Financing: Monthly payment ?

Financing: Monthly payment ?

Curious to see what the monthly bill is like for those who are financing their model S

Model S Details:
Battery Type:
Total Cost:
Down Payment:
Financing amount:
Bank you chose:
Monthly monthly payment:

Insurrance details would be nice too

Insurrance Company:
Insurrance Details:
Insurrance monthly payments:

Steve P5664 | January 30, 2013

easy apllication process
up to 70K

bigez1 | January 30, 2013

Steve +1

cbentinck | January 31, 2013

SteveP5664 how long a term does PenFed give for the 1.49 rate, 3/5/6 years? Thanks

djp | January 31, 2013

5 years

cbentinck | January 31, 2013

Sorry, just got answer-5 years. Very helpful at PenFed. Amazing 3rd party rate at 1.49%

spectrumphoto | February 3, 2013

speaking of financing...

I used PenFed for my Current M3 and they have been exceptional!!!


Has anyone heard of any Tesla S leasing updates yet? With such new technology, I think I would rather lease my Tesla S over purchase.