Final total price

Final total price

For those who received their car, what is the final out-the-door price?

I am very interested in the various taxes and fees (state taxes, delivery fees, excise fees, registration fees, etc.) that you had to pay on top of the numbers provided in the Design Studio. What is the final number that you had to pay?

The Model S is stretching my budget very very very thin and I want to be completely prepared. I would greatly appreciate it you could provide your state, your configuration, the different taxes/fees, and the total price.


PS: I searched to see whether there are other similar topics and the closest I could find is

jat | December 23, 2012

The different states have very different rules, so it isn't going to be very comparable across them.

bobinfla | December 23, 2012

Haven't received my car yet (soon, Baby, soon), but here is what was on the paperwork when I completed my configuration. For a loaded P85 in Florida, here were all the additional charges for things other than the car itself and options I had selected:

$990.00 Tesla Personal Delivery
$180.00 Final inspection, prep and coordination
$1.50 Florida Battery Fee
$4.00 FL Tire Fee
$35.00 HPWC Shipping
$451.85 Registration and Titling Fees
$50.00 Registration Service Fee
$1712.35 subtotal of all the non-car stuff

(+$6317.63 Sales Taxes)

Hope that helps.

prash.saka | December 23, 2012

@bobinfla ... thanks for the information.

jchangyy | December 23, 2012

There is a thread where someone posted their own MVPA. it has all the fees. Can't remember where though.

Klaus | December 23, 2012

@bobinfla, My breakdown is very similar. I got a refund from the title company for $230. So you might expect something similar.