Finally Something to Hate About the Model S!

Finally Something to Hate About the Model S!

I have had my P85 for 6 months, and I have finally found something bad to say about it: owning the Model S has made me dislike my Ferrari and every other car I once loved. I paid nearly $250,000 for the Ferrari and now I don't really want to drive it. After being in the Tesla, the Ferrari is loud, cramped, primitive, and stressful to drive. In fact, all my ICE vehicles now feel so archaic compared to the Model S. Starting up a car's engine now seems like an asinine waste of time (and oxygen!). Waiting for a drivetrain to "warm up" is now bewildering. Having to work the engine and transmission through revs and gears (even with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission) was once a pleasure -- not it is just frustrating. The existence of gas stations now seems completely moronic (refuel overnight in the comfort of your own garage!). The Ferrari once felt blisteringly, scary fast (0-60 in 3.5s), but believe it or not, the P85 feels a LOT quicker than the Ferrari in the real world. (I don't think any ICE vehicle could ever compare with the instantaneous rush that the P85 provides.) And, I now feel like people are glaring at me when I drive the Ferrari. The attention the Tesla gets is pure admiration. It no longer makes sense to drive the Ferrari - the Tesla provides such a greater depth of satisfaction. In the Tesla, I am driving the future. In the Ferrari (or any other car), I am still stuck in the Industrial Age.

The Model S has rendered obsolete the very best cars in the world. My Ferrari is now gathering dust. Thanks a lot, Model S.


blisSfullee | June 21, 2013

Thanks for sharing this. I pick up my Model S tomorrow and I've been both excited and nervous. Your post reassured me that the only thing I need to worry about is losing my love for ICE cars.

Carefree | June 21, 2013

Yep! We are having the exact same experience. Our 911 C4 sits in the garage and nobody wants to drive it anymore. Our SUV still gets some use but only because I am pulling a trailer with it:-)

cnkurzke | June 21, 2013

You might add a classic Corvette Stingray to the list.
Loved the rumble of the engine, I enjoyed listening to it when I needed to rev and wait in the parking lot until the carbs warmed up.
I used to call it "Soul" or "Character".

Now it just seems - Old Fashioned.


Christianjacques | June 21, 2013

I sold my BMW M6 to noisy to primitive

jnb | June 21, 2013

Add another Porsche (1 yr old 991 CS Cab) to the list. Loved the car when i got it, but after the S, seriously wondering whether it should take up space in the garage. Damn first world problems!!

ian | June 21, 2013

I just love reading threads like this!

lolachampcar | June 21, 2013

The Maranello sits in the garage with not even enough love to keep the battery charged.
The same thing happened to my S1000RR when I got my Zero (which is why I put a deposit down on MS). Funny how you have no idea how primitive something is until you have a reference point. This will likely be Musk's Tesla legacy.

GLO | June 21, 2013

I can't remember what my Mercedes felt like and don't care. I remember being so excited to finally get a "new" Mercedes, not used. The memory is so distant. What Merceds???

jchangyy | June 21, 2013

First world problems....

cloroxbb | June 21, 2013


that was so funny and new, I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur! :)

ppape | June 21, 2013

For the last 20 years I could not wait until the latest Car and Driver magazine arrived at my door. I would read it cover to cover, carefully evaluating every new step in car tech. Now that I am driver the future in my MS, I find that I no long have much interest reading about old ICE tech. It all seems obsolete, antiquated and irrelevant when compared to the solution I currently drive.

Add my BMW 550i and my TDI SUV to the list

G. | June 21, 2013

I've had my one-owner 280 SL for 42 years -- I'm lucky it's aged so well that whatever pretense it had has, over time, mellowed into charm and nostalgia. But now my Pagoda seems less related to a Gullwing or an SLS or a Ferrari than they all seem related to Model Ts. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

speedyellow08 | June 21, 2013

Sorry folks. I love my Scuderia too.

HenryT2 | June 21, 2013

I once considered getting a Ferrari. I just couldn't justify it. Expensive toy. Gorgeous and amazing, but a toy never-the-less.

