Firmware & Software Updates

Firmware & Software Updates

Tesla needs to make both the firmware and software updates available as downloads at the Tesla website which can be transferred to a thumb drive for installation via the USB port in the car. Updates are annoying for apartment renters because we have drive to a Starbucks or wherever free and UN-SECURED Wifi is available. These wifi signals are usually weak as well. Mobile hotspots require you to leave your smart phone in the car for hours while the updates occur. The USB port is already communicating with the car's computer system, so it shouldn't be hard to make that happen.

NKYTA | July 29, 2019

Ah, no.

That is a security hole you could drive a Tesla Semi through.

redacted | July 29, 2019

I imagine that software is signed and safe to transport over the unencrypted internet. We'd have heard of people installing their own hacked software otherwise.

Tesla has shown no interest in alternate download mechanisms.

EVRider | July 29, 2019

And anytime a thread starts with “Tesla needs to...”, the response is no they don’t. (Maybe they “should,” but they don’t “need to.”)

By the way, firmware updates and software updates are one and the same (for Tesla). Map updates are different.

NKYTA | July 29, 2019

It won’t even be needed when newer cars are 5g equipped.

NKYTA | July 29, 2019

“I imagine that software is signed and safe to transport over the unencrypted internet.”

It would be just another attack surface == bad.

Plus, I doubt the USB slots can even connect to the “critical function” CANN bus.

bryan.hopkins | July 29, 2019

Don’t software updates also come in over the cellular network? If you’re at an apartment with no wi-if, wouldn’t an update happen via cell? I remember going into my dentist office for a cleaning and coming out 45 minutes later with a notification that an update was available. Certainly no WiFi connection there.

GHammer | July 29, 2019

Software (firmware) updates do occur over the cars cellular connection.

Map updates for the nav do not.

EVRider | July 30, 2019

If you have Premium Connectivity, software updates will download over cellular, however being on WiFi improves your chances of getting updates sooner. If you have Standard Connectivity, you need WiFi for all updates except critical safety updates.

GHammer | July 30, 2019

"If you have Premium Connectivity, software updates will download over cellular, "

Dont all S's have premium connectivity?

raffidesigns | July 30, 2019

@hammer @OR-US I i believe all Model S up to halfway 2018 when they introduced Premium Connectivity and standard. Any Model S/X purchased before that time gets everything free.

EVRider | July 31, 2019

People who ordered an S or X after June 2018 get one year of Premium Connectivity for free, after that they have to pay. Details here, though the article hasn't been updated in while, and it's not yet possible to purchase Premium Connectivity:

RedJ | August 1, 2019

In order to side load the firmware I believe you need to remove the shelf compartment to access a port under the MCU. Not completely sure, but that what I observed one of the Tesla rangers doing once.

akikiki | August 2, 2019

That's just the access. Tech also have the Tesla Toolbox software that allows them a connection and with that they can load the software to the car. Then its installed. We don't have the Toolbox.

Nexxus | August 8, 2019

As soon as Elon and Space X get those 1600 satellites in orbit, he'll supply his own 5G network to the masses. This will undercut all the other suppliers and everyone will enjoy the premium network he'll provide. (For a modest subscription price I'm sure.)

EVRider | August 8, 2019

@Nexxus: Elon has said the satellite network will not have the bandwidth needed by the cars.

Boonedocks | August 8, 2019

.....and the network requires a pizza box size antenna. Don’t see those being too attractive and / or aerodynamic on a Tesla

PBEndo | August 8, 2019

Why do you think they have had the question about the frunk at the top of the list for over 3 years? It will hold a pizza box.

Boonedocks | August 9, 2019


reed_lewis | August 9, 2019

Any antenna would not work through the metal of the frunk/hood/whatever you want to call it.

PrescottRichard | August 9, 2019

Once FSD is standard there will be a 50” OLED TV with Cable, er, satellite channels where the Frunk is. Aerodynamics be damned. | August 9, 2019

Having the antenna in-cabin works. Signal goes through the glass roof easily. Then again having a 16" rotating dish inside the cabin will likely take away at least one or two seat positions. Might make a bit of noise as well as the antenna tries to align with the satellite while driving around. :)