The Ford F-150 is the top selling vehicle in America. TESLA, please make a light duty pickup truck!

The Ford F-150 is the top selling vehicle in America. TESLA, please make a light duty pickup truck!

I live in Michigan and the roads here are filled potholes due to freeze and thaw, and poor road maintenance. It can really do a number on a car's suspension. By the time a pickup truck was designed and ready for production, battery tech will have improved by leaps and bounds.

DTsea | March 20, 2014

F150 is heavy duty isnt it?

Timo | March 20, 2014

No just heavy. Light duty inadequate compensation vehicle.

Rocky_H | March 20, 2014

It's the embiggening of everything in America. A long time ago, the F-150 was small, but it was "the truck". Then, they made it bigger, but they added the Ranger as the small truck. Then they discontinued the Ranger, and the F-150 (same big size) was considered the "small truck", while the F-250 and F-350 were the fairly common "big trucks".

It's like if you see what McDonald's french fry sizes were from 40 years ago. The thing they called medium or large back then would barely be a kid's size fry now.

holidayday | March 20, 2014

Can't wait until Tesla comes out with an F-650 replacement.

sosmerc | March 20, 2014

I'd love to see a Tesla version of the guess is it would outsell both the X and the S. I'm sure Tesla knows this but already has more than they can handle just keeping up with the S as well as new X and preparation for the gigafactory. Such "problems" must be the envy of Ford and GM.

Rocky_H | March 21, 2014

It will happen. Elon Musk has said in at least one interview that he recognizes that the F-150 is the largest volume selling vehicle every year, so it just makes sense to get to that market segment. He said Tesla will do a truck, but yes, they have a few things on their plate before that: Model X, then 3rd gen vehicle, but then not sure what's after. So it could be in the 5-6 years time frame, maybe.

Timo | March 21, 2014

That's maybe US numbers, but in Europe pick-up trucks are rarity. I think in global scale it would not sell that well.

Dalec | March 21, 2014

So if Arizona gets the Gigafactory as compensation for excluding electric cars from the direct-sale prohibition, maybe Tesla should dangle the truck factory in front of the state of Texas? For anyone who doesn't know, trucks are HUGE in Texas, and a Tesla truck built there would have a huge appeal. A Tesla truck built in California? To Texans, it might as well be built in France. (end sarcasm).

Car t man | March 23, 2014

They would sell well in US, Mexico, Brazil, Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand..).. The pickups that is.

johnwladd | March 25, 2014

Aren't EV's supposed to have a big advantage in the torque department? If so, an F-150 type Tesla would make a lot of sense.

Brian H | March 25, 2014

Ya, Elon torqued about that. ;p

Car t man | March 25, 2014

And regen is good on heavy vehicles. A pickup, as dumb and useless of an artificially induced consumer need it is, is a good candidate for an EV.
Then again, vans, with proper, well utilized space, are much more so, but marketing execs spent all that precious time getting people to think they
need pickups, mothers to think they, and nothing smaller, are safe, etc..

So Elon is correct. A pickup is a fake, idiotic product of modern age being steered by marketing execs with too much money and pull at their hands, but, given that they are a reality, they are at least a good format for EVs.

But next time, when you have someone explain to you why they need a pickup, show them a van, with an efficient diesel or CNG engine to start with, then explain to them an EV version of a van...

Brian H | March 25, 2014

Many pickups' weight ratings are ignored, as the GVM number, if followed, would max out at a few sandbags in the bed.