I now ride around in my Tesla feeling smugly superior in a way that I would have felt guilty feeling had it been in the Ferrari. Now, I feel "smarter"/more evolved rather than merely wealthier. I feel like it must have felt like to drive into town on a horseless carriage during the turn of the century.

I think a part of the infamous Tesla grin is a portion of smugness. And well deserved at that.

But, if you really can't stand it, you can park the Ferrari in my garage. I probably wouldn't even want to drive it either, but it is a work of art.

Blackiron | June 21, 2013

I drove my Ferrari California to a test drive last week as I wanted to compare them both over the same route. Short version of the story is I ordered a Tesla that day and am putting the Ferrari up for sale next week. While the Tesla is a step below the Ferrari in pure handling and acceleration (although it's incredible how well it accelerates and handles - but you can only do so much to fight the physics of 4600 lbs, even with a super low center of gravity) - It's almost as fun to drive, but is incredibly more practical, has the coolest technology and cockpit ever and costs half as much. A no brainer...

Although the Ferrari is prettier and I will miss the snarling sound of the engine as take it to the redline and pop through the gears, I'll get over it...

Can't wait until the new baby gets here...


Blackiron | June 21, 2013

I drove my Ferrari California to a test drive last week as I wanted to compare them both over the same route. Short version of the story is I ordered a Tesla that day and am putting the Ferrari up for sale next week. While the Tesla is a step below the Ferrari in pure handling and acceleration (although it's incredible how well it accelerates and handles - but you can only do so much to fight the physics of 4600 lbs, even with a super low center of gravity) - It's almost as fun to drive, but is incredibly more practical, has the coolest technology and cockpit ever and costs half as much. A no brainer...

Although the Ferrari is prettier and I will miss the snarling sound of the engine as take it to the redline and pop through the gears, I'll get over it... :-)

Can't wait until the new baby gets here...


Lush1 | June 21, 2013

Can't stand my CLK500 any more. Used to love it. Best car I ever owned, until February. It has been sitting in a parking garage since I got my Tesla. Going to sell it but need to clean it up. Drove it the other day and it freaked me out. I'm used to hearing the pebbles under my tires as I creep into my narrow garage. I had to make a U turn in my narrow street with the Benz and the noise from the V8 was unnerving. It was all I could hear. Plus, it was raining and the traction control kept intervening every time I started moving. Guess my right foot has gotten fat from from the sedentary lifestyle of one pedal driving. The Tesla gets the power to the ground so much better. I never chirp the tires on my Model S and it's not because I baby it. It's just so much better. I have no interest in any ICE cars. They seem so primitive, because they are. Don't drive a Tesla unless you plan to buy one. It will make you hate whatever you are driving now.

mvannah | June 21, 2013

It feels like when the first iPhone came out. Everything that preceded it felt obsolete and I wondered how I ever lived without it.

TFMethane | June 22, 2013

I'm having a Kool-Aid party down in Guyana in a couple months. You guys wanna come?

wumpus | June 22, 2013

Rental cars. I can't stand to rent cars when I fly places anymore.

Bubba2000 | June 22, 2013

I have driven all kinds of cars, but the F430 convertible stands out! My friend drove me in one... it definitely got the animal spirits. It got the design, the big bad engine noise! Incredible acceleration. Makes an impression and yes, the neighbors do not like it! The guy who owns it is a self made man who came from nothing, and he is a Type A personality, so he likes it. Makes my Porsche look lame.

The Model S is a different kind of car. Practical is what comes to mind. Does it elicit passion?

Captain_Zap | June 22, 2013

Passion, yes. Look at the teslaholic threads.

It induces bliss and Tesla grins but it doesn't bring about the wide eyed heavy rapid breathing that comes with wheel to wheel racing at Laguna Seca.

I'd bet it is coming though. Just imagine using battery swap technology at the track.

BYT | June 22, 2013

I refuse to drive an ICE now and will not accept an Enterprise Tesla rental in the future. I'll borrow pops Model S instead!

