First two trips with MS60

First two trips with MS60

Got my MS60 on 3.29.13 and made our first trip to Russian River valley wine tasting the next morning. Having spent time reviewing forums for past few months, I thought I was prepared, NOT. I pulled a NYT.

The car was delivered with less than a full charge, and my 110 outlet didn't fully charge overnight. Then, waiting for the girls to get ready, I ran errands before the trip. Had plenty of charge to get to the wineries, but not enough to get home. None of our wineries had charging stations. Found one online in Healdsburg but it was slow. (did meet a great couple with a roadster charging next to me). Dinner didn't last long enough to recharge fully but had enough to get to SF. Next we learned many charging stations are in public garages that close at midnight. Got down to 7 miles left.

Called ChargePoint for assistance and they found an open garage near the convention center! CP has great customer service, the operator stayed on the phone until we were charging. Stayed at the Westin a couple blocks away. FYI, the garage with charging was $1/hour overnight ($9 total) vs. Westin @ $60/night.

Fully charged, we enjoyed the Embarcadero the next day. There is a charge station in a garage past Scoma's so we could top off. Made it back to San Jose that afternoon!

After our first driving experience, I joined CP and Blink. I also loaded apps from Recargo and PlugShare. So far, I can't find any one app to cover all of the options for charging. The AllStays app for RV'ers is also nice in a pinch.

Next trip was to Carmel and Big Sur this past weekend. Beautiful drive in an EV with the Pano open. We topped off at the Gilroy Super Charging station, then found a public parking area with a charger in downtown Carmel. $3/hour parking during the day, but free overnight. Blink charger is free, but the screen can be hard to read in the sunlight. It was busy with a Leaf during the day, so I charged from 4-6 AM for free.

Next morning we drove to Big Sur and back with the frunk fully load with wine. Stopped at Gilroy for 30 minutes to top off and made it home with most of a full charge.

Nearly 1000 miles in two weeks. We are quickly getting over range anxiety. It would be nice if charging apps let you know hours of operation for the host. The chargers may be 24/7 but it's important to know if they are in a garage that closes!

In closing, app developers should consider a Sam's Club RV network for EVs. Explain the value of the 220V/50A plugs these camp grounds have that can be used for charging cars and have them join a network where we can find them. I have already started talking to wineries that have RV hookups but don't know about EVs.

Happy trails..

Brian H | April 16, 2013

So, your 60 has already become a heavy drinker. How tragic. (;-(

RedShift | April 16, 2013


Or the 60kwh *carries* a heavy drinker ;-)

Sudre_ | April 16, 2013

I know with Recargo you can leave comments and I always add things like the hours of operation if it's not already noted.