Finally Something to Hate About the Model S!

Finally Something to Hate About the Model S!

I have had my P85 for 6 months, and I have finally found something bad to say about it: owning the Model S has made me dislike my Ferrari and every other car I once loved. I paid nearly $250,000 for the Ferrari and now I don't really want to drive it. After being in the Tesla, the Ferrari is loud, cramped, primitive, and stressful to drive. In fact, all my ICE vehicles now feel so archaic compared to the Model S. Starting up a car's engine now seems like an asinine waste of time (and oxygen!). Waiting for a drivetrain to "warm up" is now bewildering. Having to work the engine and transmission through revs and gears (even with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission) was once a pleasure -- not it is just frustrating. The existence of gas stations now seems completely moronic (refuel overnight in the comfort of your own garage!). The Ferrari once felt blisteringly, scary fast (0-60 in 3.5s), but believe it or not, the P85 feels a LOT quicker than the Ferrari in the real world. (I don't think any ICE vehicle could ever compare with the instantaneous rush that the P85 provides.) And, I now feel like people are glaring at me when I drive the Ferrari. The attention the Tesla gets is pure admiration. It no longer makes sense to drive the Ferrari - the Tesla provides such a greater depth of satisfaction. In the Tesla, I am driving the future. In the Ferrari (or any other car), I am still stuck in the Industrial Age.

The Model S has rendered obsolete the very best cars in the world. My Ferrari is now gathering dust. Thanks a lot, Model S.


KWTESLA | September 3, 2013

Diving our Subaru today would be a real step down ! My real problem is my wife has taken over the S until the X comes out next year . She is already say that will be her car! I get to drive the S maybe 3 days a week . I'm totally spoiled with regen... braking and the quiet speed. Fun car!

JZ13 | September 3, 2013

My 430 Spyder was put onto the market about 3 weeks ago. Can't wait until I sell it because TSLA is getting more expensive each week that goes by.

EVMD | September 3, 2013

I still waiting for my MS to be dekivered by the end of October, but after the test drive I feel my Jaguar XKR obsolete. :/ I love my Jag but is like the time the first Iphone was released, everything else become a thing of the past.

jbunn | September 3, 2013

New Tesla in, two cars out over here.

There was a limited release Tesla video that they showed at the factory tour. After a 30 or 60 second video of the S driving from several camera perspectives, the video closes with the tag line on an ominous fade to black

"Does your other car know I'm coming?"

It didn't end well for my other cars...

michael1800 | September 3, 2013

I still enjoy the motorcycle, even though it's pretty much the opposite of my Model S. Cars have very little appeal though.

nelsonc | September 23, 2013

I have to add to this thread! I still love Ferrari but not near as much as the Tesla.

I had a 430. it is a putt putt.

I currently own a 458 spider and only drive it once a in while now that I have the model s!

I too find it painful to read car and driver, motor trend or any other auto mag now. The ice cars have too many moving parts for my taste and do not come close to the model s. No interest.

As soon as the model x is out I am selling the land rover.

Roamer@AZ USA | September 23, 2013

As a car guy I have been surprised how much I like my S. Just ordered a P85+ because my wife has taken over my S85.

I have a BMW 765i with 125,000 miles. Used to love the feel of the V12, but now it's nothing compared to the Tesla. Plan to keep the 760 until the supercharger network gets built out. Kills me to have to drive it on long trips. Can't wait for the super chargers to get built.

SHY | September 24, 2013

Hmmm... I don't own a Model S, but I went for a test drive last friday. I was 99% sure I'd order one, but TBH it didn't quite do it for me. I missed:
-analog instruments
-gear shifting
-a roaring engine

A true (super) sportscar should give you "that special feeling". I love the exterior looks of it. But it for me lacked "the soul". I can't wait to hear Jeremy Clarksons' verdict on Top Gear :-)

Sorry :-( It might be something you just gotta get used to, it's an extremely well built & handling car. And very probably the car of the future. But for now it was to "sterile" for me...

