Firmware 4.4

Firmware 4.4

Someone at is posting that they received 4.4 this morning but can't tell any difference.

Any one else get the update? Any version notes?

Christy | April 12, 2013

Mine is scheduled to load tonight. I'll let you know.

shop | April 12, 2013

Yeah I got an update notice today, will load tonight.

jchangyy | April 12, 2013

jeez...i just uploaded v4.3

barryjnewton | April 12, 2013

I'm still waiting for v4.3!

Schlermie | April 12, 2013

I had my first problem with my car yesterday. The front passenger door popped open when I pushed the park button. When I called Tesla service, I told them about the problem and also said I'm running the latest (.45) version of the 4.3 firmware. He said he's pretty sure it's a software problem, so they're going to give me an update in additional to inspecting the hardware at the service center. | April 12, 2013

I just installed 4.4
No differences observed from 4.3 by me
Release notes appear the same as 4.3

agiangone | April 12, 2013

Got the car yesterday and and notice for update today. Not sure what version it will be.

jillalameda | April 12, 2013

I've had my car for three weeks. On Wednesday I called about side mirror auto-tilt on reverse not working (it has never worked, but I thought at first it was user error), and they sent me an update that night. Did not fix the problem. Today I got a notice for still another update that I'm running tonight. Hope it fixes my problem because I have to back into a narrow driveway to get the charging port within range of the outlet, so auto tilt would be most helpful.

edcalis | April 13, 2013

I have been running on version 4.2 for a whole month now, and no problems :))

alfafoxtrot1 | April 13, 2013

@Jill S - are you aware that you have to set the mirrors first? Put the car in reverse, put your mirrors where you want them, then save your profile. Your profile will now have two mirror settings, one for drive and one for reverse and it will change as you alter direction. I hope this works for you.

noel.smyth | April 13, 2013

@jill s - be sure you have the option set for that to happen as well... its a configuration setting

3-G | April 13, 2013

(85, tech package)Installed 4.3 update .45 last week which supposedly would correct the walk-away door lock and auto present handles issues I had after installing 4.3. Corrected the problem for two days but then auto present mysteriously happened after I left the car leaving the door handles out, lighted and the car unlocked. Service Center did not have a fix so I've turned off the auto present and walk-away functions and using the fob to open and lock the car. Not a big issue, hopefully 4.4 will address the problem.

Brian H | April 13, 2013

4.4 is out, but what it does is a secret.

hnashif | April 13, 2013

Early installs of 4.3 had same release notes as 4.2.

blc1017 | April 13, 2013

I had 4.2 when I picked up the car two weeks ago. Last night I got the update and downloaded 4.4. I apparently completely skipped 4.3. Release notes appear to be the same as others have mentioned for 4.3. At least now I have scheduled charging!

Robert22 | April 13, 2013

Does scheduled charging work if you're using a Chargepoint station or is it likely to timeout and be unavailable at a future scheduled time? Currently, I receive text messages when the battery is charged and only drawing very little power, but this can go on for hours without the charger actually shutting off.

ichong | April 13, 2013

I got the 4.3 download a week ago. It kept failing to install until 2 nights ago when it finally installed successfully. Not sure if this is related to the upgrade, but there was a noticeable humming noise coming from the back of the car when I was on the freeway driving between 65 and 75 mph. I only hear this when driving on the freeway. Prior to 4.3, I had not noticed this noise. My Tesla is a S85 with the tech package. Has anyone else noticed this humming noise?

That same day, I got the notice for 4.4 which installed last night. The humming noise is still there. I don't see any difference in the release notes between 4.3 and 4.4.

diegoPasadena | April 13, 2013

I've noticed that low level humming, the pitch of which is directly speed related, since early on. I didn't remember hearing it on the first day, but I put no stock in my preceptive abilities of that day, because my head was in the clouds. I was going to have it checked out - just in case it is something, but haven't got around to it yet. It doesn't worry me much. Mine is a 60, V 4.2

andycrews | April 13, 2013

I got 4.4 last night. It does seem to be identical to 4.3--the only change seems to be support for scheduled charging. After browsing another thread about driver profiles, I suspect 4.4 might be for people who need partial support of driver profiles.
I did not get the tech package. I have driver profiles that can store the seat and steering wheel position. My profiles don't store the mirror positions :(. The fancy mirror upgrades are needed for that and some early buyers got them, and some didn't. It also means my mirrors don't rotate downward when I go into reverse. :( I wish they had advertised that, or I had noticed that was part of the tech package.
Going forward, I understand that driver profiles will be available only with the tech package, avoiding this partial profile stuff. I was actually worried I might lose my seat/steering profile settings with new software updates.
Thus my suspicion that they created a special version scheduled charging for cars like mine. Just a guess.

tom_es | April 13, 2013

Just received my update...doing it right now.
My previous update was I look forward to see what the new one brings.

tom_es | April 13, 2013

Just competed the 4.4 update. It took 19 min.
No apparent changes to 4.3. Still great to perform an update.

RedShift | April 13, 2013

Got mine yesterday night. Today I noticed something strange- I washed my car, and was wiping the center screen, when I hit the front defogger. I turned it off, drove a bit into the garage and parked,. I opened the door and heard a drone like that from a motor. It was not the AC, as it was off. So I turned the climate control off, and there was a loud pop and the sound of air rushing out, like the way big rigs o sometimes with their air brakes.

Everything seems normal, but I never heard my car make a sound like a big rig parking before.

