Fob and Alarm

Fob and Alarm

Can the Model S alarm be activated using the fob? I can't find this discussed in the manual. I seem to recall that two presses on the top of the fob will kill the car alarm, but I don't know about activating it.

A related question: how far away from the car can you be and still use the fob buttons? I know you have to get pretty close for the automatic keyless entry to work, but what about pressing the buttons to lock and unlock, etc.

I know on my Ford I can lock or unlock the doors and set off or kill the alarm from quite a distance. This is often useful.

nickjhowe | January 23, 2013

Never seen anything on any of the forums or from TM that answers either question. Sorry.

Klaus | January 23, 2013

I'm pretty sure the alarm is auto on when the car is locked. I tested mine by leaving the window down, locking the car then attempting to unlock by reaching inside for the door handle. The alarm immediately went off and was shut down with the fob.

bbmertz | January 23, 2013

The alarm is activated when the car is locked, but only when the Alarm feature on the control settings screen is set to "On."

GreenDot | January 23, 2013

I think DouglasR's point point is a desire for a "panic" button. This is obviously a very common feature for cars.

Something to add to the software enhancement list?

DouglasR | January 24, 2013

@GreenDot - Yes, that's what I had in mind. If I'm looking out my upstairs bedroom window and see a prowler looking to get into cars or houses on the block, a panic button will scare them off. We had some drug activity nearby recently, and one neighbor took to setting off her alarm every time she spotted a deal going down. The dealers moved on to a different neighborhood.