First song

First song

Now that I have received my email to build my Model S, I am imagining that first ride and need to decide what music will suit such an occasion. Radar Love maybe? What will be your first driving tune in your new Model S?

J.T. | September 6, 2015

@SbND Everything is Archie's. :-)

J.T. | September 6, 2015


rejdds | September 6, 2015

1st song was Modern Day Cowboy by Tesla and then a lot of Def Leppard.

SbMD | September 6, 2015

@JT - may have to ask Siri to conjure up some Archies :)
@rejdds - pre- or post- Pyromania?

mgtesla1 | September 6, 2015

Why Unitopia's "Tesla" of course, preferably the live version from "One night in Europe".

SbMD | September 7, 2015

playing these songs in the background while working...
@george - very cool tune... makes me want to get in my car and cruise the town.
@gerti - the live version is really good and arguably better production than the studio version; difficult to do that live
@JT - I forgot how simple yet tight the harmonies were by the Archies... somewhat indicative of some music from that period and best exemplified by the Beach Boys and Beatles around and just prior...

J.T. | September 7, 2015

@SbMD It has a pretty good pedigree. Don Kirshner, Jeff Barry, who did a lot for Phil Spector, and Andy Kim. And it's damn catchy.

SbMD | September 7, 2015

@JT - totally agree!

rejdds | September 7, 2015

Pre and post Pyromania. Going to see them Oct 5th in Mpls. Tesla and Foreigner will be playing also.

SbMD | September 7, 2015

@rejdds - officially impressed and know you will have a blast. Is is at the Target Center? Love that place as a venue. Saw Rush and Eric Johnson there many years ago... spectacular!

NKYTA | September 7, 2015

Unchained by VH?

Rock on!

NKYTA | September 7, 2015

Thunderstruck is pretty awesome at 11 too!


trixiew | September 7, 2015

Someone mentioned Time Flies by Porcupine that song. The mid-song drum riff reminded me of Whiplash.

Love This Is Hardcore by Pulp. Turn it up to 11.

Bighorn | September 7, 2015

Zap is the big Porcupine Tree fan:)

SbMD | September 7, 2015

@NKYTA - ah, even more common ground :)
I may have to add the aftermarket subwoofer just for Thunderstruck, and Back in Black... seriously...
Funny sidebar -- one of my guitar amps goes to 11 also in homage to ST... seriously :)

SbMD | September 7, 2015

... one too many uses of the word "seriously"...

Bighorn | September 7, 2015

Seriously, my first album was Back in Black.

SbMD | September 7, 2015

@trixiew - hadn't heard it until now... solid song... for driving or otherwise.

dougharvey | September 8, 2015

"Strange Magic" by Electric Light Orchestra played by chance on Slacker
on my ride home after picking up my P85D on 3/17/15

SbMD | September 8, 2015

@BH - seriously, a great album :)
First album was Foreigner 4.
@dougharvey - most appropriate. I'll bet that would sound even better as a FLAC in the MS

Captain_Zap | September 8, 2015

My first album was Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here" on 8-track quadraphonic. Does that count?


Yes, I am a big Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson fan. I have 5 or 6 different Slacker stations dedicated to their music. I think Lycanthrope is a fan too.

Bob.Calvo | September 8, 2015

For me, it was Pink Floy's: Money.

Bob.Calvo | September 8, 2015

Pink Floyd's Money

INSANE90D | September 8, 2015

So what are the best Slacker stations to listen to this kind of stuff(Like "Strange Magic")? I am new to Slacker since the 2 1/2 weeks I picked up my 90D. I have not taken the time when not driving to look into it, but so far I have not been too crazy about the stations listed.

sbeggs | September 8, 2015

Candido's Jingo...

listening to David Mancuso's The Loft. Willing to bet 100 billion dollars that no one on this forum would ever listen to this!

Reminds me of my student days in the seventies in NYC/partying, not studying...

Bighorn | September 8, 2015

How about a "Strange Magic" station?

P.Dolby | September 8, 2015

High Voltage by "Electric 6".

SbMD | September 8, 2015

@CZ - definitely counts... And 8-track quad was pretty sweet tech
@bob.calvo - brilliant song off of an all time great album. That and Great big gig in the sky in particular sound pretty stellar IMHO
@sbeggs - listened to the song in the OR today. Please send the $100B in mixed small and large bills.
@P.Dolby - on my listening list...

