First visit to Tampa store!

First visit to Tampa store!

I found the Tampa store on and decided to pay them a visit today. It's in an industrial park and not readily visible from the road. But it's a good location for the service center, and it's right off of a well-paved and gently curvy stretch of side street which is not heavily travelled. So it's perfect for the test drives my wife and I went on.
Our salesman was very knowledgable and friendly and enthusiastically explained the Sedan S' various features inside and out. Especially impressive to me was the huge display.
Of course it was impressive how quiet the car was as we crept through the parking lot over to the side street. And then he told me to pull out onto the street and come to a complete stop. He told us to rest our heads back on the headrests and to "punch it" all the way to the floor.
WOW! What a kick! We quickly reached the 80mph the car was governed to, and it was so smooth and easy to control. Then I kept it fast around the gentle curves to feel the side-G forces. There was no body roll! Very stable. Good traction.
We hung a uey at the light, and I was impressed with the small turning radius.
Back to the store, and I asked if I could stand on the brake. I tromped as hard as I could. Very smooth, very quick stop, totally under control. Not even any ABS chatter, just a smooth stop with no skidding.

Captain_Zap | October 12, 2013

Are you hooked?

Larry Chanin | October 12, 2013

Hi Daniel,

The Tampa location started as a service center, but now it is expanding its floor space and is also serving as a store.

So what's the verdict? Do you think you might pull the trigger?