Folsom supercharger

Folsom supercharger

I swung by the Folsom supercharger on my way back from San Jose today. It's in the corner of a mall parking lot, and there was certainly no waiting today:

Folsom Supercharger

Normally I can do SJ<->Reno in about 4-4.25 hours, depending on speed and traffic. Detouring off I-80 through Folsom adds about 10 miles. Figure 30-45 minutes to top off and 15 minutes driving through Folsom, for a total of about an hour added to the trip.

Certainly doable. Would have been nice if there was a canopy over the chargers, though, even without solar cells. I assume I could stay in the car while it charges if I didn't want to wander the mall. Wonder how much leaving the A/C on would slow charging? Has anyone done this?

xray | July 11, 2013

My guess is A/C impact on Supercharging is minimal. If you have the SC to yourself, as your picture shows, you'll be charging at close to 90 kW per hour. Even if you used a few kW by using the AC, it would be replenished very quickly.

Bob W | July 11, 2013

The A/C draws a maximum of 2KW of your 90KW (which you can see on the instrument panel when plugged in, but not charging). Theoretically sitting in the car with A/C on while SuperCharging will increase the time required to complete the charge by about 2%.

Let us know if you find out otherwise.

Dramsey | July 11, 2013

Thanks, guys, that's good to know. So if I didn't want to wander the mall I could just stay in the car and read a book without adversely affecting charge times.

Brian H | July 12, 2013

2% of 20 minutes is 24 seconds.