Ford C-Max vs. MS

Ford C-Max vs. MS

Now before you all crucify me about how amazing the MS is, I KNOW !!!!!! It is an amazing car in so many ways, and has created a movement far beyond what most people know. If my wife and I live each drive 21 miles or less to and from work, and don't use our cars to travel places long distance (over 1 hour), the C-Max seems like a better choice environmentally and economically because we would use it in electric mode most of the time. But then again I don't want to pay for engine problems in the end over 10 years and I know we wouldn't pay that cost with the MS.
Anyone in the same boat as to which electric car to purchase?? If my wife can agree that we will do more long distance trips with our 5 yr old in the future I am pressing for MS bigtime!!! Otherwise the C-Max would make more sense. Thoughts........

elguapo | June 14, 2013

@jman You say "seems like a better choice environmentally". The only thing I'd say is an all electric car, theoretically, is more environmentally friendly than a car with an ICE component. Especially if, like many of us, you use solar to charge it. Economically, there's really no comparison, as has been said on various threads. The MS is an expensive car, but like you said, it is incredibly amazing.

Bryan M. | June 14, 2013

Hmm probably the wrong place to get any type of support for the C-Max. Get a 60Kwh Model S and go light on the options.

Liz G | June 14, 2013

I believe you might even be able to find an orphaned 40Kwh if you talk to Tesla.

ir | June 14, 2013

I'm surprised that you are comparing the C-Max vs. MS instead of a Leaf. At least we would be talking EV to EV comparison.

Chuck Lusin | June 14, 2013


All of the 40Kwh have happy homes! The 40Kwh is the rarest of the S!

PaceyWhitter | June 14, 2013


If Tesla had an orphaned 40 they would just undo the software mod and make it a 60.

ChristianG | June 14, 2013

The Model S is a good deal if you compare it to it's own class. But if you see economically as in on wich way you save bucks Ford is probably your choice. | June 14, 2013

I'd test drive both before making a choice. Most of us were blown away by the MS, and you may be as well. If's it's outside your budget, then I'd avoid a test drive so you're not disappointed with the final choice you would have to make.

lobo426 | June 14, 2013

If you can afford the payments, definitely the S. With kids at 5 years old, that is a lot of years of back and forth to sports, friends, meetings, and all the other running around that parents do. Also, who wouldn't want to be the coolest parents when dropping their kids off at school. The harder decision is who gets to drive it!

George with SacEV | June 14, 2013

Before going to the Ford, I would look VERY closely at the Chevy Volt.

Longer pure EV range

In real world ICE action, better gas mileage

Handles more like an Audi than a Camry

Incredible "deals" right now with cumulative discounts of. $8000+ showing in some local adverts (BEFORE federal and state incentives). After current incentives and direct discounts a 2013 Volt loaded can be bought for under $30,000

George with SacEV | June 14, 2013


We have a 2011 Volt, 2011 Leaf, and our Model S, 85kw standard, tech, air,upgrade sound, multicoat red was delivered last week.

jchangyy | June 14, 2013

Just get the Nissan Leaf. $20,000 after all the rebates

wraithnot | June 14, 2013

My wife and I were considering the Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid since we really liked the regular Ford Fusion Hybrid during the test drive (the Energi wasn't available at the time). Of course there was no comparison after we test drove the Model S and we're amazingly happy with our Blue 85 kWh. But if the budget was a little tighter, we would have gone with the Fusion Energi. The main drawback is the battery takes up most of the trunk so there isn't room for more than a couple of bags of groceries or some carry-on bags back there.

viranjit | June 14, 2013

If you live in California, take a look at the Toyota RAV4 EV, which has the Tesla 40kWh battery and electronics and lists for $50K. Factor in $10K in federal and state rebates and whatever you can negotiate. EPA 103 mile range.
It is only sold in California; probably to get the average fuel economy for their car fleet down.

Earlier this year, Toyota was giving an additional $6K (January) to $10K (March) off. No factory rebate is available presently, however.


petero | June 14, 2013

Jman. Sorry, but you are trying to compare an apple and an orange – both fruit/automobiles but that is about it. The Model S is a luxury car and priced accordingly. The C-Max is a moderate priced car. A less expensive option, not necessarily a better one. A luxury car is always going to be less attractive when you are being price sensitive. Tesla owners are snobs, we often compare hybrids to amphibians. A compromise, caught between two worlds and not excellent in either.

Two words of advice, with a 5 year old you are going to be doing a lot more travelling over the coming years. Second, if you want to sell your wife, check out the safety ratings of the two. The “S” is one of the safest cars in the world.

ChasF | June 15, 2013

+1 @petero

NICE | June 15, 2013

Test drive the two cars and get the one that suits you best. As much as I love my Model S, I realize it's not for everyone. Teslas "people's car" Gen III will be here in a few years.

cloroxbb | June 15, 2013

The problem with the EVs that are based on or have ICE platform/components is that you have NO storage capacity. In the C-Max the whole battery is in the trunk space. It leaves barely any room. In the volt, the battery is awkwardly position right through the middle of the cabin, rendering the vehicle a 4 seater.

The Model S is definitely the better buy IMO.

Superliner | June 15, 2013

The Fusion Energi also has miserable all electric range.

jman | June 15, 2013

Thank you for all of your input!! I forgot to tell people I live in Mass, and found out the RAV4, which I would go for is NOT going to be sold in mass production any time soon. I am 6'6" tall and only fit in certain cars. The Ford C-Max I fit in, the MS I fit in !!! I am extremely environmentally conscious and the MS is perfect in my mind, my wife doesn't like the MS because of the cost (appearing to show offy perhaps), but then complains about the lack of space the C-Max has. We love our Ford Fusion Hybrid, I fit in that too wraithnot, but still have a year to pay that off.
I will work harder on this historical purchase in the late winter early spring !!!!! I thank everyone for their great insight !

Brian H | June 15, 2013

look through the comparisons at . You may get some additional ideas & info.

MichaelN | June 16, 2013

With a five year old you are just getting started with "friends" - try for the 60Kw with jump seats - for you, your wife and five kids - on second thought - OR NOT :-) or just her and six kids - yea, thats it!

Vawlkus | June 26, 2013

Model X should start production next year ya know ;)

AmpedRealtor | June 26, 2013

There are no apples-to-apples comparisons to Model S. None. It weighs as much as a Lexus LS460, accelerates faster than a BMW 5 series, and has almost 4x the range of its other pure EV competitors. Comparing a Leaf to a Model S is like comparing a Gremlin to a Cadillac. Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but still… I view the Model S as the first "no compromise" EV.