I guess adding artificial engine sound would be too lame. But some lookalike analog instruments on the screens would be good for us nostalgics: Revs, speed, temp, G-force? :-)

Mathew98 | September 24, 2013

@SHY - You can create a webpage with the analog instrument cluster and load it in the MS browser in the center display. Find a real programmer to tap into the API to properly correlate the KWh usage and link it to the RPM range.

Then record a V12 engine revving at high RPM and save it as an mp3 track and play it in a loop while you're driving the "sterile" MS.

Roamer@AZ USA | September 24, 2013

SHY, As a car guy I always liked all the noise and instruments also. But at the same time every time I nailed the gas or went thru the gears and hammered the disk brakes on my Dodge Viper SRT10 I was thinking how much gas I just dumped into the engine or how much disk brake I was burning off. The Viper was a total automotive brute but was hard to enjoy except on the track.

With the Tesla I can hammer it almost guilt free. Love watching the regen gage and knowing that much of the energy I just wasted accelerating is being given back to me and I didn't have to melt down the disk brakes to be able to do it again.

It's like there is no repair and maintenance cost to enjoy the feeling of smooth pure acceleration.

Only thing wrong with my car is it can't hold a steady speed. The steering - accelerator interface likes to go 80 20 80 20 80 20. And it does it with no guilt.

Love it. Never going back.

evpro | September 24, 2013

These posts are pretty impressive and seem to validate Tesla's role as a fast acting market disrupter. From powerful status symbol to primitive and undesirable with one test drive! Whose car is a brick now?

I would think that the resale value of most high end ICEs is rapidly declining, esp in California?

tomtesla85P | September 24, 2013

I agree with your "something to hate". I have owned 3 Ferrari 's, and thankfully none at present. My P85 is a much better car. My BMW M6 is gathering dust in the garage. I love my Tesla. Thank you Elon!

mrrjm | September 24, 2013

I'm selling my 2013 Volt. I love driving it. My P85+ is due in about 3 weeks. Can't wait..

carlk | September 24, 2013

SHY One is a jet fighter and the other starfighter. The jet fighter including the noise is so 20th century.

SHY | September 25, 2013

I read a guesstimate stating that with 4WD it'll do 0-60 in 3.2 secs... it'll probably be an option once the Model X is out.

But still... it just didn't give me the rush I'd expected. I'll give it another shot come winter and snow...

Must also say that it felt very heavy (it is!) and it's a bit floaty, even in sport mode. I'd guess in 5-10 years the batteries will weigh only 1/2 as of now, should make a big difference.

But why tell you guys? You're already sold :-)

And after all I am 20 century too :-)))

HawaiiBee | September 25, 2013

give me your Ferrari and I will love her.

robby81 | September 25, 2013

I don't own a Model S. I still don't like my ICE though.

Just saving and waiting. Saving and waiting...

carlk | September 25, 2013

SHY Just curious what car you are driving now?

rchiang | September 25, 2013

LOL its funny! but yet so true. Other people driving ICE has no idea what they are missing out. I try to convince my friends about electric cars but now I'm too tired to sound like a broken record. Now I just smile... :)

SarahsDad | September 25, 2013

Add the BMW M5 to this list. Loved it as my daily drive for 5 years. Now a proud P85+ owner. Wouldn't go back if you paid me. MUCH quicker 0-60 (but M5 would probably catch up from 60-100). And no guiltly conscience from getting only 12.7 MPG.

Mathew98 | September 25, 2013

Wow. 12.7 mpg? It's intruding on Hummer territory.

I was upset with 28 mpg from my hybrid. Now my other two ICE boxes are collecting dust on the street.

How do you compare an MS with any of the ICE junks in the market?

Some people don't deserve to use any electronic devices since abacus still works wonder for them.

hungry | September 25, 2013

I never hand wash my car until i got the Model S.

I had the 550 CLS, and E350 before.

herefourtheride | September 25, 2013

I've been an RS6 Estate owner for the last 8 years as nothing else was substancially different. That all changed last thursday when I test drove a P85!

Deposit paid just waiting on my production slot which should deliver my car in April / May 2014. I will be the proud owner of one of the first UK cars (OK around 150th ;))

Currently wishing my life away!!