Bob.Calvo | September 8, 2015


It seemed appropriate after signing off on a car loan that was noticeably more than the cost of my first house!
But now my Pink Floyd Slacker Station is forever dubbed "Money" Radio. ;-)

SbMD | September 8, 2015

Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash, @Bob.Calvo :)

Bighorn | September 8, 2015

Last song:
Sheep Go to Heaven by Cake

sbeggs | September 8, 2015

Bravo! You listened to jingo? or the entire Loft album?

Working on getting the money together...

trixiew | September 8, 2015

Can't remember the band but driving home from SF the second weekend of ownership, I got in the car from the hotel valet and on Slacker was a song, "Tesla Girl" I think it's from the 80's.

@CaptZap I was turned on to Porcupine Tree via the Slacker Pink Floyd channel.

SbMD | September 8, 2015

A quirky (in a good way) tune. Has a really bouncy beat like its going off the rails at any moment.
Can't be your last song, @BH :)

Here's a change of pace: Watermelon Man by Herbie Hancock.

Bighorn | September 8, 2015

Love that song (Watermelon Man)--introduced in a music appreciation course during undergrad. Sheep was just really appropriate on my first day back at work after my mini-sabbatical.

teslagiddy | September 8, 2015

Did someone already mention Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant?

Bighorn | September 8, 2015

Another pace change: Freezer Burn by Smokin' Joe Kubek--that channel will lead you to another forum member's work.

SbMD | September 8, 2015

"Four legs good. Two legs bad!"
-The sheep from Animal Farm

Most appropriate in the context of work.

Bonus song that sounds great in the MS, for all playing the home game - Mediterranean Sundance - live from One Night in San Francisco; John McLaughlin, Paco De Lucia, and Al Dimeola.

notblueclk | September 8, 2015

Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant

SbMD | September 9, 2015

@teslagiddy and @notblueclk - Electric Avenue part of my "Most Favored 80's" mix along with such classics as "Funky Town" and "Take on Me".

@BH - Listening to it now. Solid music. Sounds like hearty Texas blues. Might be wrong.
A forum member connection?

Bighorn | September 9, 2015

kwshepherd shows up occasionally

Red70D.Martinez.CA | September 9, 2015

1st song was
Can't take my eyes off you by Frankie Valli

2nd song
Firework by Katie Perry

bernta | September 10, 2015

My first song is going to be:
"Girls, Girls, Girls" by Mötley Crue
- and then for number two:
"Kick Strat My Heart" by Mötley Crue

First one bescause the song starts with motorcycles starting up - Play it loud as a homage to leaving ICE engines :-)

Second song: Power and speed baby!!!

bernta | September 10, 2015

"kickstart my heart"

teslagiddy | September 10, 2015

Too funny. On one of my cassette tapes from the 80's recorded off the radio I have Funky Town immediately following Electric Avenue. I'm so used to hearing them in that order that when I got digital versions of those songs I put them in that order in my play list. Several other combos like that too (Bob O'Reilly "teenage wasteland" and Carry On My Wayward Son).

SbMD | September 10, 2015

@BH - that's cool. Hope he pops up again, and maybe on this thread.

Nice song pics @Red and @bernta :)

@Bernta, I think Kick "Strat" My Heart also describes what they do in concert.

@teslagiddy - to round out the "one hit wonder 80s list" on my playlist are such memorable ditties as "Too shy" by Kajagoogoo, "Take on me" by Aha, and "Down Under" by Men at work (although they are more than one-hit wonders), and "Safety Dance" by Men without Hats

But, the stripped down nearly acoustic version of "Blue on black" has been a favorite on the playlist (props to KWshepherd if he is reading)

PaulOutBox | September 10, 2015

Audio rip of this classic Kraftwerk song: Autobahn (live)

SbMD | September 10, 2015

@Paul - it is just amazing watching them create music. Bona fide pioneers.

rejdds | September 14, 2015

SbMD Concert will be at Excel Center(Mn Wild Play there) Puts Target Center to shame.

SbMD | September 14, 2015

@rejdds - sounds like an impressive venue!