First kids, now adults, all stuffed in!

First kids, now adults, all stuffed in!

This feat was first attempted by kindergartners a few months ago, but since youtube has banned the video, there's no way of knowing how many did fit :)

So since youtube banned it, this must be very bad!!! So I guess no one will recreate the re-enactment right?

Hey! If kids cannot be posted then why not adults? Just got this youtube from the other forum: All grownups working in a hospital tried to fit in Model S (no sitting on each other's lap.)

lmminla | September 15, 2013


ye | September 16, 2013

Why would YouTube ban a video of kids in a car?

Tâm | September 16, 2013

My guess:

The car is designed for 5 adults + 2 faceback children.

"Tesla Stuffing" in such a young age when they may not have developed enough critical thinking so you don't want give a demonstration on how to break DOT regulations do you?

Worse, you don't want them to grow up to become rebels against the establishment like female race driver Leilani Munter do you?