compliance car. The best way
to shut up the execs the time ran over a long time ago, is to
see even compliance cars have good numbers.

ajaymalhotra_1 | March 4, 2014

ha ha ha...good joke, FIAT. I test drove it....good luck trying to change lanes...the blind spot is so enormous, it felt like i will have to step out of the car and check if I will hit someone while changing lanes.....and the road noise....feels like a 18 wheeler is on top of you all the time.

Ok, I wasted enough time...reading this post and responding to it!!!

tezzla.SoCal | March 4, 2014

I'd rather drive a Howard!

ThorensP | March 4, 2014

I have 2 Fiat 500es. As well as a Model S. The Fiats are great! They are fun to drive. Easy to park. They feel zippy. They corner well. And they get around 115 miles per charge. We use them for 90% of our driving: around town, to school and back for my daughter, to work for my wife.

Don't be so quick to diminish a car because it is not a Model S. We love the Model S and the Fiats. They are different cars for different purposes.

AmpedRealtor | March 4, 2014

The Fiat 500E is a California compliance car and is not sold outside of that state. That should end the discussion right there. :)

Captain_Zap | March 4, 2014

I hear Fiat and I think X1/9. One of the coolest cars ever... until it had a few miles on it.

I really seriously thought that I wanted one. I'm lucky my dad talked me out of it. I thought that he just wanted me to keep the car I had. I had a nice reliable tank that is now worth about 40x what I paid for it. I thought my dad was joshing me about "Fix It Again, Tony". I saw that car a couple years later. It looked like it was on its last legs.

Wouldn't would be cool if Tesla teamed up with Bertone?!?

It's funny how those early impressions stay with you.

jordanrichard | March 4, 2014

Bertone? How and Pinifrina? Has anyone thought of this, that Tesla could be the next Dusenberg? Tesla makes the chassis/drive train and outside "coach builders" put their bodies on the "Tesla skateboard" Hmmmmmmmmm

Rocky_H | March 4, 2014

I had a Fiat 500 as a rental car once. I had the choice of two, and I thought it would just be a cool experience, since I had never driven a Fiat before. Once I was inside, and I looked back, it was shocking how close that back window was. I tried a little experiment, and while sitting in the driver's seat, I could reach my right arm back and touch the rear window! That was just wrong. It was fairly fun to drive, but the "back seat" is a figment of someone's imagination.

BYT | March 4, 2014

As I always said, a Fiat is a piece of Shiat!

One of my favorite car puns.

Lycanthrope P85 | March 4, 2014


We had sn X1/9 for some time. Worst brakes I've ever known, truly terrifying! Press's the pedal gave the impression of two blocks of wet ice pressing onto a sheet of glass...

Then the electric windows stopped working, then coolant starting pouring into my legs while driving, then the gear-stick dropped out of the bottom of the car, then the rust set in...

Beautiful car though loads of character. We traded up to Alfa Romeos after that - also big fun and you really get to know your dealership.

Pungoteague_Dave | March 4, 2014

F ix
I t
A gain
T ony

DieAbetic | March 4, 2014

Lol @ PD and Brian H.

Had a old Fiat Spyder in the past - can confirm Fiat stands for "Fix It Again Tony"

Mathew98 | March 4, 2014

@Brian H - "Everyone knows Italians are little, with short legs. Hence the FIAT500."

Dude, just because your favorite character, Snooki, fits the mold, it doesn't necessarily apply to the rest of the demographic...

Bro, you ought to look out for those Guido's in your vicinity, you may be in for a rude awakening. ;o

jordanrichard | March 4, 2014

Guys and Gals, the Fiat that we get here is made in the famous Italian suburb called Mexico, with Chrysler parts.

It may have been styled in Italy, but that's where it's Italian heritage ends. Go look under the hood, it all Chrysler. | March 4, 2014

As repeatedly noted, reviewers deem the 500e one of the better runabout electrics on the market, even if it is a California Compliance job. Besides, each 500e owner gets the pleasure of lifting $10,000 from Sergio Marchionne's pocket.

Sanjuro | March 4, 2014

Well at least it can't look any worse than this...

notice | March 4, 2014

@captainzap - favorite x1/9 license plate I saw: FIXAME

@lycanthrope - owned two Alfa Romeo milanos. A 164s and a 164q. Loved them despite frequent breakdowns and visits to the shop! Love the model s and the occasional quirks are easy by comparison!

Owned a Ferrari 328gts too - the Italians have that exciting sense of style and performance but keeping them on the road is challenging and expensive!

@brianh - I'm not Italian but I am short and have short legs so their cars fit me quite well! :)

diegoPasadena | March 4, 2014

@Sanjuro Ouch! My eyes! What the hell is this?

rodmael | March 4, 2014

I also had a Fiat X 1/9. Fun to drive. Put better brakes on at 10,000 miles which was an easy job and helped 100%. Other repairs DRAINED me of money. Sheet metal was thinner than soup can tin. You could literally apply slight finger pressure to the side of the car and the "tin" would flex in and out with a "dink" noise. I swore off Fiats as someone else pointed out "keeping them on the road challenging and expensive" However, bless Fiat for pushing forward on the EV revolution. And hat's off to the people who adapt to the size and features of the 500 models, who have posted their satisfaction. To each his own! As far as this forum is concerned the original post is funny and our Model S is not obviously in the same market, so no worry.

theapple | March 4, 2014

Hey hey! Let's not be snobby here, you just play into the hands of the "Tesla is just a toy for rich people" naysayers. An S60 may be "only" twice the price, but that is very much the difference between affordable and out of reach for many people. I had to stretch for my S60, and I make well above median income.

Normal folks can (and should!) drive EV's too, and Model E won't exist to crush the competition for a couple of years yet. Live and let live.

agiangone | March 4, 2014

@pettifogger +1
@brianh I'm Italian, I have long legs and I would love to carry a 500e in the frunk of my MS :-)

billbaggy | March 4, 2014

I can see getting a 500e (or similar) for my teenage daughter to drive around town, etc. she certainly doesn't need a Model S, but getting her started with an EV seems like a good idea. Besides, I won't have to worry about her straying too far from home :-)

Flaninacupboard | March 5, 2014

I wish the 500e was sold here in the UK. The 500 is already a popular car (12th best seller in 2013, outselling A1, Mini, C Class, E Class, A3, Yaris...) and our petrol is $8.50 per US gallon. You'll easily spend in excess of $20,000 dollars fuelling the 500 across it's lifetime.

FYI there is also a 500L and 500XL, do these not appear in the American market place?

thranx | March 5, 2014

@Sanjuro; that looks altogether too much like Mr. Incredible's car in the Disney film.

NomoDinos | March 5, 2014

@Flan - I think they are, but I try not to look for them. The last time I saw a pic of the XL, it burned my eyes.

Gizmotoy | March 5, 2014

My apartment building has two 500Es. They look like decent little cars for getting around town, and the owners love them.

It's no Model S "killer" to be sure, but it seems to be a well-liked option if it fits your needs. I don't see the need to make fun of it. It fills a niche, and they appear to be selling a lot of them (in the Bay Area).

Brian H | March 5, 2014

Hey, it's a 7-passenger; stick the body on a skateboard, and you've got the MX-killer!

1LuckyGuy | March 5, 2014

Sigh, @Gizmo. No sense of humor in the communist regime of San Francisco?

NomoDinos | March 5, 2014

Brian - 7 blind-folded or sight-impaired passengers, hopefully (for their sake).

Brian H | March 6, 2014

6, actually. The driver would have to be sight-enabled.