Fisker Karma burns down garage with two cars and part of house

Fisker Karma burns down garage with two cars and part of house

1. Chevy Volt- Side impact causes car to catch fire.

2. Fisker Karma- NO impact incinerates three cars, garage, and nearly burns down house..

3. Tesla Model S- Ladies and gentleman, put your hands together for our brave signature reservation holders ;)

Timo | May 25, 2012

There might be a means to put that money in front of politician without actually using lot of your own money: just convince one that ICE cars with stop & go systems in stoplights need such sound-makers too. That activates the Big Oil and traditional car companies.

Crow | May 26, 2012

Timo & Sudre,
Last year, Tony Martin won the TDF time trial stage 20. His average speed over the short course was 46 km per hour. That's 28.5 MPH. A single pro rider over short, relatively flat course, no lights, going full throttle. But if you guys think that's slow.....

Anyway, we are way off topic and it's my fault so I apologize. Installing artificial noise to warn cyclists is silly. If we are going fast downhill all we hear is the wind in our ears so artificial noise is pointless. If we're going slowly, we can hear the car's road noise so artificial noise is pointless. For those that ride with their ear buds, you deserve to get hit and artificial noise is pointless.

Roblab | May 26, 2012

An ICE car self immolates about once every 1.5 minutes in the US. It is not uncommon. Putting an ICE engine in a car increases the chance that it will catch fire and burn, all by itself, for no reason, with no warning.

Plus, a 300 mile battery has about 3 gallons of gas worth of non flammable energy in it, while a 20 gallon gas tank has about the energy equivalent of 150 sticks of dynamite. I know, apples to oranges.

Good luck with that.