SHY | September 26, 2013

@Carl: Saab 9-5 Estate, BSR II chip 230 HP, lowered ++. Very good design (by Hareide, norwegian), comfortable, very secure, fantastic seats, good power.

I did want the new 9-5 Estate but the whole Saab factory went bankrupt before I had the chance :-)

Anway, since I'm still on here I guess that means I'm still a potential Tesla owner... I see the MS on my way to/from work on my bike mostly every day. And I can't help but to turn my head :-)))

Brian H | September 26, 2013

That AWD→3.2 sec was a guess by someone who thought the second motor would double power to the wheels. Not true. The motors are (per JD) different. And the battery output is the constraint.

SHY | September 26, 2013

OK, what's your guesstimate?

You don't need nearly as much power to the front as to the rears. And you'd preferably have a system where the front drive only engage when needed (like on the Nissan GTR for instance).

But you claim the battery has not enough "C rating" (burst ability) to deliver it?

Those of you who have the P85+, with TC off - do you get a lot of wheelspin on dry, clean asphalt?

jasam | September 26, 2013

Nothing special about falling in love with Tesla after trial. I fell in love with this car since when the first announcement of it to production.

mitch.mheller | September 26, 2013

You can add an Aston Martin V8 Vantage to the list of ICE's that have become second choice to the Model S.

carlk | September 26, 2013

SHY I thought you are driving real loud Lambo or something like that. My car has engine right behind my ears and can put out some nice sounds but I still want the quite starfighter much more.

As for 4 wheel drive I think it's more to help high speed cornering than straight line acceleration. Why else is top fuel dragsters do not have 4WD?

Brian H | September 26, 2013

JD suggested the front motor would have lower reduction gear ratio, suitable for cruising, with electronic allocation of power to optimize power and range between the two motors. Different paradigm, not aimed at maximizing 0-60 torque.

SHY | September 27, 2013

LOL! Carl, I don't have the cash nor shape for a Lambo (195 cm). Add 3 small kids to that :-) And up here you don't see ANY Lambos. Maybe a Ferrari once a year, it's not it's right climate :-) It's more of Porsche Cayenne territory.

Dragsters are so special you can't really compare to that:
-Straight line
-Track bite
-Super soft & ballooning tyres
-The rear wheels bite so hard the front lifts off the ground :-)

Believe me 4WD helps all over the place! And you also need to add real life cirumstances like dirt, water, ice and snow. With 4WD you can really get the power down and go a hella lot quicker! With ease as it also stabilizes the car :-)

Also the quality of the traction control is very important. Ever heard about "Race Logic Traction Control"? It let's you manually adjust the amount of slip. To be adjusted to given track conditons. It'll even let you do 5, 25, 50% power slides. That was a bit off topic, but the point is that a really good TC system in a 2WD car will outaccelerate a 4WD with a crappy TC (set too conservative).

I like the idea of an EV sportscar. Not much that can go wrong. I've already replaced the whole engine in my Saab once. One of the conrods went straight off, then made it's way out through the engine block :-)

SamO | October 15, 2013

@JZ13 - how did the sale go?

shammabeth | October 7, 2015

I couldn't agree with you more.

Before the Tesla, I used to love driving my Carrera Cab. After the Model S, it feels archaic, loud, laggy and so old school. I would never have imagined I'd use those words for that car which I really loved.

Linus | October 7, 2015

>>> SamO | OCTOBER 15, 2013
>>> @JZ13 - how did the sale go?
>>> shammabeth | OCTOBER 7, 2015 NEW
>>> I couldn't agree with you more.
>>> Before the Tesla, I used to love driving my Carrera Cab. After the Model S, it
>>> feels archaic, loud, laggy and so old school. I would never have imagined I'd
>>> use those words for that car which I really loved.

You replied to a post after nearly two years? Wow!

techdoc | October 7, 2015

Nice thread. Most of my life I've said that I'd feel like I fully made it when I owned a Ferrari. Alas, that day never came and I wouldn't want one now under any circumstance. Now I am very happy with my MS 70, and have changed my aspiration to be the day when I can comfortably afford my Gen 2 Model S P120D with stupid speed enabled. ;)