RedShift | April 13, 2013

The droning sound went away as I turned off the climate control, BTW, and simultaneously three was the pop and whoosh sound...

agiangone | April 13, 2013

Update was done and got 4.4. Release notes talk about timed charging which I already had on 4.3
No issues to report so far except a freeze on Slacker search which needed a CTRL ALT DEL

jillalameda | April 13, 2013

Thanks, guys, but I know that I have to put the car in reverse, set mirrors lower, and save my profile; and I do have the auto-tilt on reverse set as well. Still not working after last night's update. Called support again, and the guy I got said he thought auto-tilt was only available with the tech package and he would have to have someone who knows what they're doing call me on Monday.

hfcolvin | April 13, 2013


There is indirect mention in various threads of auto tilt problems. I have 2012 reservation textile seats with tech package and have never had auto tilt and there is no button to turn it on in my control menu. I've read others mention it's a problem in textile seat cars and has been fixed by a visit to a service center. I'm still on 4.2 (!) and was hoping the update would fix this problem.

jillalameda | April 13, 2013

@hf: I have leather and I do have the option to enable on the control menu, so I seem to have a different issue.

Jewsh | April 13, 2013

Is update 4.4 supposed to re-enable sleep mode? I'd like to be able to worry less about losing so much charge while the car sits in the parking lot at work. :-)

riceuguy | April 13, 2013

@Jewsh, nobody has reported the return of sleep just yet. :-(

Brian H | April 14, 2013

TM -- urgent! Your cars and their owners are suffering from sleep deprivation, a very serious medical condition. Only you can supply the cure.

biggator | April 14, 2013

We're still on 4.2!

shompens | April 14, 2013

Upgraded to 4.3 a week ago, enjoying the scheduled charging feature. That was the only upgrade over the stable 4.2. Not gotten an invite for 4.4 yet. I am waiting for the fix that'd put the car in suspend/sleep mode to reduce the battery drain. My car (S60/tech/sound) drains 10 miles in a 24 hour period when just parked. Is this what others are seeing?

stevenmaifert | April 14, 2013

@Brian H - Still on 4.1 and she's sleeping peacefully in the garage as I type this :) | April 14, 2013

@shompens See similar battery drain. Recently took a 10 day trip & left the car plugged in at home. It appeared to wake up & top off the charge about every 48 hours or so (gotta love the remote app).

4.4 does not have sleep mode.

djm12 | April 14, 2013

These software upgrades are very confusing. Different people are reporting different experiences with the same version update.

doutt | April 14, 2013

I have the exact same humming sound. I thought I was going crazy! Started just after the last update (4.3)

"I got the 4.3 download a week ago. It kept failing to install until 2 nights ago when it finally installed successfully. Not sure if this is related to the upgrade, but there was a noticeable humming noise coming from the back of the car when I was on the freeway driving between 65 and 75 mph. I only hear this when driving on the freeway. Prior to 4.3, I had not noticed this noise. My Tesla is a S85 with the tech package. Has anyone else noticed this humming noise?"

gasnomo | April 14, 2013

All 4.4 is, according to OS, is "some minor usability improvements and the only charge at 60A notice".

Mel. | April 14, 2013

doubt, yes, Tesla was great, fixed it immediately. Actually, if it is the same problem I had , it's the motor and it just changes frequency at 75. Makes it harder for some of us to hear.

HzSoGood | April 14, 2013

Loaded 4.4 yesterday. Had a Slacker freeze coming out of a bad signal area and then the center console rebooted automatically. Has worked fine other than that one issue. Love the Scheduled charge feature (I am on E9B EV time of day plan PG&E). Had that since 4.3 2 weeks ago. | April 14, 2013

The 4.4 installed is version 1.31.11

MGlasfeld | April 14, 2013

Doutt and Mel:

Thanks for making mention of the noise. I picked my car up, new, last week and was disappointed by all the noise coming from behind me. I have a decibel meter in my phone and found that my P85 was no quieter than my ICE. A real bummer. I figured that this was just the way it had to be; another noisy car.

Now I'm encouraged that this can be fixed.

ichong | April 14, 2013

@Mel - did you need to take your Model S into a service center to get the fix or was this something that Tesla fixed with a firmware update?

Robert22 | April 14, 2013


Are you saying Tesla engineered the update to alter the frequency of the motor at speeds at or exceeding 75mph? If so, that's pretty darn clever and exploits the higher frequency hearing loss that comes with age.
For you teenagers that are allowed to drive dad/ mom's car and can still hear the motor......oh well, sucks to be young ;)

models60 | April 14, 2013

Upgrade to 4.4 yesterday. No issues. Love scheduled charging.

cb9 | April 15, 2013

@MGlasfeld et al.
I also noticed a somewhat soft but definite jet engine like purr at high speeds. What were the decibel readings before and after? I noticed it on 4.2 and just got 4.3. I am trying to figure out if there is something that can be fine tuned (can't bring myself to say anything is broken) or if it is a user expectation issue.

Mel. | April 15, 2013

Ichong, Ranger came to the house, took a ride in the car. He took the car back to the service center to repair.

Robert22, no I am not saying that, when the ranger took a ride with me he explained the reason I could not hear any noise above 75 was that the motor was at a different frequency . Motor rotating faster..

Mel. | April 15, 2013

MGlasfeld, your problem sounds very different, and hopefully easily fixed. Sounds like something not closed properly. Let us know.

jlarry54 | April 15, 2013

I also thought my tilt wasn't working. You have to manually set the mirrors to the desired tilt then save the position as you save the seat position

Amped OC | April 16, 2013

I picked up my car at the factory yesterday and installed 4.4 (directly from 4.2) when I was there. My DS said 4.4 just fixed the little bugs that had been found with 4.3.

nickjhowe | April 16, 2013

So I got my "upgrade to 4.4" message today, but the weird thing was that the passenger window was open half way (I'm sure I didn't leave it that way) and the on screen upgrade message was "choose an update time, or close the window to install the update now".

I'm trying to find out from TM how the heck the window was opened - was it the software update message, or something else.