SSL161 | June 22, 2013

Add Ford Mustang a Shelby KR and a whole bevy of other high end Mustangs.

JZ13 | June 22, 2013

Old cool = a badass exhaust
New cool = silent and mysterious acceleration

I have a Ferrari 430 Spider. It used to be the love of my life. However, since I purchased my Model S Performance I rarely drive the Ferrari. This is my second Ferrari and I have always believed I would be a Ferrari guy for life. But Tesla has changed my outlook. I am now thinking of selling the 430 and buying more TSLA. I am looking forward to the day when Tesla comes out with an AWD exotic.

Brian H | June 22, 2013

Yes, the F430 was a nice putt-putt, wasn't it?

ionline | June 22, 2013

Love it! Ordered a p85+ a few days ago, based my decision purely on threads like this. I love my 1 yr old 550xi, but thinking it will be for sale a few days after I take delivery. Can't wait to get my new baby!

petero | June 22, 2013

david. I love our "S" the best car I have ever owned - by a wide margin. My only criticism of the "S" is the lack of drama! I do not have to list the "S's" attributes.

My toy is decidedly low tech - very low tech and I am very happy with it. It is also cheap! I often drive my vintage Alfa Romeo Spider, always with the top down and never in the rain (I love So CA). The Alfa is noisy, slow, has mediocre handling, lots of 'good vibrations,' and plenty of road feel. There is a joy in shifting through the gears. Oh yes, I forgot I love the smell of premium gasoline. In my case, I have always owned vintage sports car (356, MGB, Triumphs) and not driven the more modern equivalents.
Another + for the Alfa is it makes the pano sunroof seem quiet when it is fully open.

I would consider trading with you but I forgot the every other year the $10K maintenance and that is if nothing breaks. I suppose owning and driving a Ferrari is like dating a supermodel.

Brian H | June 22, 2013

Gas sniffing causes permanent brain damage. Just sayin'.

Mark Z | June 22, 2013

ICE vehicles are now nostalgic. Don't forget the frustrations if someone brings up "the good old days."

The real surprise will be when an owner has driven 100,000 miles and vehicle still drives as if new. What is the cost savings of a lifetime of driving the same Tesla Model S?

ocliao | June 23, 2013

agree! working hard to drive my other car enough to keep the battery alive.

Nevrock1 | July 3, 2013

I'm saving money for a Tesla waterbottle and plan on fillling it with Tesla Kool-Aid every day. Cant wait to donate my 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan and get the cheapest Model X available. 2014 cant get here quick enough. I have yet to see a Tesla car "in the field". That will be a big day for me.

Brian H | July 4, 2013

Where RU?

wcalvin | July 4, 2013

Yes, remember when you wire the garage for the 220V line to include another plug for a simple 110V battery charger to keep up the dinosaur's 12V battery.

HenryT2 | July 4, 2013

Pulled up next to a Maserati the other day. I used to LOVE the noise of a Maserati engine. It still has a nice, animal sound to it. But it now felt primitive. A little uncouth. Although my 60 would probably have similar acceleration times (say to 100mph), the Model S with do it with so much less drama and chest-pounding. Just silent competence. A sort of "speak softly and carry a big stick."

It's not for everyone. Lots of people still like a little chest pounding. But me, I'm sold on the ninja acceleration that the MS has.

Tomas | July 4, 2013

Although I am not "a car guy", I own a roadster and a P85.
They are both quick and handle well (I guess), but since I'm not really into cars, and have never owned a performance car in the past, I haven't been able to relate very well to all the excitement about how great the Model S is. Sure, I love both my Teslas, but I no basis not compare them, until yesterday.

A friend showed up with a new 911 Carrare, and I have to say I was extremely excited to drive it. I'm 55, and since I was 16 yards old, the 911 has always been "the car" to me.

