Focal Point for CC and RE

Focal Point for CC and RE

I am in New Zealand and have finally put down a deposit. I am primarily getting the S as a focal point for Climate Change and Renewable Energy awareness and discussion, which is unfortunately, and surprisingly, pretty low in New Zealand. I am putting signage on the car and also going to have a stackload of leaflets with information about those two subjects...oh, and a link to the Tesla website. Has anyone else done a similar thing yet? I am happy to put together my own leaflet but would find it useful to see what other people have found fruitful.

stevenmaifert | March 19, 2013

@bb0tin - In 2010 my wife and I spent 23 days touring your beautiful country, top to bottom. While there is always room for improvement, from the perspective of an American, I have to say NZ is light years ahead of the USA in environmental awareness. Just my opinion.

TikiMan | March 19, 2013

bb, I agree with Steven. Most Americans are far more concerned with debt, jobs, and the economy over climate change (as sad as it is to say).

For the majority of American's interested in zero-emission vehicles, the average priority is....

1) Saving money.
2) Owning an amazing vehicle.
3) Helping to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and foreign wars.
(all the rest is an afterthought, depending on what side of the political fence you stand on)

bb0tin | March 19, 2013

As NZers we say how much we love our environment, and it is beautiful, and many of us enjoy all the activities we get to do in it, but unfortunately we do little to protect it. We inherited a pristine environment and because there are so few of us it has taken a while to spoil it.
We, by which I mean our government, promotes NZ as clean and green and 100% pure. But 80% of our lakes and rivers are now considered unsafe for swimming, the government is opening up more of our seas to oil drilling, we have no incentives for solar PV or electric vehicles (tax credits, feed-in-tariffs, or even mandatory net metering). Our government just tried, and failed due to protests, to open up some national parks to mining. Our greenhouse gas emmission regulations were weak when passed and have been continuously watered down until they are ineffective. We used to generate more of our power with renewable sources than we do now. We have one of the highest per capital CO2 emmissions and although we signed up to Kyoto we now emit substantially more than we did in 1990. We are now in our worst and most widespread drought for at least 50 years, after having another 2 significant droughts in the last few years, but our media never mentions that this will be the new normal with Climate Change.
In summary, when you remove the talk, and look at the walk, NZ is behind the US. For example the US has a $7500 federal tax credit for electric vehicles and states etc have others. NZ has none. The US has various incentives for residential PV and people are intalling it. In NZ we no incentives and I do not see a single PV installation when driving around Auckland. The government has said that it doesn't believe we need public electric charging stations, and as of now, there is not a single one in all of NZ.
NZers need a wake up to give our government a shake up.

LMB | March 20, 2013

Thanks, bb0. Fascinating information about the state of things in NZ.

bb0tin | March 24, 2013

I have just finished watching the TED talk ( with Elon Musk and, as always, was inspired. Elon created Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity to help make a better future for humanity.