Now! Get it. Either the 911 is a piece of crap, or the Model S is miracle on wheels.
The 911 felt slow. I mean really slow. I kept flooring it and it just felt like it wouldn't go.... The engine roared (to the point that I backed off, fearing that it would blow up or something),Mbut just fekt slow. II even asked my friend to confirm that this was the 911. The $110,000, "real Porsche". It just felt sluggish... None of the head-snapping acceration that I have become accustomed to.

And that engine noise. Admiring Porsches from afar, I always found that the pur of the engine was pretty cool; seductuve. Hearing it while driving the car was actually quite annoying. Again, never having owned a performance car, I'm sure I don't get the whole experience..... The excitement of the engine rev-ing

Now that I've seen both sides, I totally understand what all this excitement is about.

brandtlings | July 4, 2013

+1 Tomas

When I test drove my friends R8 (V10 dual clutch) this last weekend, I didn't have the heart to tell him it just didn't feel responsive... Press the accelerator and ...wait... then it builds, gradually in comparison to the S. It goes fast, and has more pull over 100mph, but how often do you get to do that? I did like the sound of that V10... always liked a good throaty growl from a well tuned engine, but forget having a conversation.

That being said, I much prefer the Silent Slingshot!

lloyds | July 4, 2013

I agree. My F430 was recently sold, but I am keeping the 458 though. Still a very fun car to take out on weekends. As a DD, the performance and civility of the S is outstanding.

DigitalSavant | July 4, 2013

@wumpus - regarding rental cars.. I recently drove my S from Seattle to San Jose to visit my nephew. The main (only) reason I drove was to avoid having to drive a crappy rental car once I got there.

All these stories of Ferraris and Porsches being ditched for something better brings a tear of laughing joy to my eye. I couldn't be more proud to be a Tesla owner!

mikefa | July 4, 2013

I hope Tesla will come out with an electric motorcycle in order to put ultra noise polluters like the Harley Davidson's to rest for good!

Jgdixon | July 5, 2013

I literally just sold my 2005 911S yesterday.
I have said the same thing to many friends, the 911 is too loud, cramped and not as fast as my P85.
I used to be an avid Porschephile but no more!
The future is now.

cloroxbb | July 5, 2013


you should check out the Zero DS and the Brammo line of Electric Motorcycles.

I think it would be awesome to own an EM, but Im just not keen of spending $15,000 for one just yet, although, in comparison, it would much easier to afford than the Model S :)

mumanoff | July 5, 2013

All I can say is WOW !! Matter of fact I can also say goodbye to my Audi TTRS. Just called Tesla store after reading these posts, and told them to finalize my order today. Thanks guys.

edfinn | July 5, 2013

I dont drive the Prius anymore, either.
Still ride my bike, sometimes

Brian H | July 5, 2013

Also the Lightning, about $38K.

SamO | July 20, 2013


carlk | September 3, 2013

It's all simple physics. A number of actions need to take place when you punch the pedal on an ICE car before power can be applied to the wheels. Valves need to be opened, air and fuel need to start to flow, turbos need to spin up, clutch need to be engaged and even gears need to be changed. These are all mechanical actions that are much slower than human neural reaction time. You will always feel the hesitation no matter if you got 1000hp, auto clutch, launch control and all that. Whereas the motor of MS is always engaged and can put out full power on commend at the speed of electrons. There is no way an ICE car can EVER produce the same instant acceleration. It's just simple physics.

bryceha | September 3, 2013

Sold my mint 1971 BMW 3.0 CS in part to fund the purchase of the Model S. I just realized yesterday, driving my Tesla that I do not miss the BMW. At all.

Dreamknightmanga | September 3, 2013

This thread is giving me an anxiety attack!! I love my Mercedes Brabus slk350 but now I'm terrified I'll never drive it. I feel like the only reason I might not get rid of it is because its a convertible and there is no Tesla convertible. If that changes I'll be screwed!!!

Mathew98 | September 3, 2013

@Dreamknightmang - Get the pano roof. It is so wide open that it'll feel like driving a convertible. If you choose to keep the pano roof close, you still get the open air feel without the sun burns...